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pause for a moment my dear child and give me your full attention I have

something very important to share with you the challenges you face are almost over the blessing you’ve been longing

for is about to unfold right before your eyes your time of reward is nearly

here remember none of my children are ever left behind whenever you call out

to me with true faith and a sincere heart I am always listening our bond is

strong you’ve held on to your faith through thick and thin even when times got tough and you felt weak tempted to

turn back but you didn’t give in to those Temptations instead you chose to keep

moving forward on my path showing patience and determination every step of the

way I’ve been with you all along helping you get this far now you’re about to enter a place of

Peace where you and your loved ones on will find all that you need and a happiness that’s new and refreshing

you’ll be equipped with a fresh perspective new goals and a Divine eagerness to keep going and

succeed I’m here to support you and your family in letting go of any harmful habits or negative thoughts that weigh

you down together we’ll remove all spiritual chains harmful thoughts and any feelings

of bitterness or anger that linger if you immerse yourself VES in the Living Waters of my Holy Spirit your lives

shall be supernaturally transformed even your adversaries and kin shall Marvel at your

metamorphosis they shall draw near intrigued and inquire what have you done what

transpires why do you radiate such Felicity having undergone such profound

change therefore I reaffirm that your struggles and anxieties are not Perpetual you shall not cont end with

the same trials indefinitely you have entrusted me with your heart and embraced my word and Commandments with

innocence faith and sincerity acknowledging me as your Celestial father who loves you thus I am

delivering you and your entire household your unwavering Faith pleases me greatly

you are learning the virtue of patience to await my perfect will and to place

complete trust in me you do not demand signs for you understand that my word

alone suffices for your healing it gladdens me when you believe my Earnest desire to bless

you today marks the day of your salvation the dawn of your

Liberation tell me will you now rise and take the necessary steps to seek me and

never stray from my love and presence each morning I have visited to

uplift your soul imparting the courage and strength you require to face the day

I have spoken of my love incessantly and gradually you have realized the immense worth you and your family hold in my

eyes in recent months you have demonstrated immense faith and unwavering Fidelity yet you acknowledge

a persistent need within you despite the strength I have bestowed the work I

undertake in your life cannot be completed in a day nor can it reach fruition if your family is excluded

I know sometimes your children might seem to ignore what you’ve taught them about me they may seem uninterested and

reluctant to engage this disinterest saddens me deeply because I miss their faith and

their joyful Expressions I fondly remember when they were little full of songs and Praises

for me which brought me immense happiness yet I have a plan for them and

I want to remind you how crucial you are in this plan I ask you to reach out to

them with love avoiding judgment yelling or punishing their errors be careful as harsh words can

cause lasting scars follow my example I am gentle and humble at heart even when

it’s hard let go of your irritation and anger talk to them patiently and with

love for they are part of you born from your essence guide them towards me so

they can hear my teachings every day at first you might not see instant

changes don’t give up or lose hope keep praying without stopping because the

breakthrough will come they will change their ways seek me again and your whole

family will be filled with happiness my promises are sure and my words come to

pass the blessings you’ve been praying for are on their way trust in my

faithfulness I’ve listened to your prayers seen your hopeful gaze and your unwavering

faith I appreciate your thankfulness in a world full of complaints thus I assure

you the blessing you’ve been waiting for is coming truly it will soon be yours

removing any worry or fear you trusted in my word from the first moment you cried out to me in your need what you

long for will soon be realized many get discouraged wanting quick answers to

their prayers but they should realize I love to answer them however I need to

work on their lives first I aim to refine their character teach them wisdom

and prepare everything so the blessing they receive won’t become a burden sometimes you ask for what you

need but I always plan to give you much more considering both your and your

family’s future I seek your blessing to bring not sorrow or tension but only peace and joy

