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my beloved child speaking of trust it is

akin to a steadfast companion

everpresent to support you when your day

seems shrouded in darkness and the world

appears menacing rely upon trust pause

take a deep breath and search for beauty

and blessings that surround you offer

gratitude for that which you discover

and thus Forge a profound connection

with me Express heartfelt thanks for the

Myriad of blessings that I have

graciously bestowed upon you even amidst

the tumult of turbulent emotions persist

in your expressions of gratitude and you

shall witness Joy gradually permeating

your very being illuminating your soul

as a radiant flame furthermore make it a

habitual practice to voice your trust in

me May the Divine Light guide your path

let it serve as a reminder that I am

perpetually with you an unwavering and

dependable presence there shall always

be areas in your life where trust must

be deepened when adversity befalls you

regard it as an opportunity to expand

the boundaries of your trust Embrace

these opportunities my beloved and draw

closer to me for I stand with open arms

ready to provide Solace strength and

guidance by expressing gratitude to me

you awaken your heart and sharpen your


allowing you to fully Revel in my

presence awaken my child each M with


anticipation prepared to receive the

Abundant joy that I have prepared for

you refrain from fixating upon the

trials and tribulations that beset your

path or the tumultuous state of the

world instead embracing each moment with

fervor and zest should you find yourself

a drift or distant from me take the

initiative to offer thanks for something

anything that comes to mind rest assured

there is an abundance of blessings from

which to choose reflect upon the past

hours and take note of the manifold

goodness I have bestowed upon you

through this practice your spirit shall

be uplifted and Clarity shall illuminate

your thoughts remember my beloved that

the adversary prows like a roaring lion

seeking to ens snare and devour it it is

imperative that you remain

self-controlled and Vigilant take my

hand my beloved as you Embark upon your

daily journey and allow me to accompany

you through every experience


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