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my child I come before you burdened by

my past mistakes I acknowledge the pain

I’ve caused to others and to the world

around me I’m sorry for the times I’ve

been selfish greedy and

deceitful I confess to indulging in

wrongdoing and harming those I should

have helped Lord Jesus I ask for your

forgiveness and guidance help me turn

away from my past misdeeds and live a

life that honors you and benefits others

grant me strength to make amend and heal

the wounds I’ve caused cused Holy Spirit

transform my heart and mind replace my

selfishness with generosity my deceit

with honesty and my greed with

compassion may my future actions reflect

the change you bring about in me I pray

for healing for those I’ve hurt for the

environment I’ve damaged and for my own

soul may your grace restore what has

been broken and bring peace where there


Discord thank you Holy Spirit for your

presence in my life help me to use each

day as an opportunity to do better to be

better and to serve as a steward of your

creation and love I come before you with

remorse and a desire for

change I recognize the moments where I

failed to help others

selflessly I’m sorry for prioritizing

personal gain over love and

compassion Lord Jesus I seek your

forgiveness and wisdom Inspire within me

a genuine desire to help others and to

contribute positively to my community

grant me the motiv ation to seek out

opportunities to serve with enthusiasm


dedication holy spirit guide me in

overcoming selfish Tendencies and

cultivating generosity and

self-sacrifice may my actions reflect

your love and grace making a real

difference in the world I pray for inner

peace that comes from living a life

aligned with your will help me find joy

in serving others and fulfillment in

bringing peace and happiness to those

around me thank you God for your

patience forgiveness and Endless Love

help me live each day with gratitude and

Readiness to serve in your loving

presence I lift up my prayer for peace

may your Divine peace reign in every

heart home and Nation bringing Solace

and hope to all in a world Often marred

by Strife I pray for the peace that

transcends all understanding may your

peace men broken relationships and

Foster Unity among

communities Lord Inspire compassion and

awareness in every heart

help us to see the needs of others and

respond with kindness and empathy May

our actions reflect your love and

contribute to a world where peace and

happiness abound guide us in being

instruments of your peace bringing love

and forgiveness where there is hatred

and injury Faith where there is doubt

hope where there is despair light where

there is darkness and joy where there is

sadness grant us the courage and

strength to reach out to those who are

struggling and the humility to serve

without seeking

recognition May our Deeds be motivated

by genuine love and concern for others

Holy Spirit instill in us a spirit of

positivity and

compassion help us cultivate thoughts

that uplift and heal promoting peace and

understanding in our

communities Lord guide our leaders in

promoting Justice and peace and help us

care for your Creation with respect and

consideration in your gracious presence

I place my hope and trust believing that

through your divine intervention we can

create a world where peace and happiness

Prevail thank you for hearing this

prayer and for the promise of peace that

you offer to all in jesus’ name


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