Joy I’ve forged a covenant with you inscribing my Commandments upon your heart and mind I pardon your

transgressions no longer holding them in memory I remind your soul that in my

presence lies Solace and upon my altar resides healing and boundless strength for those who

possess faith and can patiently await the Fulfillment of my

promise remove from your heart bitter complaint cast away from your mind all doubts and

scoffing pay no heed to the tongues that mock your faith should weariness ever

beset you and anxiety return simply call upon me and I will grant you

perseverance to endure I shall bestow upon you the gift of patience ensuring your emotions

remain unruffled you shall receive wisdom to govern your tongue that foolish Words

which offend my heart may never Escape your lips I I shower Abundant Blessings upon your life with love and tenderness

akin to a nurturing parent caring for their young I ask only for your

gratitude never presumptuous demands born of pride and arrogance many in this world show me

disrespect yet I patiently await them with love they may raise their voices

against me but they play with dangerous fire woe unto those who oppose even the

least of my followers I know you may feel frustrated when things don’t go as planned but such is

life you pray I answer you strive conflicts arise envious adversaries

suddenly appear to challenge you obstacles seem insurmountable and it appears my response is delayed yet I

shall open your spiritual eyes revealing that the situation is not as dire as

perceived your blessing awaits but you must press forward without looking back

casting aside all that paralyzes you if you desire blessings you must endure

trials I seek to witness bravery in your heart and observe your reaction when

expectations are unmet will you continue to await with joy in your heart and without complaint

or will bitterness consume you wasting your time and efforts as others do I desire strength from you

wholehearted love and unwavering commit even in times of waiting I long to see

the spirit of Steel I have instilled within you a character more precious than diamonds I seek

loyalty you shall not betray me or sell your convictions for mere

coins dishonest Deeds theft and lies to expedite resolution only lead to True

victories in the spiritual realm your desired blessing shall materialize through faith resist Doubt’s freezing

grip and ignore the the Council of fools seek not the opinions of the

unbelieving mockers insteed hold these words dearly in your heart I am faithful

and I ask for your loyalty in return return here each morning envelop

yourself in these strengthening words of faith and peace fear not for I love you your

blessing is on the brink of arrival speak these words aloud write them with

your hand beloved God I await you with all my heart I entrust myself to your

loving care you’ve never abandoned me no harm shall befall me pay heed for you

shall emerge from this trial your current sorrow shall cease I shower upon

you torrents of Joy amidst life storms I cradle you in my arms ready to

wipe away your tears release the pent up emotions Within

I am listening remember this day for I have loved you with eternal love providing

the strength to rise from the depths of Despair and fill your heart with joy you

shall find happiness amidst the darkest clouds of conflict if you believe in me

and allow my word to guide your path though your enemies May predict defeat

my word comforts you assuring Victory fear not falter not for I Am with You

strengthening your heart easing your anxiety healing your emotions and imbuing you with peace and Supernatural

strength rise with courage for you are truly strong wise and

intelligent I Infuse you with spiritual Vigor to witness Miracles and wonders

you must advance to witness crumbling walls and broken chains you must

persevere keep praying keep believing keep fighting keep persisting for I

grant you unyielding strength and faith yet should you falter should things not

unfold as planned I shall always be there to lift you up my grace and mercy

are Eternal place no limits upon my love or forgiveness for I chose you I

selected you from your mother’s womb I know all the trials and tribulations you shall face I know that you love me

believe in me and will seek me without hesitation you will not falter in the

face of negativity or the threats and falsehoods of the adversary you will not be intimidated for if you believe that I

love you and feel with certainty that I am genuine then trust also that a great blessing awaits you there is an eternal

truth to which you must cling I do not change nor do I deceive I remain

constant and if I have told you a thousand times that I love you it is

because it is true despite any situation you may face I will never cease to love

you for many it is difficult to comprehend they prefer to avert their

gaze and focus on lies many will give up when encountering obstacles along their

path but you will not you will not surrender Retreat pause or

regress you will not forsake your faith or my promises day by day you will hold

fast your life means so much to me and just as I have helped you before I will

continue to assist you today and every day showing you how much I love you in Myriad ways you will have no doubt that

