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my beloved child I want you to know that blessings are on their way to you ready

to fall like gentle rain and shower your home with

Grace there is no greater love or plan than the one I have for

you I offer you a steady purpose infusing you with peace and

changing your most difficult situations into something beautiful I will guide you out of the

desert and into a pleasant spring accept my benefits with faith joy

and humility as they may manifest in modest

ways while some seek magnificent blessings I choose the modest and

seemingly tiny because I sense the possibility for greatness in them dear

one open your eyes wonderful things are about to

happen seek my word and you will see the approaching

blessings my vision seeks a humble heart and my spirit longs to live a life that

is always willing to love and forgive know this I selected you

and you should never doubt that I have meticulously traced your

route with my living finger inscribing your fate on an

immortal scroll from the beginning of the universe the time has come for you to

understand what I’ve planned for you come into my presence every day lay your

questions and flaws on my my Altar and accept my

pardon rise and prepare yourself since the moment is

approaching and you have essential responsibilities to

complete countless Marvels await and I intend to use

you let us embark on This Road Together you have my undying

support remember that I love you and there are blessings in heaven with your

name engraved on them you may be wondering why certain

events in your life have occurred but believe me when I say that the stars are

alining in your favor I’ve given an unbreakable command

for you to have abundant Supply death relief spiritual understanding

and benefits tailored just for you and your

family your heavenly inheritance is not by chance I loved you before you were born

and have planned inumerable wonderful things for you but above all remember that my

