My Holy Spirit Surrounds You | God Message Today

[Music] this moment is Not Mere chance these words reach you when you

need them most my Holy Spirit surrounds you fortifying your

life you’ve sensed a desire from me to communicate but I waited for the perfect

moment to reveal my love I’ve been preparing you using phrases and messages in your Bible that

resonate when you open it with a true heart today you’ve opened your heart to

my voice renewing The Vow you made to entrust me with your faith Reliance and

all your hope I hear your supplications and you must trust this so worry doesn’t consume

you making you doubt whether your words Ascend beyond the ceiling from the very moment you first

cried out an angel set forth from my heavenly Throne bearing the key to your

freedom you are precious and unique and a Celestial battle rages for your

soul the adversary seeks your downfall not wishing to see you triumphant yet my

Legions are Waging War for your future combating evil forces in the heavens the

recent turmoil you fac is not accidental from this day be vigilant and

wise guard your words Keep Your Secrets close and be Discerning in whom you

trust the enemy aims to consume you seek seeking vulnerabilities in your spirit

endeavoring to dismantle your faith with lies and deceit your future is destined to be

filled with Marvels and wonders a life beyond the ordinary awaits you though

you may encounter hardships for a season remember that your struggles are

transient soon your grief will fade away those who have wronged you will

come seeking your forgiveness and in your heart you will find the grace to forgive

them place your faith and trust in me alone even if others offer you Grand

promises do not be swayed for no one can bless and protect you from harm as I

can no one else holds the truth I offer I am steadfast I do not

deceive but if you turn away from me placing your trust in the false promises of others you risk losing the blessings

I have for you some of which may never return this is your time anchor your

faith in my eternal powerful word which is alive effective and unshakably true

the moment to decide is near choose my love my comfort my refuge

My Embrace commit to seeking me each morning to listen and be filled with my

word that lights your path and gives you purpose approach without hesitation I I

long to hear from you regardless of your state or feelings my doors are always open my

ears always listening seek me before Dawn it’s the

perfect time to present your prayers and feel my loving Embrace speak to me for your words

reflect your innermost thoughts and knowing you hold me in your thoughts is a sweet fragrance a tender praise a pure

worship share with me your aspiration ations your needs your challenges your

uncertainties confide in me everything for I am your Confidant the only one who

truly understands and knows you the Winds of adversity have battered you you

have traversed unexpected times of anxiety the Lash of disdain and cruelty

has broken your soul leaving you breathless you need peace and my word

shall Grant it to you I will fill your heart with strength amidst afflictions

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