my dear girl when you wake up every

morning you have energy and you light up

my heart with a

smile you face challenges with

unbreakable determination without ever

wavering in your

resolution there is a remarkable

similarity between us reflected in your

heart from which comes a fervent desire

to do it

right I’m here to support support you in

keeping your family united and

harmonious blessing you with each New

Dawn you are a living expression of your

faith a joy that fills my heart with

joy your virtuous actions are inspiring


uplifting I long to open doors so that

others can testify to Someone Like You

someone with genuine Faith someone who

truly loves

me you face the toughest challenges

without giving into hate or resentment

that always hurt

you I could have taken material

possessions but I could never steal what

really matters your faith dedication and

unbreakable commitment to follow my

volunteer you without a doubt are my son

the word planted in your heart that

continues to bear

fruit your future is bright and you must

know that I am by your side in all

circumstances you can come to me with

confidence pouring your soul before me

every time time you think about your

mistake my loyalty will never fail my

presence will surround you and you will

feel it in your own being with a myriad

of celestial forces at your disposal

ready to

help Grant victory over those who intend

to oppose you provide healing and

exterminate the

disease when you Proclaim my word the

strength of your Tenny elas will be

defeated your life your family your

health your finan es and everyone who is

beneath you will know freedom and live


Victoria your home will shine with my

Majestic glory and miraculous wonders

will become something every day you will

be surrounded by good-hearted families

blessed by your loving

spirit I ask you to keep them firm

resisting the temptation to lose them in

the depths of

disbelief search me to learn and grow

filled with my Holy Spirit who will

reveal my love and care to you

daily embrace the peace that I offer you

that strengthens you my beloved

daughter you are always

loved have you given thanks today for

the gift of

life don’t wait it doesn’t cost

anything open your heart and express


gratitude we understand your needs even

before you express them trust me and

spend a moment of serenity with me

reflect reflect on the countless things

you should be grateful for your life

your family your health the food on your

table The Refuge on your

head separate that I have your destiny

and my

brothers I live in a grateful heart that

recognizes your need for me and seeks me

with Faith and Hope knowing that you are


blessed I understand the worries that

can consume you but don’t worry too

much I understand the weight of your


possibilities I wish to Grant you

freedom from all mental afflictions

through the power of my pure and holy

blood receive complete healing get up

and walk towards

Victory I’m there waiting for you to

hear your first words of the day flowing

from your grateful Soul saying thanks


Life come to me if you need it and pour

out your

heart it will transform your feelings

dispelling the darkness that corrodes

your mind

you are my loved one firm in

faith I wish to Grant you freedom from

all mental afflictions through the power

of my pure and Holy

Blood allow me to guide your steps


Victory hij my desire is to restore you

free you from your bonds and break all

the curses and enchantments that led you

to believe in

falsehoods in this vast Universe there

is no being with more power than you all

the falsehoods stand before my voice and

the strength of the tinny EAS are

defeated by my manifest

Glory no human being or spiritual entity

can oppose you or your loved ones

because my arms surround them my

sanctity covers them and the power of my

blood protects them day and

night there will be no more sadness or

tears of Despair instead you will

experience the peace and happiness that

I grant you

now profess your faith in me incline and

give thanks for the love and the Marvels

that you are about to

witness I have wonderful news for you

news that you have been so eager to hear

it will ease all the burdens that weigh

on your soul it will bless your family

your health and your

finances you are entering a time of

restoration and I will guide you so that

everyone salts

well give it to me commit to me humble

yourself before me and return to my

word decide to release your fears and

burdens strengthening your spirit with

my presence and listening to the voice

of love in your

heart I want to take your brother on

this journey to peace and Tranquility so

that you ReDiscover the happiness you

seek leaving behind the seemingly

insurmountable problems that have

Disturbed your

life I intend to free you from the

anxiety that torments you on to banish


fears don’t get attached to them don’t

hide them

I don’t want fear to lead them to

decisions that lead to

ruin the mistakes of the past have

fallen behind today I forgive your sins

cleanse your soul of the chains you

dragged with you breaking guilt and

uncertainty my desire is to bless your

life my plans and purposes are for your

well-being and

prosperity overall it will be easy and

possible for you to face battles but I

will be at your side strengthening your

spirit until the

end if you believe say I

believe if you accept me in your soul

Proclaim I open my heart to

you if you allow me to reign in your

life declare dos Mo Tu is me Ray

weor whenever you approach me with your

requests I come with

confidence show me your

faith your gratitude is the best gift

you can give

me come without fear because I will

never reject you your sins have been

washed away and paid for with My

Precious Blood don’t worry about being

ashamed in my

presence even when you were far away and

never thought about me I had compassion

for you he sent thousands of angels to

escape the claws of the evil one to

clear the obstacles of this road and

allow us to return to

me you will come back tomorrow and bring

me good news he will share the Miracles

he discovered and the Beautiful changes

in his

life the moment we shared today was a


moment that’s how it comes because I

want to transform your life once

more I don’t want you to return to a

place of hate contempt sadness and

despair I am speaking directly to you

believe me because there is only a true

path an open door to eternal life

endless joy and loving accept

AC feel free to hug me regardless of

your state or

situation Shan blessed and experience

the peace that I can only

offer it’s time to put the past behind

you and release the burdens that Agony

you allow me to guide you towards the

light towards the path of Love towards

peace and towards

Joy You are not alone I’m with you every

step of the

way I’m happy that you chose to trust me

to share your deepest

problems you are rediscovering the

beauty of life but you are also facing

