my beloved I see you in the Stillness Before Dawn when

you rise to seek my presence I am there your Soulful Whispers The reverence in your gaze the

sincerity of your thanks these nourish me deeply our connection Kindles new life

within me each morning even on days when weariness weighs down your spirit I

cherish your choice to carve out time for communion with me your commitment feeds my passion for you when you lay

your burdens at my feet walls between us crumble I embrace you holy Beneath My

Wing heaviness melts into lightness Shadows of Sorrow scatter before

brilliant joy in peaceful Sanctuary with me your true Essence emerges a radiant

beam of praise and gratitude here worldly grievances hold no power casual chatter Falls silent our

conversation flows purely from the Wellspring of the spirit into streams of intimate connection as you speak Vision

over those lost in darkness my breath propels your words with Supernatural potency flowing as healing water across

thirsty lands your message of Hope stirs transformation in Barren Souls New Life

Springs up in your wake you walk as my hands and feet across the Earth tending to hardened ground until Lush blossoms

emerge but now the new day beckons beyond our intimate Refuge much lies ahead to

occupy your hours before we meet again in Stillness do not fear the discussion shared here equips

you for all that awaits by basking in my presence you’ve already received the provision needed for smooth passage

along your path Venture forth boldly down Trails etched on your heart my

strength goes with you unseen but everpresent my grace traces your every step like a

Guiding Light across unknown terrain you know the way for within I’ve imprinted

my compass pointing straight and true it will never fail you unlike you beloved

most wander blindly through their Mourns anxiety shrouds their Vision in a

fog busyness obscures their ability to perceive my guidance having not discovered the

lifeline of my friendship they feel a drift and disoriented vulnerable to every wind and wave of

circumstance go to these lost sheep call them into Green Pastures by my side

where I gently lead in Paths of peace and purpose introduce them to me the

faithful Shepherd who gave my all to rescue every stray and heal every wound

under my wing their restlessness yields to Soul Stillness flowing from the Wellspring of my love my rod and staff

Comfort them even when their path carries them through death’s dark Valley

my everpresent spirit ensures they will not fear evil for I am with them now and

always beloved I see how your walk lately lost Cadence and continuity with

me but here you now stand at the precipice of renewal expectant and believing for seismic blessing in my

perfect timing wonders will explode into your realm accompanied by Transcendent Joy but fret not in the waiting

everything unfolds according to my design to all under Heaven Seasons come

in an ordered cycle so also in the spiritual realm times of Rapid Advance

alternate with periods for integration planning and preparation without this Rhythm progress would soon short circuit

I ordain this natural flow as a protection and guide you now enter a fruition chapter after recent months

spent in spiritual cultivation take heart seeds dormant

during difficult seasons are Awakening now buds are blossoming Harvest is nigh

with vision rising from renewal’s fertile soil you will soon Pioneer unexplored dimensions in me as your

faith stretches to contain the vastness I intend to unveil you must nurture a

holy anticipation through spirit ual sustenance immerse daily in songs

birthing from our love let worship lift you into Realms transcending Earthbound

thinking as Heavenly sound washes through your inner spaces it cleanses

residue of the past while infusing you with Readiness for Supernatural surprise

attune yourself to Destiny’s approach through radical gratitude count blessings rather than brood over

setbacks begin and end each day acknowledging me by rooting your identity in my

unconditional affirmation you remain insulated from the world’s fickle feedback criticism slides off a heart

anchored in my perfect love as you walk in bold faith and Thanksgiving aligned with Heaven’s

vision for your life barriers blocking your view will crumble you will emerge into broad spaces of Destiny with vision

clear and courage emboldened for I am about to show you a new realm of Glory

are you you ready Beloved the hour is ripe for long held dreams to barge

through into reality possibilities once distant glimmers are crystallizing upon your

horizon rapidly moving within reach you stand at the edge of a major

breakthrough in preparation release all that ties you to lesser dimensions of

yesterday loose the tethers of past disappointments I am breathing fresh

vision over your ashes calling forth Destiny from each loss as you step

forward in naked trust watch Barren ground revert to streams in the

Wasteland before your eyes for Nothing is Impossible with me beloved

nothing the extent of my power Knows No Limits besides the scope of your

belief as your doubts dissolve to make room for childlike faith in me Heaven’s

Treasures will flood your Earth the greater the risk of surrender the sweeter its reward this I promise you I

understand your souls cry for Total Transformation breakthrough in your family finances purpose and

