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my dearest child do not let me dissolve

into the Oblivion of your memory at the

moment of great Triumph when the long-

awaited blessings you have pursued with

such sincerity and Hope finally unveil

themselves to you in all their


fullness as you kneel in prayer immersed

your heart will overflow with petitions


dreams remember it was I who was with

you in those quiet morning hours of

vigil hearing every whispered prayer

feeling every throb of longing in your

heart your unwavering devotion and

boundless love for your family have not

gone unnoticed by me you my beloved

daughter are a beacon of courage and


determination in the storm of adversity

you stood unshakable your wisdom

lighting the way through every trial

your spirit never

faltering your decisions reflected the

depth of your Insight and understanding

your gift like a river flowing from the

depths of A Generous Heart never left me

in doubt of my Readiness to support you

in every good deed you performed every

morning prayer offered in my presence is

a testament to our unbreakable Bond I am

always with you walking beside you in

your daily communion with my word you

have kept me at the very heart of your

being through trials and adversities

gracefully allowing my will to

manifest through your steadfast faith

and the many trials you have endured I

am compelled to fulfill the desires of

your heart the blessings for which you

have fervently prayed are now Within

Reach I beseech you amidst these gifts

to remember me as I always remember you

recall those nights when tears

accompanied your prayers and the moments

of suffering you endured it is within my

power to bless each of my children and

all that I bestow will unfold in its

appointed time do not stray from me

always make time for communion as you do

now sharing words of encouragement with

your brothers and sisters for even the

smallest gesture holds great

significance in my eyes your intentions

and kindness will be rewarded from my

heavenly Throne I will reveal what I

have prepared for you as your words have

risen to the heavens and I will act in

your favor though your days may seem

dark and it feels as though everything

is spiraling downward it is in these

moments that you must kneel and seek my

guidance I will show you the way and you

will see the light at the end of your

trial what you ask of me with unwavering

faith will undoubtedly be granted to you

believe and it shall be given if you

seek peace amidst the storm of your

doubts and anxieties I will give you a

peace that surpasses all understanding

if you long for comfort in moments of

Sorrow my arms are always open to you

your pursuit of peace and Tranquility

has never gone unnoticed by me it has

always been pleasing to my sight without

wavering or despairing you will witness

Miracles with your own eyes

continue to seow goodness around you

continue to pray and believe that every

promise of mine will be fulfilled in

your life remember everything happens in

its own time and faith in the name of my

beloved Son Jesus will open the gates of

grace to you listen to me for a moment

my child I want to convey to you how

deeply I love you and the Abundant

Blessings I have prepared for you spare

me a few moments of your time for it is

important for me to share this message

with you know that I am always with you

and have never forsaken you even when

you believe that your current

circumstances are the result of my

Turning Away due to your mistakes and

shortcomings this is merely a

misconception I know your heart better

than anyone else and there’s nothing in

you that could make me turn away my love

for you is eternal and unconditional it

burns with an unquenchable flame

regardless of how lost you may feel or

How Deeply you may sink into despair

My Love Remains steadfast like a Beacon

Lighting your way through the storms of

life may every step you take be filled

with the confidence that nothing in this

world can extinguish the flame of my

love for you it is stronger than any

trials and tribulations you face even in

moments of doubt and the world’s burdens

My Love Is Your Bastion your support my

dear child realize that my love for you

knows no bounds I fully understand every

need need and every struggle you have I

see your grief and your tears when You

Face life’s trials but fear not for I am

always with you I promise to never leave

you feeling alone constantly reminding

you of my true and sincere love through

words and the people I send into your

life do not doubt the message I bring to

you today know with certainty that I am

Forever by your side my love for you

goes beyond the visible as your creator

I have been with you from the very

beginning of your existence even before

the world was formed I know every dream

every plan and goal you have I am

consumed with the desire to fill your

soul with light and hope in every sigh

and every prayer I hear the call of your

heart your aspirations your dreams do

not go unnoticed by my allseen gaze my

care for you is endless and I strive to

enrich your life with peace and Harmony

that surpass all Earthly treasure

measures let no trial make you doubt my

unwavering presence I am your steadfast

Guardian eternally Vigilant and always

ready to protect you from The Winds of

Change and the storms of life even when

you feel most vulnerable know that my