I am always by your side Watching Over You defending you attentive to your

needs and mindful of your words and prayers I command my ministering angels

to fulfill your requests I Delight in your active faith in your coming to me

with your desire desires if you need anything many have told you not to seek me solely for that

reason but I tell you to seek me with all your heart I will take care of the rest there will come a moment when you

understand that even before you speak I know your needs very well it is not in

vain when you ask me for something I rejoice when I hear the beat of your

faith you know well that I love you and will respond to you but what pleases me

most about you is that you do not feel frustrated when my response does not arrive promptly I appreciate your

patience now you know how to wait trusting that I will give you what is true and beneficial for your

life be encouraged I am covering you with great strength the times of sadness

will pass and happiness will return to your life and home you can serve me by

sharing this word help helping this blessing reach many Souls today I bless

you for your pure and simple heart because of your faith great and beautiful things are coming into your

life I await you here come tomorrow and tell me everything you feel and desire

bring your plans to my throne for I tell you truly that I will bless you greatly

walk in faith do not doubt seek me at dawn and as the sun rise R es and fills

you with the light of the day my glory will shine upon you dispelling the

darkness your heart will be filled with my truth your soul will be flooded with

strength in your mind there will be no room for sadness I want you to recommit

to praying to seeking me to giving me time to setting aside distractions and

to surrendering your thoughts and decisions to me you are are facing serious problems and difficult

situations there are moments when you do not know what to do that’s why I repeat it to you affirm it command it and ask

it of you walk in faith everything is possible for those

who believe in me for those who know that I am real and truly exist for those

who have decided to trust in me with all their might despite all the problems they encounter along the way those who

know that I love love them and cling to me even when the enemy attacks them and shouts that I have abandoned them

because I want to see them suffer they know that my love is eternal and unbreakable I have always kept them

always protected them walk in faith my child I’m here to make your journey smoother to look out

for you but I need you to truly have faith in me I am your very essence your

future your strength and your protector walk by faith trusting in the Miracles

that are yet invisible to your eyes even if your faith feels small it’s exactly

what I ask for and all you need to keep receiving wonderful blessings keep Faith

hold on to my promises come hear my words each day let go of your

wrongdoings and entrust your life to me I see your belief in me and I know you’ll keep moving forward with faith

out of the blue when you least expect it your heart will fill with joy dreams you thought were long dead

will spring back to life those hopes you tucked away thinking they were lost to

despair will awaken once again your life will be enriched with

faith a new you considered giving up felt like you were at your last breath

your troubles seemed endless making you wish to give up on life itself yet yet here I stand before you

offering my love presenting you with numerous gifts immense happiness and

even bigger blessings get your mind and heart ready for I tell you now people

you thought were gone will re-enter your life your faith has grown now it’s time

to Aid those arriving shattered be prepared for when the doors swing open

and the locks snap the chains blocking your blessings will be shattered all

becomes possible when you believe in my words for nothing is beyond my

reach my dear child get ready for what’s coming is beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed of the chance to rebuild family

connections is closer than you think forgiveness and healing are knocking at your door waiting for you to let them

in those who’ve hurt you in the past will come back into your life show them forgiveness and give them a second

chance don’t hold back your love I promise to give you not just a better

job but also true wealth in every sense I’ll send people your way who will see

your worth and reward your hard work and skill always stick to the truth avoid

spreading rumors and speaking badly about others ignore those who try to cause

trouble with their gossip and lies watch out for those who want to steal the good things meant for you

I’ve been talking to you for a while now it’s time to climb higher to understand

my teachings better and to trust me completely don’t put your faith in money alone and don’t let bitterness take over

when you face Financial struggles or job loss entr trust me with your faith and

surrender your heart to me the moment has come to Embark upon a journey of

Supernatural living profess your love for me believe in me and witness how I

shall touch your life and that of your family with my love and power I love you

my child and I desire to enter your Abode to orchestrate a profound

miracle I stand at the threshold beckoning will you permit me entry to

enact something new marvelous and mighty in your life I have observed your situation and