relationships you envision those around you walking in their Divine identities

with maturity wisdom and integrity guiding their steps I share this longing

beloved my spirit groans in eager anticipation to impart sweeping Deliverance across every sphere of your

existence I wish to rewrite your story into an epic for the ages turning

failure around for platform and pain into Power I can shift mindsets overnight I

desire to unleash Destiny over your loved ones unlocking their gifts to shine for my glory truly nothing stands

in the way except your trust in me as you open your heart without restraint invite guiding me access to

your deepest places of control and fear my spirit will begin his sweeping work

without delay brace for impact you stand at the edge of a personal Red Sea moment

even as fear and uncertainty hold you hostage on one side breakthrough

impossibly immense and intimate Waits on the other Shore only one barrier stands between

you and your Promised Land Of Destiny the limitations of your

expectations in this pivotal moment you face a choice either shrink back into

self-reliance staying small and safe in your narrow box of natural possibility or take the risk step

forward to touch the edge of your Visionary Faith allowing me space to show you a realm beyond your wildest

dreams I Am The God Who Parts the sea right when waves threaten to crash over your head I specialize in over becoming

natural odds by Supernatural interruptions I create highways through hopeless

wastelands I open doors that no man can shut trust in me brings you into this

realm of sheer Miracle where broken restores to wholeness lost rediscovers

identity and purposelessness awakens to call those who dare to believe gain

sight of my glory while the choice rests fully with you understand this beloved

stepping into Transcendence always requires surrender of control if I am to

pen epic stories with the ink of your obedience you must relinquish authorship over your life

story I call the shots on how I write myself through you this means laying

down your neat blueprints surrendering your Perfect Plans into the Refiner’s Fire to emerge transformed by my wild

ideas it means embracing mystery and ambiguity as friends no longer threats

to avoid for only as your false Securities melt away can you become conduits of the

impossible and here is your secret into this realm beloved within the unknown

lies the womb of Wonder here Veil Between Heaven and Earth grows thin as Mist eyes once

Earthbound gain power to perceive Eternal reality in full color you begin

to recognize my voice distinct from the chaos weaned from lesser Comforts your

ears awaken to the sound of Eternity reverberating through your days it’s the

sound of Destiny approaching listen its feet Thunder just over the

horizon of your current Consciousness it’s closer than you think

soon I will tear open the Heavens to join our Realms into one and in that

moment all you’ve endured in pushing past fear’s boundaries will will seem light and

momentary for my glory blazing in softly and fierce is about to inhabit your

Earth magnificent Renaissance rushes toward you now are you listening for its

arrival my beloved child I come to you in this moment my heart overflowing with

deep affection for I have seen your struggles witnessed the adversity you have endured the journey has not been an

easy one filled with closed doors setbacks that caused you anguish how

your soul has achd from the loneliness the lack of kindness you received when you needed it

most I saw each tear that fell each night you cried yourself to

sleep my child You Are Not Alone nor will you ever be for I walk with you

each step of the way there is a battle raging even now for your life your purpose and calling

the enemies gather forces that oppose your growth and desire nothing more than to see you fail but fear not for greater

is he that is in you than he that is in the world the very Gates of Hell shall

not Prevail against you for this day I make you a promise I seal a covenant

with you by my holiest name no weapon formed against you shall prosper every

loss will be restored each closed door reopened the things meant to harm you

you I will use them for your good transforming curses into blessings what

was taken from you unjustly I will repay you fourfold the shame that you carried the rejection you

faced I remove it now once and for all in its place I cover you with my glory

my honor my strength you shall rise up From the Ashes of your yesterday boldly moving

forward into the de Destiny I have prepared the enemies that opposed and mocked you will bear witness to the

Wonders I manifest in your life what I have spoken will come to pass not one

word shall fall void place no limits on what I can do even now the foundations are being

laid for the new thing I will do dream with abandon envision your future

unencumbered by the constraints of your mind for my plans for you are good

plans to prosper you and give you a hope in a future I will increase your influence expand the reach of your voice

many will come to know me through you even Kings and rulers will seek your wisdom you shall be a history maker a

chain breaker helping to transform generations for this I have anointed you

called you set you apart the fire on the inside of you cannot be contained go

boldly now into your purpose and watch as I cause the world to take notice for

too long the enemy sought to make you small unseen and unnoticed he inflicted wounds so deep

that you questioned your value believing his lies that you were inadequate every insecurity every

