No One Can Stand In Your Way | God Message Today | God’s Message For You

listen up my child I want you to know

that nothing and no one can stand in the

way of your will if you’ve got your mind

set on moving forward then do it with

unbridled enthusiasm and unwavering

faith I love you my child I’m here to

help you and I want to protect you now

let’s talk about the task you’ve got

lined up for today don’t hold back

tackle them headon with every ounce of

strength you possess and if your

strength starts to waver

fear not because I’m by your side ready

to lend you the support you need when

you need it all you have to do is ask

don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for

good things whether you’re seeking

personal growth resources to give or

opportunities to share just come to me I

always welcome you with open arms now

let’s acknowledge that life can throw

some seriously tough challenges your way

but let me assure you through through

the power of my word and the boundless

Grace of my love I will shield you from

harm and bring Solace to your troubled

heart pay attention my child don’t let

distractions fill your heart with

complaints and

frustrations consider this a test of

your patience an opportunity to see if

you can truly listen receive treasure

and Faithfully obey the sacred words I’m

about to impart to your soul every

morning when you wake come to me with

open ears and a receptive heart I know

you’re going through trials and

sometimes it’s hard to even think

straight but in those moments muster up

your strength be courageous and believe

that a single word of faith can heal you

uplift you and bring you into balance

yes it’s possible it’s true today make

the decision to wholeheartedly believe

that my love tenderness patience

Commandments can transform your current

tribulations into a brand new day of joy

and Abundant Blessings you hold great

significance in my eyes and in the

hearts of many others even if some

people are ungrateful and fail to

appreciate your love know that I see

your efforts and I admire your

unwavering commitment to love selflessly

without expecting anything in return I

know a record of every act of kindness

you perform for others I am with you and

you have a multitude of heavenly and

Earthly Witnesses who support you

Warrior Angels stand ready to fight

battles defeat enemies and remove

obstacles from your path there are

people who love you who pray for you and

whose lips utter your name in my

presence every single day remember I

sacrificed my own life so that you could

experience salvation Freedom peace

amidst Affliction and Lasting happiness

the future holds incredible power and I

will reveal to you the Wonders that my

blood can bring upon your family just

trust in me my beloved child and watch

his miracles unfold before your very



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