My Commitment To You l l God Says Me l God Message Today l God Message For You l God Message l

my child I want to convey to you that

blessings are on their way approaching

you like gentle rain that showers your

home with Grace there is no greater love

nor a mightier plan than what I have in

store for you I offer you steadfast

purpose Serenity and the ability to

transform your most challenging

circumstances into something beautiful I

will guide you out of difficult times

and lead you to a Refreshing Spring

embrace my blessings with faith joy and

humility for sometimes they may come in

simple ways while Others May Chase Grand

blessings I choose the humble and

seemingly small seeing the potential for

greatness within them open your eyes

dear one for wondrous things are about


unfold seek my word and you will

recognize the blessings that are

approaching you my Gaye seeks a humble

heart and my spirit Ys to fill a life

that is always ready to give love and

forgive know this I have chosen you and

you should never doubt it your destiny

has been written since the foundation of

the world and I have carefully traced

your path with my loving finger the time

has come for you to understand what I

have prepared for you come into my

presence every day lay your questions

and shortcomings before me and receive


forgiveness rise and prepare yourself

for the time is near and you have

important tasks to fulfill let us embark

on this journey together for you have my


support remember I love you and there

are blessings in heaven with your name

written on them trust me with all your

heart for circumstances are aligning in

your favor both in heaven and on Earth I

have commanded abundant provision

freedom from debts Supernatural wisdom

and blessings specially crafted for you

and your family your Divine inheritance

is not a matter of chance I loved you

even before your birth and have prepared

countless beautiful things for you but

above all know that my eternal love is

the most precious gift of all I love you

when you feel distant and I continue to

love you when you return to me your

occasional mistakes do not frighten me I

will never reject you for your sins come

to me with a sincere heart filled with

repentance and truth and I will embrace

you unlike others who put on a facade of

perfection coming into my presence to

judge and accuse you are different your

spirit radiates peace your attitude is

kind and your thoughts are pure even

when you stumble you rise with

confidence in faith

never let Mortals point fingers at you

in this world no one has that right if

you maintain this attitude of Faith

approaching me every day with a humble

heart eager to hear and learn I will

reward your efforts with Abundant

Blessings I know your desires are not

rooted in material things you seek

blessings and protection for your family

I will grant you that and so much more I

will prepare you to be ready and when

the doors open do not be afraid to step

through super Supernatural Miracles are

unfolding in the spiritual realm new

people will enter your life

opportunities like never before will

arise and situations that may initially

seem like problems will transform into

blessings through your faith and

patience they will bring peace to your

home and provision but remember the most

important and beautiful blessing is

already yours my eternal love declare

your belief in me the ultimate solution

to all your problems is here in my hands

so come to me my dear one what are you

waiting for you know that I love you



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