comparison they were arrows aimed at your identity in an attempt to undermine

my calling on your life no more will you think less of who you are or what you carry child when I look at you I see my

very image reflected back at me there is no flaw in you you are perfectly made

beautifully whole therefore today I release my healing over your mind and soul the

weight of low self-esteem you are freed from once and for all receive my

strength as I remind you again who you are chosen Royal empowered

Victorious I have commanded Angels On Assignment to release favor and blessing over your life the closed doors of

yesterday are opening even now my child you have suffered in isolation for far

too long surrounded by those unable or unwilling to understand the journey you

walk or the burden you carry The Well of Loneliness ran deep I saw the ache in

your spirit as you longed for authentic connection for purposeful life-giving

friendships how this broke broke my heart too this unmet need you were

created for Community designed to link arms with brothers and sisters to display my kingdom here on Earth no more

will you walk alone for I am sending Divine connections across your path

those who will stand with you through every season my other Sons and Daughters Who Will Champion you encourage you and

help catalyze your destiny together you will leave an indelible mark on this world for good good my glory seen my

love experienced because you dared to dream that no one should walk alone as iron sharpens iron I will connect you to

those who will Empower you to rise higher and you them as I strategically

and supernaturally align you to run shoulder Tosh shoulder into the future I have

prepared my child I know that you have battled Fierce storms in your mind

thoughts that seek to torment you and steal your peace anxiety has been an unwanted

companion worry your close friend the churning of your stomach that

comes with fear has been a familiar foe please know that I will quiet every

storm I will gentle every wave that batters your heart until there is a Stillness within you purpose now to fix

your mind on things above rather than be drowned in Earthly chaos I will will

teach you to pray without ceasing boldly declaring my truth until strongholds of

fear are demolished for I have not given you a spirit of fear or timidity but one of

confidence and self-discipline you will walk in the strength of my joy and my perfect peace

the dark clouds dispelled I will order your steps hold your hand as you move forward no longer

intimidated by external turbulence or internal disquiet you shall remain tranquil as your trust

anchors firmly in me my beloved I see the exhaustion in your spirit the toll these trials have

taken the incessant activity all around that leaves you depleted there has been no rest for the

weary and you have grown so very weary come now set down those burdensome

weights you were never meant to carry for long place them trustingly into my hands as I shoulder them on your behalf

watch the heaviness lift as Freedom envelops your soul once more for my yoke

is easy and my burden light I will grant relief in the midst of unrelenting

demands be your Shelter From the constant storms pause and be still this day as I

wrap my arms protectively around you silence the clamor and cacophony and

just breathe listen and you will hear my gentle whisper I am with you and I will

will sustain you I know that you grow tired but I will be your strength we will do this together my precious child

I want you to Envision me now reaching toward you lifting your chin with my

finger I seek your gaze intently looking deeply into your eyes so that you sense

my unwavering affection my heart of Mercy Grace and

compassion opened wide toward you this day hear these words I long for you to

receive in the the depths of your spirit you are loved eternally perfectly

without condition or requirement before you took your first breath I saw you and destined your steps

with my own blood I purchased you because I deemed you worthy of the ultimate sacrifice you are the apple of my eye

The Jewel In My Crown never doubt my goodness toward you on your best days

and your worst my love is unchanged unhindered without measure

this day I am reminding you of who I am so that when the storms of life rage all around you will stand unshaken secure in

whose you are and what you mean to me my beloved child I am yours and you are

mine and nothing will ever separate us this is eternal more sure than the

rising of the sun you are loved completely extravagantly

always my beloved child I come come to you now to offer words of comfort hope

and reassurance though storms may rage around you anchoring yourself in me will

bring you peace amidst the chaos when doubts creep in and strength waines cling more tightly to your faith

for I am the source of love everlasting the Wellspring from which you can continually draw renewal the voices of

this world whisper lies trying to erode your spirit with their sharp edges of cynicism and despair pay them no heed I

have planted within you a seed of resilience determination and perseverance that shall bear good fruit

if properly tended nurture this gift each day through prayer scripture and

acts of Love towards others thus you shall be inoculated against the viruses

spread by those intent on corrosion rather than construction I know the burden feels

heavy right now the troubles piled upon your back sap precious energy needed for

thriving not just surviving take heart I have never

abandoned you even in your darkest moments soon the fog obscuring your path

will lift dispersing like Mist in the morning sun you will emerge and walk

with Clarity of purpose once more the solution to this trial may not

appear instantaneously but it is already set in motion by forces unseen have faith that all is unfolding