power and love surround you like an

invisible shield repelling all

adversities in those moments when you

feel weary from the burden of your

worries and trials turn your gaze to me

I urge you to release the weight that

oppresses your shoulders and leg lay it

upon me my shoulders are broad enough to

Bear your burdens alongside you cast

your cares upon me and I will take them

on lightening your path your faith and

trust are the bridge over which my

blessings flow unimpeded into your life

bringing healing restoration and

renewal every step you take in faith

brings you closer to the realization of

your most cherished dreams and goals

believe in my constant Providence which

leads you through Darkness to light

through storm to calm your life is a

song I composed with love and every note

every chord in it has its purpose

contributing its unique share to the

harmony of the

universe do not be afraid to sing this

song with all your heart even if

sometimes your voice Quavers in every

note of yours I hear Beauty and strength

and I will conduct until you see how

beautifully the world around you is

arranged do not forget that you are a

unique and irre able creation endowed

with a special purpose and talents use

them to flourish and bring light to the

world around you let every step you take

be filled with the confidence that I am

always by your side guiding and

supporting you at every stage of your

journey trust in me my child and allow

my love and strength to manifest in your

life together we will overcome all

challenges and reach Great Heights your

life will shine brightly Illuminating

the path for others and becoming a

source of Hope and inspiration for many

remember in me you will find an

inexhaustible source of strength and

love ready to help you greet each new

day with gratitude and joy I am here to

fill your life with the light of hope

and love dispelling the shadows of doubt

and fear in every step you take in every

breath I wish to be your constant

companion guiding you on the path of

Truth and blessing in moments of

loneliness and sorrow I call upon you to

find comfort and peace In My Embrace to

seek my presence which is the source of

eternal love and understanding allow me

to lead you forward with the confidence

that every moment of your life is

significant every trial and joy

contributes to your spiritual growth and

Perfection your unique Divine Purpose is

a sacred gift given to you from the

heavens and every experience on your

life’s path is a precious gem in the

Mosaic of your destiny I I urge you to

trust in my infinite plan for you a plan

filled with hope joy and boundless

blessing the sign you’ve asked for the

signal you’ve awaited with faith is

already on its way to you you will see

my promise come to life your prayers

answered and your deepest desires become

reality let never the feeling of

loneliness or the burden of problems

darken you for I am always near ready to

support and comfort you at any moment in

difficult times times when it seems the

whole world has turned against you

remember that my loving hand is always

extended to you I invite you to feel my

love and peace filling your heart and to

see your dreams and desires take shape

before your eyes I tirelessly labor for

your welfare opening doors of

opportunity and creating paths for

blessings that will bring you success

fulfillment and true

happiness do not be afraid to move

forward boldly taking steps of faith for

I have already arranged everything so

that your path is blessed and bright

trust in me my child and allow me to

guide your life I promise that your

needs will be met your dreams and

aspirations realized because I am

actively working to make your most

cherished desires come true remember

your faith and trust in me are the

foundation for me to navigate your life

to a beautiful future full of joy and

blessings do not worry about tomorrow do

not fret about the present for I have

carefully laid out a path for you to a

place where you will find true

well-being and peace hold on to my hand

walk with me confident that together we

will overcome any obstacles and at the

end of this path Victory awaits you the

magnitude of your burden and the

difficulties of your path cannot th my

plan for you let every step you take be

filled with confidence in my boundless

love and omnipotence for I am the god of

Miracles ready to turn any circumstances

in your favor filling your life with

blessings and joy even in the darkest

times in these moments of doubt and

uncertainty when darkness gathers around

you know that I am the one who provides

light piercing through the darkness to

show you the way my care for you is

steadfast and all pervading like the

light of the Stars Illuminating the

night sky guiding Sailors to safe

harbors let every star in the sky remind

you of my promises my unwavering love

and faithfulness that I am with you

regardless of

circumstances listen to The Whisper of

my voice sounding in the depths of your

heart leading you through barriers and

uncertainty with each step you take in

Faith and Hope the path before you will

become clearer and brighter you will see

how your prayers find answers how my

promises are fulfilled in your life

bringing you peace and joy I ask you to

maintain faith and confidence in my

omnipotent love not to worry about the

future for I hold it in my hands prepare