eternal love is the most valuable gift of all I loved you when you were distant

and I still love you when you return to me your infrequent blenders do not worry

me I will never reject you for your

transgressions come to me with a sincere heart repentant and

truthful I see your love for me and I understand your heart and

motivations I appreciate your honest Y and no one can ever deceive me you are

not like those you come into my presence with a veneer of

perfection and sanctity only to criticize and

accuse your spirit exudes Tranquility your demeanor is gentle and

your ideas are pure even when you stumble you get back

up with confidence and Trust never allow Mortals to point

fingers at you in this world no one has that

right if you continue this Faith filled attitude approaching me every day with a

humble heart eager to hear and learn I will bless you

abundantly I understand your desires are not Material

materialistic you seek blessings and security for your

family I will give you that and so much more I will get you ready and when the

doors open don’t be frightened to step through even as you listen amazing

wonders are taking place in the spiritual realm new people will enter your life

possibilities will occur like never before and situations that appear to be

challenges will turn into blessings thanks to your faith and

patience they will bring you peace and provision however the most important and

lovely blessing is already yours my eternal love declare your faith in

me I hold the final solution to all of your

troubles please come to see me beloved so what are you waiting

for you are aware that my love for you is deep and

constant even while we are apart even when doubts sneak in

Whispering stories of failure and desertion remember that they are

false a flame Burns deep within your heart fueled by a strong desire to come

home have no fear come I understand your bewilderment and

uncertainty Faith may have appeared elusive amidst numerous

failures particularly from those you trusted I may have appeared to ignore

your calls but please know that I have never abandoned

you even when your faith faltered I remain

vigilent and provided explanations and remedies my remarks may have looked high

but I have always addressed you personally do not stray

genuine in love awaits you in this Sanctuary where you will be safe and at

peace rest tonight for in your dreams you’ll find

yourself standing beside a pristine River gazing into my

eyes I will stretch my arms and you will walk on wondrous

Waters releasing your hearts rages and

disappointments when morning breaks you will rise a new burdens lifted and vigor

restored this is the prize for those you believe and return to Faith despite

making mistakes you do not need to look elsewhere for beautiful

language my words are alive and will F your heart with the Holy

Spirit I am your life your blessing and the real

solution declare your trust blessings await can you feel the

peace nurture your heart with my words stand firm for I will have the

final say healing is imminent binds are shattered

joy and happiness will flow abundantly I will work miracles within

you flooding you with praise and gladness you will witness the

Fulfillment of my promises receive everything you need so

that you can bless and Aid others allow me to touch your body

spirit and heart relieving your anguish and erasing

discouragement open your Soul’s doors to me and be filled with

Serenity you fought bravely stayed strong and

ured pay little attention to discouragement my love for

you remains in wavering the time has come for you to

assert yourself when you put your trust in me victory is

yours and wealth awaits those who submit their plans to my

care please enjoy my presence and I will fulfill your heart’s

desires call on me and I will answer I am anxious to share great and

amazing things with you I you to have faith in my red and

authentic promises if you believe in me everything

is possible declare your faith and take

action remove yourself from anything that will drw you away from

me material riches and Tren and friendships will not help you in times

of need only steadfast confidence in my

promises will carry you through seek me with your whole heart

from morning to night and believe that I will provide for your growth and

edification Something Beautiful strong and

extraordinary is on the horizon accept my love even if you feel

weak or despondent I offer you a pleasant

relaxation and peace of mind I am the creator of the

universe and I am speaking directly to your heart I command the violent Winds of

existence to stop Fear not the world’s perils your faith joined with my

strength makes you Unstoppable even when I am weak you find

strength in me Proclaim your strength with confidence and continue your track to

the Pinnacle where benefits await accept my

decision and allow me to have an impact on your

life you are destined to soar not reced spread your

wings and soar higher where despair grief and

discouragement do not belong from this day forward live with a

burning and passionate Faith every morning as the sun

rises accept happiness in all circumstances let no bad news or

fears overwhelm the brilliant smile on your face

remember my beloved child that you belong to me my Holy Spirit lives inside you

distinguishing you from the world While others make fear rumors and

lose hope you have my miraculous love your faith is

incredible and you speak powerful prayers and words go forward my child you are

free be filled with excitement as you share with your family the words I have

given you I love you and I will lift you out

of Despair and fill your heart with bravery face each day with courage

because I am beside you and will never let you fall do not be afraid for I understand

how severe your troubles are yet my strength surpasses

all your foes may rise against you but I

am stronger sickness May aim to steal your

hope but I want to heal you family troubles May bother you but I will

perform wonderful Miracles and improve your condition now will you believe or doubt

me choose to believe and you will rise

persist battle carry out your responsibilities and continue in

faith I know you grieved and cried in Silence about your current

circumstances but today I’m enveloping you with love and and wiping away your

tears drink from my living water and I will nourish your body regenerate your

spirit and quench your Soul’s hunger the enemy May surge against you

on a daily basis attempting to pull you down but today you will stand strong

supported by my grace the difficult times you’ve been

through are now over rejoice in my presence and remember

my child that with me you are more than a concur I heard your prayer last night

when you screamed out in your mind for courage strength Serenity and security

to confront life’s problems look at yourself now you awoke to new day strengthened

and prepared no longer is your spirit weakened or

discouraged you have The Bravery to confront any giant you dares to

challenge you fear has given way to Faith where there once was

timidity there is now courage your legs may have shook

yesterday as as you consider the challenges that were ahead but today you

stand sturdy and ready to face them rise and move forth for I have

instilled in you a strong will to succeed believe in my

power since I have not only LED you here but also giv you the strength to face a

thousand Giants though the challenges on your journey may seem frightening remember

that nothing is beyond my ability I guided you to this point and I

have never deserted you during your struggles hardships and

battles I will stand with you my power and love have made you more

than a conqueror you will defeat every Behemoth that rises against

you I have given you the determination and strength to face any

problem that comes your way your goal is to overcome any

obstacles that arise and you will live in abundance and complete

peace in this instant turn your attention away from your troubles and

toward me feed your trust in my word and feed your head with my

promises and your anxieties will grow with my presence in your heart you

can face anyone and come out victorious in any

situation rise and March on fight with the power of my Holy

Spirit and no one will defeat you in battle you aren’t weak you’re

strong you have my love and faith remember that everything is

possible for those you believe do not give up

hope I am here to support you and give you the power to

endure the challenges that come your way won’t Crush you because I’m giving you

every ounce of strength you need to keep going you will feel empowered to rise

move forward face problems and maintain your

faith I know you’ve had triumphs and victories

before therefore the circumstances you’re in today will not defeat

you you will not experience defeat or shame

listen to my words and be filled with courage since your strong faith will

result in miraculous wonders my word has the ability to heal

your health provide for your family and fulfill all of your

wants your table will overflow with abundance and joy will pervade your home

true affluence will benefit your family accept my blessings with a humble

heart and thanks remember those you are

struggling make good use of your abundance by blessing and helping

others seek to help the least fortunate and watch as I open the

windows to Heaven filling your home with serenity and

joy your family’s Harmony and stability along with the health and

wisdom that Usher in your seasons of happiness and life manifest my true

blessings believe in myself and accept that those who love me

can have a better future many of your previously unreachable aspirations will soon come

true I am always with you the omnipotent and Supernatural

God I will look after you protect you and support you not only

today but for all eternity I am hastening the time for you

to get your benefits and the answers you have been

seeking the developments happening around you are to your ultimate

benefit prepare your hearts and Minds as you hear me open your homes

doors and allow my presence to take its proper place know this your life is about to