I shall not permit scarcity to invade your household or afflict your family I shall shower your home with blessings

for years to come you have remained faithful devoted in prayer and fasting

prioritizing me in all your endeavors and thoughts thus the time draws near to

reap the fruits of your labor I shall fill your home with abundance Joy

courage and well-being rest assured in my promises for I shall fulfill them

prepare for a significant change and do not cling to the pattern patterns of the past characterized by worry and

despondency with my blessings comes wisdom power and the ability to make sound decisions to Steward what I bestow

upon you so that it may multiply in your hands becoming a blessing unto others be

grateful and Trust for I am affecting a transformation in your life I am

preparing you for a season of abundant opportunities awaits you have swn seeds

of faith in your heart for a long time enduring numerous trials and tribulations yet never doubting my power

never doubting my presence by your side therefore you have emerged Victorious

for you believed in me and thus I aided you my grace and mercy have been poured

out upon you and now with my mighty hand I shall cause these seeds you have

planted to flourish abundantly in your life and in the lives of those around

you the time approaches to reap the rewards of your faithfulness what I

shall bring to your home is infinitely greater than you imagine you deserve the best and even

more your faith is invaluable and your humble demeanor will carry you

far prepare yourself for I shall open new doors introduce you to New Horizons

and bring abundance to your home I love you fear not for your life is in my

hands disregard the negative reports and do not entertain the insults hurled by

tongues seeking to harm you do not believe all that is said for

adversaries seek to instill fear to control your life your destiny and your

heart steering you away from the divine plan designed for you seeking to deprive

you of the blessings bestowed upon you many Envy the blessings you you have

received and seek to benefit from that which rightfully Belongs to You

therefore when faced with insults and slander cling to my love and my word

seek my presence and spend time with me so you may unburden yourself I do not want your faith and

love for me to weaken due to these attacks I am transforming everything

around you relieving you of burdens and uprooting the feelings that hindered you

you are a new creation liberated from depression loneliness hatred and envy

your spirit has been reborn into a new life filled with faith optimism strength

and joy even your enemies shall be astonished by your transformation frustrated because they can no longer

confuse or assail you they will see that you chose to cling to my word over their

Infamous insults the things that once wounded you have vanished and the worries that

tested your faith are no more open your eyes to a new day of peace and happiness

embrace it and believe even if you cannot yet see it with your natural eyes

for you can already feel it know that you are not the same I am showering you

with my Supernatural presence embracing you with all my love and affection you

are not weak you are strong you are not a failure you are vict Victorious you

are not defeated you have risen by my power and now you are a conqueror tell

me with all your heart that you believe in me I come to remind you that you are not

alone yesterday you wept for those sudden troubles that arose things did

not unfold favorably you were betrayed and forsaken by those individuals whom

you believed loved you they turned their backs when you needed them most you are

sorrow ful and I empathize but I am here to convey that your tears your weeping

have reached the heavens even my sacred Throne where your destiny is determined

where all ailments are healed where your problems are resolved and where I can console you in your distress You are not

alone I have not forsaken you though those individuals in whom you placed

your trust have distanced themselves I remain by your side Loving You increasingly each day day it will always

be so you must live assured that I am willing to listen to you and that

through the power of my blood you can directly access my Celestial throne here

with me you can bring your petitions and I am prepared to listen to you with patience and love like a good

friend I do not ask you to cease weeping it is better to release your emotions to

pour out from your soul all that pains you so that I may fill you with my peace

but there is something I must caution you about after your tears Joy will

follow your happiness will be profound because the time has come to bless you

you are ready you can now appreciate what I offer you all the trials you have

endured have been preparing you for this long awaited moment it is time for the

windows of Heaven to open and shower upon you immense blessings in the midst of Silence may you feel feel my peace

and know that even if people depart I am with you to embrace and console your

soul you are growing you are becoming stronger each day you are becoming more

acquainted with me you are seeking my face and my word which signifies your

loyalty wisdom and intelligence When You Close Your Eyes today and reflect on my words you will

feel my love embracing and healing you you now understand that You are not

alone my presence fills your soul with joy clearing your path so that all may

turn out well I will open the doors to that wondrous blessing for you but listen to me until the end do not

interrupt with your doubts let me speak you have fought so hard and your

struggle is not in vain the reward for your faith and suffering is near I know

well all that you have endured and I know your heart you seek neither reward rewards nor false riches fame or

popularity your struggle is genuine you only seek the necessary provision to

support your family to overcome debts and to Aid those you love but I desire to bless you that is

