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God thank you for the gift of your

spirit your spirit is always with me

shaping my character today I want to

make an intentional decision to trust

you by allowing your spirit to guide me

please change the way I think and act so

that my whole life revolves around you

in Jesus name amen God thank you for

today thank you for your protection upon

me and my family thank you for giving us

the mental and physical strength to get

through the day

Lord I pray that you continue to protect

and guide us in Jesus name amen prayer


thanks gracious Lord thank you for this

lovely day I come before you with a

grateful heart thank you for all of your

blessings and godness in my life it is

only because of your inness and Grace

that I am able to get through each day I

give you glory I give you all of my love

and adoration thank you for loving me

and forgiving my sins I want to express

my gratitude to you Lord for everything

you have done in my life thank you for

being my provider I appreciate your

Works in my life thank you for being my

guide and helping me in making good

decisions thank you for being my

sustainer in life even when things are

difficult I trust that you are working

and that you will always see me through

thank you Lord for all that you do in my

life I bless your holy name


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