to receive all the blessings you have

prayed for stay vigilant for the

opportunities one have prepared for you

will come unexpectedly enriching your

life with joy and

fulfillment remember every aspect of

your life is carefully planned by me

every detail arranged for your future

victories and

blessings faith in my timing and Trust

in my plan for you will be your guiding

lights do not fear obstacles for they

are the step steps to your growth and

Perfection when the time comes to enjoy

the blessings do not forget those in

need of your help share comfort and hope

for in giving lies true happiness

through acts of love and kindness you

will become a source of light and hope

for those around you transforming the

world around you let the peace that

surpasses all understanding fill your

heart and mind remember I am with you at

every moment of your life in every trial

and joy

in my love you will find the strength to

overcome any difficulties and the joy to

celebrate each blessing move forward

with courage and confidence knowing that

you are never alone for my love

accompanies you on your entire Journey

trust in me continue to bravely step

forward for your story is far from Over

the future pages of your life will be

filled with love hope joy and my

unwavering presence leading you to the

greatest triumphs of your

existence I bless you with my peace and

Grace illuminating your path with a

light that will never fade a light

leading you to the heights of your

dreams and

desires May every step you take be

filled with the confidence that I am by

your side supporting you with my

immeasurable strength and love you are

created for great things for a life full

of meaning and purpose and I promise you

that every effort you make will be

rewarded do not let circumstances make

you doubt the grace inherent in you like

a diamond shaped Under Pressure so too

will you become a shining light for

those around you I call upon you to lift

your gaze above the Horizon of doubts

and fears directing it towards the

heavens from where your help comes let

not the noise and hustle of the world

disturb you for I have given you a peace

that surpasses all understanding this

peace will be your shield and protection

from the arrows that fly at you in times

of trial in my peace you will find

refuge and strength to overcome any

obstacles believe that your life is a

canvas upon which I paint with the

colors of blessings and hope creating a

masterpiece worthy of

admiration every line every shade on

this canvas has its purpose leading you

to fulfill your unique mission in this

world you are my child and I care for

you more than you can imagine I know

every need every desire of yours and I

strive to fulfill them all filling your

life with the abundance of my love and

blessings do not doubt my devotion to

you for I have chosen you to be a light

amid the darkness hope among

despair remember you are never alone for

I Am With You Always in every breath in

every prayer in every smile and

tear my love for you knows no bounds and

I await the day when you fully realized

the depth and Majesty of this love go

forth my child with boldness and

confidence on the path that I have

prepared for you do not fear the unknown

for I am already there preparing

blessings for you that will exceed all


expectations your life is a journey

filled with wonders and discoveries and

I will be your faithful guide at every

stage gather your strength my child and

bravely step into the future knowing

that my grace and peace will accompany

you at every step of the way believe in

me and your life will Bloom with the

brightest colors of blessings that I

have lovingly prepared for you a love

that lasts forever be courageous in

defending your beliefs unwavering in

your faith and

determination the keys to success are in

your hands and you are destined for

victory in every Endeavor for your

persistence will be

rewarded my presence beside you is an

unbreakable Fortress providing you with

the wisdom and strength to overcome any

trials that may come your way rise my

child and spread your wings with the

courage that comes from the depth of

your heart in your prayers and

meditations on my word find the source

of strength that allows you to stand

firm in the face of Trials you are

called to Greatness and the present time

is just the beginning of the path on

which I will abundantly bless you

opening doors to New Opportunities and

granting you success that will exceed

all your

expectations be known to the world as

one whom I love and bless immeasurably

your your path will be strewn with

Miracles and your life will be a

testimony of my endless Grace trust in

me my child and you will see how your

efforts yield a Rich Harvest of joy and

prosperity never forget that you are my

precious creation destined for blessings

in this world continue on your journey

without fear with faith in your heart

and dreams leading you forward I promise

to be your Guiding Light leading you

towards the greatness you pursue you

will thrive in Everything You Touch

becoming a symbol of wisdom and

discernment a model of success for the

world let every action you take be

inspired by my love and support and may

every step you make lead you to New

Horizons of blessings and the bright

future that I have thoughtfully prepared


you amen

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