my will I’m going to throw open the gates of heaven and shower you with real

blessings until you’re brimming with everything you need finally free from any chains that bind you basking in

peace if you trust in me here’s what I ask of you stand up with resolve and keep

pushing forward take breaks as needed but always get back up the next day give

it your all be brave and embrace each day with all the zest your heart can hold move forward cheerfully without

complaints or sorrow even when things don’t go as planned or when there are those who wish to bring you down stay

true to the path keep your spirit High even on tough days when you encounter

those who oppose you greet them with a smile treat them with patience and kindness if they’re thirsty offer them

water if they need help lend a hand when you can but be smart about it use your

wisdom don’t expose your vulnerabilities or personal details to them nor give

them ammunition to betray or harm you extend your love yet stand firm in your

integrity and everything everything I’ve taught you avoid the company of those with ill

intentions keep your plans close to your chest refrain from engaging in or

spreading gossip your adversaries will grow weary seeing that they cannot divert you from your

course I’ll handle them according to our plan’s timing you will continue

advancing with faith courage and effort until I decide at that moment you will

understand many things you will stand before a massive door behind which you will find marvelous blessings tell me

that you believe in me and make this commitment to come into my presence daily and begin this plan right now my

dear child you are very brave rise with faith because you will

Triumph you have already given me thanks today for another day of life what are

you waiting for it costs nothing to open your lips and express your gratitude in

your own words I know your needs well before you voice them just trust come with me and

spend a time of Tranquility seek a moment of silence and contemplate all the things for which you

can be thankful on this day your life your family your health the air you

breathe the food on your table the roof over your head my Supernatural protection around your home my warrior

Angels who camp and stand guard watching over your dream dreams ready to enter

battle there are so many reasons for you to feel blessed you have countless beautiful reasons to cling to life you

must think daily of them so that your mind is filled with good thoughts so that your eyes are always open seeing my

goodness in your paths feeling secure knowing that I hold your destiny in my

hand I reside in a grateful heart that recognizes its need for me and seeks me

with Faith and Hope because it knows it is greatly blessed sometimes I see you worried

about the things that happen but that is normal do not worry excessively you feel

the weight of your responsibility it is your desire for everything to turn out well for there to

be provision in your home health in your family and for nothing and no one to

come and snatch away the peace and stability you need but there are also

dark days when your gratitude slips away and the enemy comes with Whispers

blowing dirty thoughts into your mind turning your concern into fear surrounding you with lies transforming

fear into dread anguish and despair I’m here watching and waiting

for you to raise your hands high and declare the words that will scatter your

foes I am thankful for my life for my family for my health and for everything

I am and possess your genuine faith and a Heart full of thanks are like armor

keeping you vibrant and resilient during tough times as you navigate Through the flames of challenges know that I’ll be

there with you by your side as you wake up eager to hear the first words of gratitude that you

whisper trust in my timing and plans for you many things are being arranged in

your favor both in the spiritual and physical Realms I’ve decreed that you shall receive plenty be freed from debt

gain Divine wisdom and enjoy blessings that I’ve tailor made for you and your

loved ones you weren’t made by accident I cherished you even before your journey

began and have laid out numerous wonders for your path the greatest gift I offer

is my undying love I’ve loved you from afar and my love only grew stronger when

you found your way back to me if you think that I get angry and distance

myself self from you when you sometimes fail you are mistaken your mistakes do not scare me I

will not discard you for your sins you always come back repentant speaking to

me with truth I know you love me Others May put on a facade of

perfection and Holiness coming into my presence to accuse those who are not like them but you are not like

them your spirit is peaceful your your attitude kind your thoughts are

noble when you fall you will rise with confidence and faith never allow any

mortal to point fingers at you no one in this world has the right to do so if you maintain this attitude of

Faith coming to my presence every day with humility of heart eager to listen

and learn I will respond to your efforts with blessings Galore I know you are not

interested in material things you only seek blessings and protection for your family that I will give you and

much more I will prepare you so that when the doors open do not be afraid to

enter right now while you listen Supernatural Miracles are happening new

people are coming into your life opportunities like never before situations that may seem like problems

but with your faith and patience we’ll turn into blessings bringing peace to your home providing

abundantly the main and most beautiful thing is already yours my sincere love

tell me you believe me have faith and rest in my arms I have control over your life do not fear I am protecting you

watching over you every moment every day when you wake up I want you to feel my

presence do not be distracted by other things in these first minutes of your day come and listen to my word my spirit

