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my promise to you God’s message now God

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my beloved child I want you to know that

blessings are on their way to you and

they will soon arrive like gentle rain

showering your home with Grace there is

no love greater no plan mightier than

what I have in store for you I can offer

you a steadfast purpose fill you with

Serenity and transform your most

challenging C circumstances into

something beautiful I will lead you out

of the desert and bring you to a

Refreshing Spring embrace my blessing

with faith joy and humility never

underestimate it for sometimes it may

appear in simple ways While others Chase

Grand blessings I choose the humble and

seemingly small for I see the potential

for greatness within them open your eyes

my dear one for wondrous things are

about to unfold seek my word and you

will recognize the blessings that are

approaching you my gaze searches for a

humble heart and my spirit yearns to

fill a life that is always ready to give

love and forgive know this I have chosen

you and you should never doubt it your

destiny has been written on an eternal

scroll since the foundation of the world

and I have carefully traced your path

with my loving finger the time has come

for you to understand what I have have

prepared for you come into my presence

every day before my altar lay your

questions and shortcomings before me and

receive my forgiveness rise and prepare

yourself for the time is near and you

have important tasks to fulfill there

are countless miracles in which I intend

to use you let us embark on this journey

together for you have my unwavering

support remember I love you and there

are blessings in heaven with your name

written on them I understand that you

may be questioning why certain things

have happened in your life trust me with

all your heart for both in heaven and on

Earth circumstances are aligning in your

favor I have issued an unbreakable

command for you to receive abundant

provision freedom from debts

Supernatural wisdom and blessings

specially crafted for you and your

family your Divine inheritance is not a

matter of chance I loved you even before

your birth and I have prepared countless

beautiful things for you but above all

know that my eternal love is the most

precious gift of all I loved you when

you felt distant and I continued to love

you when you returned to me your

occasional mistakes do not frighten me I

will never reject you for your sins you

come to me we

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