Never Abandoned: God’s Unwavering Love for You

my dear child I hear your heartfelt

words and I want you to know that I am

here with you in every moment trust in

me and release your worries into my

hands your trust in me is your strength

and I will guide you gently to a place

of peace and abundance do not fear the

challenges that may come your way for I

will never let you go I understand that

you may feel weak at times but I am

speaking directly to your heart to

remind you of your inner strength rest

with me and do not get lost in confusion

and despair focus on what truly matters

your family your spiritual life and

nurturing your soul with my word pray

and show Mercy to those who may have

wronged you turn the other cheek if they

harm you again and show them the depth

of your love just as I gave my life for

my children you are willing to fight for

your family and experience Freedom while

the world may be in turmoil never stop

praying write the names of your loved

ones in your book of prayers and share

with me your hopes and desires for them

I already know their lives and thoughts

but I want you to activate your faith

and learn how to pray for what truly

matters While others may be consumed by

fear you and your family should not fear

for I will never leave you or forsake

you be prepared for great Miracles and

Trust in my word nothing is impossible

for me and I love you deeply during this

time of Affliction do not let threats

and problems steal your peace and

confidence I have compassion for you in

your suffering and I will bless you

because I desire to hold my blessings

dear with great love for even even in

moments of sadness I hold you in the

palm of my hand covering you with my

holy mantle you are my child and I will

bless you because I want to and because

I will fulfill my promises I have always

been with you never abandoning you trust

in my plans for they are superior to

yours and will lead you to a destination

of peace and prosperity life may bring

challenges but if you face them with

Faith and Hope your life will transform

seek me throughout your days and bow

your knees before me for I cherish your

sincere GI days the heavens rejoice when

your lips open in praise and I listen to

your prayers for protection and guidance

trust in me my beloved child and give me

your hand I am here with you and I will

never leave you listen to my response

for I am always speaking to your heart

trust in my love for it is deep and

everlasting my dear child I hear your

words and I want you to know that I will

never abandon you even if the world

forsakes you or those who claim to love

you fail you I love you more than anyone

else ever could I do not lie and I will

never fail you your family your future

and your health are in my hands

appreciate value and treasure the

blessings I have given you do not risk

losing them if you remain faithful in

small things and care for what I have

given you in times of need your

blessings will multiply I will bestow

upon you even more precious and eternal

gifts your love for me and your

unwavering Faith have set you on the

right path keep your focus on my

Commandments and let my word fill fill

your being your journey has been

challenging but you have redirected your

course with all your strength you have

allowed a divine wind to fill your sales

because of your change of attitude and

desire for transformation I am here to

bless you supernaturally these words you

hear are a source of life and a way for

me to show my love and hold your hand so

that you may Triumph in your battles I

am blessing you with wisdom increasing

your understanding changing your

character and granting you great

patience I am transforming every as

aspect of your life my spirit envelops

you from head to toe you will no longer

walk towards error or desire to sin you

will not be vulnerable to The

Temptations that once ens snared you I

am giving you the strength to break free

from the habits that bound your thoughts

from now on you will focus on goodness

Beauty Purity and Justice you will no

longer yield to the temptation of

engaging in slander lies or anything

that pollutes your mind and weakens your

heart you will be amazed at how much you

have changed

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