change dramatically I can sense your needs before you say them but I also want you

to be clear about your ideas and wants be definite about what you want

from me understand your goals and

destination if you seek Victory recognize that it comes at a

cost true Faith Ardent prayer hard work

and personal sacrifice I promise success that will be an enduring

blessing for you your family and yourself I withhold nothing that might

cause me sorrow or distance your absence should not be a

burden on your family all I want is for you to succeed

and shine in the world but when you get home Darkness

should not follow remember your loved ones avoid unnecessary conflict and loss

of Health I always desire your best genu in

peace form Faith tranquility and escape from Earthly

problems Earthly riches are trenant what matters is the love and

faith you sow and the assistance you provide to others

these are the treasures that provide great spiritual

rewards beloved realize that even the tiniest acts of fidelity will bring you

blessings I have the ability to adjust times and Seasons mend hearts and bring

everything into alignment so that you can endure my

benefits I stand at your doorstep inviting you to let me

in I am eager to live in your home and offer calm to your entire

family I will fully return any illegally taken items from

you maintain your strength and resist giving

up Life’s blows and betrayals may strike you but I your almighty God am always

with you you rise as a brave Warrior thanks to my grace love and the strength you

possess what I accomplish through you will asound those who seek your

ruin you have faced numerous hardships but the day of your wealth is

here I will cure your ailments rescue you from

captivity and bring you magnificent Freedom cling to

hope my word is your most valuable position pay little attention to others

Indy as they watch my blessings on you you will enjoy respectable

jobs sustenance plentiful Health protection steadfast friendships and

family un your hopes and desires will come true as

you strive and Conquer remember your age is

irrelevant never doubt yourself I’ll do miracles for you

because I love you and nothing can stop my goals I want your love and commitment as

