My Promise To YOU

my beloved child where you will see the

manifestation of my blessings in your

life trust in me and know that I am with

you every step of the way open your

heart to receive the abundance of

blessings that I have in store for you

embrace them with faith joy and humility

for even the smallest blessings have the

potential for greatness within them

remember my dear one that your destiny

has been carefully written since the

foundation of the world I have traced

your path with my loving finger and now

the time has come for you to understand

what I have prepared for you come into

my presence every day lay your questions

and shortcomings before me and receive


forgiveness prepare yourself for the

time is near and you have important

tasks to fulfill do not doubt my love

for you for it is the most precious gift

of all I have chosen you and no matter

what mistakes you may have made I will

never reject you your occasional

stumbles do not frighten me for I see

your love for me and I understand your

heart I cherish your sincerity and no

one can ever deceive me you are

different my dear one your spirit

radiates peace your at itude is kind and

your thoughts are pure even when you

stumble you rise with confidence and

Faith do not let the judgments of

Mortals deter you from your path in this

world no one has the right to point

fingers at you maintain your attitude of

Faith approach me with a humble heart

and I will reward your efforts with

Abundant Blessings your desires are not

rooted in material things

but in blessings and protection for your

family I will grant you that and so much

more Your Divine inheritance is not a

matter of chance for I loved you even

before your birth and have prepared

countless beautiful things for you know

that my eternal love is the ultimate

solution to all your problems trust in

me with all your heart for both in

heaven and on Earth circum stances are

aligning in your favor I have issued an

unbreakable command for you to receive

abundant provision freedom from debts

Supernatural wisdom and blessings

specially crafted for you and your

family your Liberation is at hand and

with it comes joy happiness and peace do

not let doubts erode your faith stand

firm for I have the final word I will

heal you of all ailments break every

chain and bring peace and provision to

your life Supernatural Miracles are

unfolding in the spiritual realm and New

Opportunities will arise what may

initially seem like problems will

transform into blessings through your

faith and patience believe in my

promises firmly and with unwavering

determination and I will give you the

good things that are meant for your

growth and

edification I challenge you my beloved

child to believe in me and take action

distance yourself from things and

friends that lead you away from me they

will not come to your rescue in times of

serious trouble seek me with your heart

place your requests before my presence

and trust that I will give you the good

things that are meant for your growth

and edification

something beautiful great powerful and

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