Never Give Up Hope | God Message Today

my beloved child anyone who desires to

follow in my footsteps and praise my

name can do so not just to select few

singing songs of praise and worship is a

simple act when everything in life is

going smoothly and there are no

hardships to face however it is during

the moments of struggle when troubles

arise that true faith is tested and my

presence as a helper becomes evident

this message is meant for those who are

currently enduring tough times

struggling to stay afloat and wearing a

smile to mask their inner

turmoil despite your efforts you find

yourself taking steps backwards instead

of forward and things don’t seem to be

falling into place as planned you may

have been praying and seeking my Solace

doing everything right yet still

experiencing suffering but I bring you

good news my presence will manifest I

will come through

just because I haven’t intervened yet

does not mean that I won’t do so at all

I will make a way and provide a solution

in due time have faith for I will

deliver you from your trials have you

ever been through a trial that seemed

never ending but now that you have

overcome it you have surrendered

yourself to the will of God

acknowledging that my ways are higher

than yours surrendering and giving up

struggling will always lead to Blessings


God sometimes I must bring you to the

lowest point in order to lift you up

again sometimes I must take away what

you believe you cannot live without to

show you that I have been there all

along sometimes you must hit rock bottom

to recognize that I am the rock at the

bottom expect things to improve for life

is cyclical whatever challenges you are

facing at the moment are not permanent

but temporary they are passing through

not staying with you the key is to

maintain perspective

understanding that this is part of the

journey you call life and it too shall

pass many of you due to your limited

vision and self-perception tend to focus

on problems allowing them to overwhelm

you and believing that there are no

options and no way out but I urge you to

stand up and face life head on these

challenges you are experiencing right

now are just temporary

inconveniences I will guide you through

this season and it shall come to an end

end you are simply in a season and it

will pass I possess the wisdom to

navigate you through and I will grant

you that wisdom it may be easy to feel

defeated but that does not mean you

should give up on the contrary it is a

signal for you to fight harder I must

emphasize that it won’t be easy as life

is filled with

hardships however it is during these

moments that you must persevere knowing

that I am by your side ready to help you

overcome listen and heed my words life

indeed is filled with hardships and

challenges that seek to bring you down

but I tell you do not allow them to

Prevail Stand Tall firmly rooted in your

faith and face these challenges

headon my child confront them

courageously for they shall not have

power over you in fact let these trials

serve as a means to elevate you to

strengthen your character

embrace the adversity you encounter

today for it shall mold you into a

better person tomorrow as you look back

upon these struggles in the future

Express gratitude for they have shaped

you into who you are do not waste your

energy by battling the problems of

tomorrow with today’s

strength understand that the concerns of

Tomorrow belong to me while your focus

should be on the tasks and

responsibilities of today seek your

daily sustenance both physical and

spiritual and trust in me to handle what

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