as it should there are always alternatives to negativity and toxicity

you have a choice my child embrace the community of those committed to spiritual growth who build

each other up with empathy and insight avoid those mired in stagnation

unwilling to change or expand their thinking with positivity comes

possibility walk with hope never forget your reality is shaped

by perception and perspective recall the times when life felt generous and graceful when my

blessings rained down upon you in a thousand different ways cherish those

memories for those storms inevitably arise along the journey in between the

clouds my light ever shines have I not always delivered you safely through trials in the past then trust I will

again my Miracles may appear here in unexpected forms but they shall

come the soul inclined to wisdom understands time’s Mysteries with deeper

Insight quick fixes are Illusions what is built to last requires strong

foundations be patient lay each brick with care tend each seedling as it grows

thus shall your Harvest be plentiful sustaining not just yourself but generations to come endurance develops

strength of character that hastily gained advantages do not therefore walk slowly but steadily the

pace may feel frustratingly measured yet reach your destination you shall the

human ego perceives itself at the whims of a chaotic Universe you fear being

battered by the storm but I am the Weather Vein upon which life’s turbulent

winds break I absorb the buffeting sparing those who dwell within my Gates stay

safe safely sheltered by my side protected from the worst onslaughts some pursue the illusion that

Fame status or wealth will shield them from Misfortune but they chase after Fool’s Gold how quickly the glimmer

Fades the hollow of such transient prizes revealed turn instead to

Treasures of infinite worth Integrity compassion service to mankind Dear Heart cling to humility

always neither exalting yourself above love nor demeaning yourself below another Pride precedes the fall but to

the meek Soul wisdom flows freely as Waters sparkling pure you fear lack yet

I abundantly provide scarcity is bread of mortal thinking only my realm

operates by laws of Plenty ask and you shall receive in that which your soul truly needs guard against complacency

and doubt these weeds left unchecked will choke out blossom ing buds tend

constantly to your spiritual Garden nurturing it with prayerful Focus I bless every Earnest effort you make to

commune with me our connection shall continue to deepen in ways that delight and astonish

you miracles ordained by Heaven are even now in route destined specifically for

you and those you love most dear they will arrive at the appointed time perfectly tailored to your

circumstances until then walk in expectant move in faithful surrender the plans I have for you

transcend present woes my vision spans eternity I alone comprehend the workings

of all things for ultimate good therefore rest trusting in things

unseen much gladness awaits just over the horizon human wisdom grasps but

dimly at the intricate interconnectedness underlying reality yours is limited perception

unable to trace the intricate web of cause and effect spanning Generations but I am the Divine Weaver

envisioning the finished tapestry with all its vibrant Hues and subtle shades of

meaning I incorporate even your mistakes into the overall pattern for purposeful

intent be comforted in knowing this temporary loss or challenge shall also prove useful you play a note that

initially sounds dissonant yet serves to make the eventual Harmony richer more beautiful nothing is wasted all works

toward completing a integrated Masterpiece Beyond Your Wildest imaginings take courage here and

rejoice where you now stand I once stood also a wayf farer longing for welcome

and rest this world increasingly Embraces callous indifference canvases painted in

dull lifeless gray Hues little warmth or vibrancy exists where my spirit is

denied entrance yet even amidst modern babylon’s unceasing D and neon

artificiality pockets of divine Beauty endure unspoiled seek out those places Foster

them wherever found a kind word a generous deed a shoulder offered in

support feed the Wellsprings of human affection found there for even the

smallest act sends ripples through the universe link your ripples with others I

prompt similarly ah dear one if you could but Envision the cumulative power

generated Seas once calm now churn with purpose and passion Mighty waves of

change swell summoned by Smiles handshakes Embraces Hearts mired in hatred and

apathy find themselves strangely dislodged caught up by a current flowing irresistible toward