Spirit speaks to you I am telling you that I have everything under control You

Must Believe Me fear not adversity because with me by

your side nothing and no one can harm you many of the problems that worry you

today will be resolved faster than you expect at the right time all the answers

you seek will come to you for while you pray I am tracing your path right your

story nothing escapes my wisdom and will those blessings you desire I am opening

that door through which you have prayed in your deepest prayers I am increasing your faith I am

here to lift you up and guide you into a new life A New Beginning where

everything will be different do not worry about what people think of you lift your head and live your life with

faith and dignity envious people will always speak of the PO poison they carry in their

souls but only what I think of you should matter I think you are wonderful with a

pure and sincere heart embed my words in your mind and when people attack you

come and take refuge in my love I was by your side during all the battles you faced every fall every

defeat every Victory and all your difficulties now is your moment to shine

to lift your life to Greater Heights leave the old struggles behind and step

into a new chapter of Victory and fresh Beginnings this is the time I change

your life starting a new narrative for you let me Lead You Down A New Path

filled with blessings and wisdom I offer you my love and peace to calm your soul

and mind are you ready to accept it I will open the skies to shower you with

blessings I will inscribe my words in your heart to ensure your steps are

steady keeping you embraced in This Love That Forgives and overlooks your errors

you’re only human mistakes are part of your journey but remember I am a god of

forgiveness I welcome your heartfelt change and even from the lowest points I

will lift you up my blessings go far beyond Earthly riches the treasures I

hold for you surpass anything this world can offer if I vow to open the heaven for you embrace my promise with faith

and declare I believe take my words to heart for I speak in Earnest my love for

you is not hidden the affection I feel for you is clear and true step outside look up at

the sky breathe in the air and feel the warmth of the sun’s

Embrace these are my gifts to you expressions of my love and

presence I have protected you time and again saving you from Peril when you

wandered in darkness and lost your way I was right there with you you entered

this year with Zeal and aspirations for goodness now as you face obstacles and

trials do not falter do not cease press forward your dreams will materialize and

they are precious to me I have assigned you a purpose to fulfill through you I desire to manifest

my my love and power each day I Infuse you with my Holy Spirit soon your

spiritual sensitivity will evolve you will perceive beyond the surface

understand people’s intentions and be endowed with wisdom beyond measure

supernaturally you’ll touch the hearts of many and offer Aid let your life be a

testament to my word through your example others will witness the impact of faith and the

transformative power power of belief in me open your hands to receive Abundant Blessings be diligent and accept them in

faith the heavens are unfolding in your favor but never stray from me declare

your love and faithfulness to the end let go of your worries surrender

everything to me I’ll alleviate your fears cover you with love and reveal the




I can accomplish in your life today marks a different day day a day of

transformation in your surroundings in your family and in people’s attitudes toward you you’ll witness Smiles as

hearts are touched by my powerful presence residing within you I’m filling you with wisdom and a Readiness to

fulfill the desires of your heart I know how much you yearn for happiness

therefore trust me I’m attentive to your feelings and all that befalls you I aim

to protect you from harm to fortify your character to instill dignity to imbue

you with strength and to Shield you from humiliation adjust your attitude wear a

smile on your face come talk to me every day with trust in your heart knowing I’m

here to help you through everything celebrate the love I pour into your life with happiness and songs

when you sing praises to me I wrap you in my presence chasing away all worries

and filling you up with my spirit even when time times are hard keep smiling

singing and praying with your hands lifted high in love and devotion if anyone asks why you’re so

joyful tell them it’s because God Is by your side not everyone will understand

but don’t let that bother you my powerful forces are ready to support you as you let go humble yourself and open

your heart pushing aside anything that stands in the way of embracing my

forgiveness you’re longing for a fresh start and very soon you’ll see how I

cover you with my endless love [Music]


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