we begin this new Supernatural existence together trust in my eternal

love do not be concerned for I am always with you ready to lead you through any

hardship a powerful rever comes from my Throne cleansing and calming your

soul let go of your burdens and allow me to enter every nook

and cranny of your being I am your lord and

savior and I have forgiven your errors don’t torment yourself with

doubts and accusations trust in my answers because

I want you to be free of anxiety and

suffering lift your head with faith because today is the start of your

freedom Des despite the fact that your world is filled with misery you were

born at the correct time and place endure with

humility as your faith will ignite resulting in amazing wisdom and

blessing let go of your connection to material things value your family and

health and love yourself as I love you Perfection is not

required merely walk in faith and affection without

confusion mistakes happen but you are not alone I feel your

sorrow when you deviate from my advice motivated by sentiments you’d

rather suppress however forgiveness and Grace

await your penitent heart every day along with new

mercies bestowed by my hand every

morning I will gently awaken you showering your face with Holy Light and

displaying my Limitless love it’s time to fully believe in me to

embrace your destiny realize your purpose pursue your

aspirations and provide for your family I just want your respect and

loyalty for your heart belongs to me take your journey to Freedom

seriously I did not give you life to waste in

chaos don’t put your trust in phony frames you lift you only to let you fall

do not dread loneliness instead cling to my

affection keep your faith in the face of adversity for I grant you strength and

perseverance allow insincere companions to leave and do not beg for their

stay I will be your isolation companion providing support assistance

and understanding approach me with sincerity not for my benefit but out of

love outward piety does not impress me since your loyalty and faithfulness

too your earnest and passionate prayers reach my throne and I respond with

love be strong and bold and face challenges without

fear do not fear threats or succumb to

pessimism your faith however tiny can move

mountains I will never desert you and I will defend you against your enemies day

and night I care about your well-being so I will nurture your mind

with my words and guide your plans I seek my guidance through prayer

avoiding Hasty conclusions I shower blessings beyond

measure altering lives and households as you encourage your family

to seek me out they will feel my presence as you encourage them to seek

me out share my grace and

Fidelity leading people to transformation and

serenity my light will shine in your home providing a safe haven for those in

need I have a profound purpose for you and your loved ones and the blessings

are Beyond Your Wildest Dreams pray continuously in accordance with my

desire I’ll guide and strengthen you bringing you to

victory to find Serenity in the face of life’s

hardships close your eyes and listen to my voice I will hold on to your fate and

guide you to success your faith moves me and I will

never leave you value those who have helped you for

they have been instruments of My Love by expressing gratitude and

becoming a light of Charity you can multiply your

blessings as you achieve success so will those around

you in times of adversity recall my word your faith

and your thankful heart with these you’ll triumph over

life’s challenges and shine brightly fear not for I am lifting you

up to Hoist the victory Banner rest assured my hand is on you

providing peace I will remove your concerns by surrounding you in Divine

peace take deep breaths and enjoy the new

found enthusiasm though difficult times may occur you will never face the day

without my love challenges may arise but you will

not face them alone close your eyes now and hear these

words you are always protected and sheltered by my love dare to ask for

what you require provision healing encouragement

and knowledge for your purpose pray for your family and loved

ones difficult times may come and go but my presence is

permanent you don’t need to shout for my attention I hear your

cries and stay in by your side your prayers are not going

unheard I am here and shakable in love

and protection you’ve given up bitterness and resentment in favor of

thankfulness your prayers are profoundly meaningful to me and I respond with

affection receive them patiently accept them with trust

and be grateful for the blessings that will soon be in your

possession I work in the hearts of those you care about demonstrating their value

and loyalty you are a beacon that leads people home through the

darkness my love so strong that it carries them for sleepless nights and

tears for their salvation blesses and protects even

those you do not believe in me the storms may rage but those who

seek me will discover ample Hope and Faith despite the

uncertainty you stay strong Guided by my

hand fear not when issues emerge or supplies run low confront conflicts with

courage clinging to the truth you’ve accepted lift your head high and dive

into battle without hesitation for I will give you bravery

and confidence your unwavering faith in me

causes your opponents to falter my precepts and advice support

you and peace and provision bless your table your face is radiant with Heavenly

anointing and goodness and mercy follow you my message speaks to your heart and

you seek my presence on a daily basis believe in

me ackowledge that I am your Shepherd and you will not go hungry

even in the middle of chaos you can find peace and still watch

ways inverted myow your unwavering Faith lifts you on the most difficult days and

your trust in me weakens your adversaries I bless your table with

peace and provision guiding you down the Noble Path a supernatural life life free from

Pain and abundant with wonderful blessings opens your spiritual

eyes no one can take you from my hands distractions and doubts may arise

but your trust remains in wavering the enemy attack sing to break

your faith but you stand form radiating

Serenity self-control and superhuman strength fear does not exist in your

heart you remain calm in the midst of adversity knowing that my Embrace fills

you with love and comfort Grace and

blessings await your success and prosperity which will lead to eternal

life in the celestial realm except your

Birthright live on earth with purpose and joy and transmit my message to the

ends of the cosmos Miracles come from your hands

comforting and encouraging those you seek them seek genuine

friendships that encourage you avoiding negativity and

defeat your relationship with me is intimate seek my presence on a daily

basis and I will reveal my secrets and Ambitions to

you call on me and I will answer by showing you big and wondrous things in

dreams and Visions accept these words with trust

and great blessings will befall you I ask that that you join me on this

journey staying firm and tenacious on your route maintain your concentration on me

and your destination will become closer though exhaustion May set in

remember that your growth protects you from allowing emotions to govern your

life Victory is certain and my promises provide healing Clarity and

strength let go of the chains of discouragement and

uncertainty for I am here to help you achieve success and

fulfillment the burden you bear will vanish replaced by a magnificent Miracle

For Those who commit to obeying me and cling to my love

do not be like those you scrouge in the mud for false promises of material gain

and transitory Renown they believe that my presence and

power benefit those who publicly declare their existence yet this is a deceptive

deception they refuse to accept me for who I am the one who entered the world

as a servant and died on a cross however you my child have given

your heart to me and I want to accomplish wonderful things with

you cover your soul in humility and reject the devil’s

offers I am here to help you to give you greater peace and

wisdom so that waiting does not wear you out and complaints and doubts do not

undermine your faith and happiness speak to me now with all your

heart my God I believe in you I trust you and I patiently await

your favor you will get what you ask for you have consistently placed your

trust in me confident that we will answer all your prayers in jesus’

name I want to tell you about New Times Bountiful blessings Open Heavens and

pouring blessings that will fill every aspect of your life and

household all of this is attainable for those you believe in me maintain my word

in their hearts and patiently await the benefit without

hesitation remember my child you must be steadfast and

patient life requires time to emerge just as a child do after months of

gestation before sprouting and growing a seed Must Fall on fertile ground be

fractured and be altered your blessings are significant

and Powerful but they take time and effort to align for your

benefit I am confident that you comprehend this and I trust that you

won’t succumb to discouragement keep your eyes on the horizon as you take each step ahead

