My Power Will Transform You | God Says |

my beloved child this too shall pass listen to me and feel the peace my words

bring your struggles will soon be over now is not the time to give up or do

things that might hinder your progress you are being tested thoroughly my power will transform you like clay in

the hands of a skilled Potter I’m shaping you with my hands everything I

do is out of love for you and for your well-being I want you to be ready for the elevation

I will give you let your character be strong and your will steadfast so you

can rise to prominence and not fade into the background in the place where I

position you you and your family will be safe do not worry my child listen to me

every day come and talk with me and if you don’t have anything to say just sit by my side and enjoy this beautiful

moment I don’t want you to be troubled or let fear take away your joy you shine

when you’re at peace let your thoughts flow let your words come forth and let your actions reflect your

faith in my presence your despair vanishes and the anxiety that gnaws at

you Fades away your strength will last forever I

write down each of your emotions watching how your prayers unfold when you were in distress you

knelt down and I came to help you depression which once weighed heavily on

you has now disappeared you have found strength you have stood up and continued on your

journey on the day sorrow returned you came to my door filled with despair

tears nearly drowning your pleas your sadness was so great that you could

barely speak your feelings yet I understood the turmoil in your soul I

healed you restoring joy to your spirit you have been brave daring to face

Giants without fear and now you stand before my Throne again ask what you wish

it shall be granted from your heart flows a spring of holy water pure and

cleansing everything you need is granted to you be brave stand up and walk firmly

move with confidence and let the Earth tremble under your feet making your enemies envious and fearful F they may

see your tumultuous emotions but they will be calmed by my mighty hand I

shower blessings upon you your problems and discouragements will disappear if

you need encouragement I will provide it come to me weary and burdened and

receive this Embrace of love that will give you rest take a moment enjoy some

quiet and listen to The Whisper Of The Wind don’t speak let your emotions calm down

the turmoil in your mind will stop even Despair trembles and fleas when it hears my voice the healing

oil within you brings restoration to your body heart and

mind after hearing me each day you’ll feel better filled with new emotions and

complete joy happiness will flow from you like rivers of Living

Water nothing and no one on this Earth can give you the peace and joy you seek

trust only in me don’t give your soul or life to those who claim to bring you

happiness don’t repeat the past mistakes where you gave your soul and body hoping

to find love and purpose you have ered but it doesn’t mean you have

failed you have the right to rise again and I offer you the opportunity to start

a new I love you I am faithful to you I cannot deny you love or eternal life for

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