the hidden burdens within your

soul if you talk to me daily you will

instill great strength strengthen your

faith and free you from the heavy

burdens that weigh on your

soul your spirit will rise and joy will

overflow within you I see Joy filling

your heart and now it’s up to you to

talk don’t be afraid to open your heart

to me because because I love you

deeply I’m happy to see you looking for

love and food through my words and it’s

good for you to notice the

transformation within

you if there are still worries that

weigh on your heart remember that I am

here for

you I understand that sometimes life can

leave you alone overwhelmed by countless

thoughts but every morning come to me in

prayer and together we will sort out

your circumstances allowing you to face

life with renewed happiness relieved of

the weight you don’t need to

carry reflect on the most important

things that require your attention and

don’t worry about scenarios that may

never happen because I have them

covered have faith and lift your

spirits roller Bridge or simply open

your eyes and Express gratitude for your

work your family and your

health sometimes I don’t even need to

ask but I Delight in your requests

I encourage you to ask with unbreakable

confidence because my ear is listening

and my angels are ready to respond to my

orders you are my dear eho and I am the

one who adorns your life and fills you


Mercy don’t hesitate to ask me I eagerly

await your

requests I will offer you abundant and


Blessings by invoking your faith I have

the power to move mountains of pain

dismantle the barriers of evil and break

the chains of

sin ask me all the good sweet gentle and

uplifting and at the perfect moment I

will respond to you with

love I am aware of your fights worries


emotions I follow your needs desires and


closely never let go of you

bro today I am here to reassure you with

my attentive

presence if you persist in your daily

prayer you will feel my surroundings

next to you you are loved deeply and I

want you to be happy you are strong and

you place in every day of the life that

I have given

you continue your path as you follow

them visit every morning with kind words

and loving

messages this is your moment your time


come come you were born to experience

Victoria it was never my intention that

you live defeated and discouraged

I’m here to guide you to

Triumph faith is the key that opens the

door of miracles in your life more than

that I appreciate you and in every

situation you can count on my constant

presence if you are facing difficulties

and need help know that my love is the

bomb that heals and envelopes you


judgment I’m here to offer you my warm

embrace free from criticism and my

attentive ear I’m willing to listen with


interruption share your deepest desires

with me because they are your

truth if you are in front of an arid

desert where Solitude undermines hope

and your soul Longs for love in the

midst of desolation you understand that

I am on your other

side your feet may be bruised by the

burning stones of the journey but I

understand your

struggle this is the time to recognize

your needs and accept my

help just as gold is purified with fire

you will also be purified from the

remains of negativity that you

carry my intention is not to rise above

others but to teach us to reach out to

our hands to help those who have

fallen free yourself from anger vanity

fear and doubt because your past cannot

be compared with the joy that awaits

you value the little ones and great

reasons to be grateful in life and walk

with Integrity carrying my virtues in my

heart your family and your future are

worth more than material riches or

fame search with determination because I

am your provider and will abundantly

satisfy your

needs prepare to face challenges with

wisdom as every problem hides

opportunities for prosperity and

blessings search for guidance in my word

and depth in my knowledge because it

will reveal

wonders take take care of your health

and your family matters trusting me to


you even if you feel defeated he will

give you back the value and revive you

from the

SES be a witness to the blessings I

grant you and be honored because I will

Adorn your paths with my

glory trust in me because I will perform

powerful miracles in your life filling

your home with blessings for your

faithfulness the time has come to sew up

everything you have left

behind your home will be enriched with

fullness Joy stimulation and

vitality trust in my Divine word because

I will fulfill all the promises that I

have made to

you prepare for a notable transformation

and overcome the weight of worry and


demotivation with my blessings you will

gain the power of wisdom and the ability

to make wise decisions to protect and

multiply everything you offer

transforming it into a gift for

others be grateful and Trust because I

am shaping your life preparing you to

discover countless opportunities after a

prolonged period of remembering seeds of

faith in your heart through hard work

and difficult

tasks you were never flanked when you

believed in my power and in my constant

presence on your side and for that

reason you were

triumphant now is the time to reap the

fruits of your constancy because what I

bring to your home is immensely greater

than you can

imagine your faith is invaluable and

your humility will guide

you get ready because new doors will

open you and you will discover New

Horizons I will give you abundance in


home I love them and there is no

obstacle that can stop them while they

keep them firm in faith confident that I

have a future in my loving

Brothers your provision comes from me

and covers all your

needs fill your heart with courage to

undertake the journeys that you must

undertake lead the conversations that

must take place and face the challenges

that require your

decision I’m with you my son and your

dreams will become reality because I’m

your God

Almighty when you are due to me you are

due to

everything I love you and I’m here to

console you and give you the answers

you’re looking

for many many moments of prayer and

invocation demonstrate my unbreakable

Faith which brings me great

joy I am opening a door of great

magnitude in your life a magnitude that

requires you to remain humble to prevent

Pride from holding you back in the

future surround yourself in my sacred

word while your faith will Blossom and

your confidence will

radiate listen to me every morning

because my words are recorded in your


your prayers offered with devotion have


power therefore persist in praying with

this posture because when you touch the

sky with your sincere supplications my

brother will caress your head with love

and the entire Heavenly Kingdom will

Echo with an amen in your

words now wait my son and face the day

with courage because my angels accompany

you my love protects

you I love you amen

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