Redemption I use ordinary human moments as as the means to move multitudes so never underestimate the

importance of seemingly insignificant choices before you each day seize every

opportunity to add your Ripple thus good ever overtakes evil when propelled by

the spirit’s breath this is my Clarion call hoist your sails higher catch the gusts of

holy Zeal propelling you forward as vessels designed to Traverse Destiny’s vast

oceans I have have endowed you for adventure not anchored stagnation to chart new courses rather

than loiter in unproductive Waters your ability to thrive in change

determines the level of trust I place in you I Forge Pioneers not settlers

develop a taste for the untried and untested many About You Now confine

themselves to shallow dreams they Envy wings but content themselves with wax

and feather imagery flee such unimaginative mediocrity I expand your vision

Awakening holy discontent which Spurs you to soar ever heavenward the skies

shine clearer nearer Paradise the higher you climb Ascend with me now above the

fog of Earthbound monotony breathe rarified air failing lungs confined

solely to ground level Flex muscles atrophied by disuse your heart Thrills

to my rallying cry adastra perasa I lead you now through shadowed

places where footing feels precarious your impulse is to cry out for the light

to rage against a journey so enveloped in Gloom why does spiritual growth so often

involve pain and loss in Darkest Night My Celestial lamps

burn brightest Illuminating The Way Forward one slow step at a time by their Golden Glow you begin to

discern your surroundings with new eyes there in the shadows mercy and

compassion are born patience and perseverance too grow robust when sharply honed against

sorrow’s wetting Stone so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love is s my path

everywhere in attend the touch of your hand I find the strength to rise and

stand through every trial every tear we’ve shed Your Love spin the shelter where I

find my day oh your love Spin My aner Life St

you see a a hul I need to be

free so I’ll chish every moment every day for your love I SP my

my back in every way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song

and even Dreadful loneliness serves holy purpose driving you into closer

companionship with me could you similarly cling were

blessings constant friends numerous and struggles few ah dear Sojourner do not

despise the darkness there you are emptied of Pride and refined for higher service reach for

my hand as we walk on toward a glorious New Dawn I Never Promised You freedom from

all Affliction and anguish this is the training ground not the banquet hall

shall the student then expect exemption but I pledged you would not travel this

difficult Road alone our feet tread in tandem my arm supports you when muscles

spasm and ache under the load I add my strength and determination to your faltering

reserves look for me in the shadows I am nearest to those crushed in spirit let

Brokenness bring you closer into my embrace you perceive through clouded glass obscured Vision yielding but

glimpses of reality’s true Wonder I view clearly in full dimension

the finished framework complete in my sight the design only begun in your

comprehension already reaches Majestic completion in mine oh small in faith yet greatly loved take heart here the

mystery unfolding holds promise Beyond Wildest Dreams the journey cannot help but culminate in profound Beauty if you

walk it in trust yield your mind and will to the Divine

architect here find peace composure and confidence that exceed Earthly

understanding though seeing obscurely know this miraculous Grace

awaits in this vast Universe I find myself reaching out to you not from a

place of distant Majesty but as a presence woven into the very fabric of your life picture me as the architect of

galaxies yet so intimately involved in your journey that each Breath You Take

is a testament to a love that knows no bound to you my dear one I impart a simple

truth the cosmos with its endless expanse and infinite wonders was shaped

with a mere thought a reflection of the boundless power at my

command this power however pales in comparison to the Joy I find in your

devotion and the earnestness of your prayers you are in every sense the focus

of my profound affection and Delight consider for a moment the magnitude of

what this means if I can command stars to shine and galaxies to form how much

easier is it for me to enrich your life to respond to your needs and to guide you towards a path of

fulfillment your happiness and well-being are Paramount to me far beyond the mere mechanics of

creation life as you know is not without its challenges yet even in the midst of

turmoil know that my peace surrounds you a sanctuary of calm in a world that

often feels chaotic and uncertain my love for you is unchanging unfaltering

and eternal


a [Music]



[Music] outlasting the very stars in the sky my

commitment to you is unwavering I am the constant in your life the foundation upon which you can

build your dreams and aspirations there is no limit to what we can achieve together except perhaps the limits you

place on your own understanding and Imagination so I urge you to dream big

to reach out to me with your deepest desires and aspirations no matter how impossible they may seem whether it’s

healing Prosperity mending broken relationships or finding peace amidst

chaos know that I am here ready to listen and eager to

respond as you navigate through life’s ups and downs remember that your struggles provide the canvas upon which

my strength is most vividly displayed your moments of Despair are

opportunities for my grace to shine transforming your trials into triumphs

and your pain into purpose the journey ahead may require you to pass through

refining fires where the very essence of your being is purified and prepared for great greater things Embrace these

moments for they are but Stepping Stones to a future filled with glory and

achievement remember you are never alone My Love Is Your Shield my wisdom your

guide together we will walk through every storm and emerge stronger on the other side so Stand Tall my beloved

child step into your destiny with confidence knowing that I am with you

every step of the way our adventure is just beginning and The Best Is Yet To


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