leaving behind your current situation do not be afraid of

change everything works to your advantage I want to surround you with

people and resources that will Foster your growth if you walk with me no one can

defeat accuse or criticize you because I

will be your Advocate oh my child if only you could

see with your SP spiritualize the Angelic truths that

surround you witness my Divine Light illuminating your way and watch your

adversaries fall soon I’ll reveal Majestic images to

you in your dreams giving you a taste of Heaven on

Earth I can move the entire universe to bring you blessings

because I see your genuine and steadfast faith in me your faith is brave which is

why I respond to you every day with a different message every day has new

obstacles but my love for you never changes before you continue with your

daily responsibilities my kid understand this

I genuinely love you but I wish I could hear those words from

your own mouth hearing you say Jesus beloved I

love you too there is nothing you may want from

me that my love cannot fulfill I will reclaim what rightfully

Belongs to You including your dignity and the status you deserve

I have a better life in store for you if you open your heart to the

healing and forgiveness that my lovely love provides you carry the

promises already written in your heart so if you choose to believe do so

wholeheartedly don’t be like others you talk about my love but don’t act

actually believe it they are overly absorbed in the judgments of others and accept the

sanctions and derision heaped upon them many people want to push their

selfish beliefs on you pretending to love you while attempting to take you

away they wear Robes of righteousness and false

Holiness believing themselves to be superior to you and observe

impossible regulations that they do not follow

themselves but no matter what you do in their eyes you are always the one to

blame the guilty one I call for your complete

Freedom tonight you will sleep peacefully and my holy spirit will talk

to you I will heal you your soul and mind

breaking every chain that has bound you and when you wake up in the morning you

will be free forever your happiness will no longer be

dependent on others opinions finally you will be who you

truly are a wise brilliant child of mine with

a gentle persevering and brave soul you will be filled with a vivid

powerful and unshakable Faith lean on me at your darkest moments

when others offend you and hurt your feelings when everything around you

appears to darken and you feel like there’s no reason to live you are mine and I want you to

achieve better things don’t settle for living in a corner wailing beneath that Truth where

you L face contempt but I do adore you I will help forgive and restore

you I can provide you with a brighter future through my great gifts and

talents as well as peace pleasure and health take your due

place stained tall and dignified you are a protected Prince or

princess forever shielded by your awesome Heavenly

Father speak from your heart my child tell

me I Believe In You beloved father I hold a miracle in my

hands one that you and I both know will be resolved

even your own family will be surprised those who privately look down

on you and openly condemned you will bow Before You Begging forgiveness for the

agony they caused you they did not appreciate you and they squandered a

chance by rejecting you I’ll guide you to a better

atmosphere I will uplift you spiritually to a state free of strife

and Endy true love still exists there they will value the gifts and

talents I have bestowed upon you allowing you to thrive and

prosper don’t be afraid of prosperity I’m talking about provision

peace happiness health and family Harmony no debts no

Sorrows from where I am I can see your Miracle which is so gorgeous and

beautiful that you will realize it was all worth it your family will recognize that you

work correct when you encourage them to trust in the God who loves them so much

as after the hardship you have undergone they will cry in Repentance

for having sinned against me when you asked for knowledge and strength and

they macked you believing you were mistaken but when they see my powerful

response to your prayers they will beg your forgiveness I chose you for something

special to be a true blessing to your family and your country rather than to pursue

money and popularity like some you waste their time seeking the opinion of others and

will go to any length for Applause and praise you’re on a different

route do not stoop to consume the crumbs

they are offering you look up at my Throne that’s where you

Bel with your determination and Faith you will succeed and you will see all of the

promises I have made to you come true I will do Miracles through you but

don’t expect others to change pause for a moment and let your

heart receive this magnificent gift faith will bring Serenity to your

soul and peace to your thoughts I give you the authority to

control the turbulent emotions that arise within your mind the news you receive may upset you

and sap your strength but believe in me once more for I am ever

present your life continues unabated and this too will

pass Divine favor protect your future no opponent can extinguish your

blessings or discourage you with Misfortune I have the ability to turn

adversity into blessings lack into wealth and heal any

Affliction in your family and household my amending desire is for you

to witness the Wonders that I have promised know that I am not a

moral I am God and I do not deceive my mission has always been the

same to provide salvation eternal life and guidance in

the path of righteousness I am the route the truth

and the ultimate solution as a result I beg you to hold

hold fast to my promises while avoiding the world’s

deceptions it makes me happy to see you trust me and resist the provocations and

threats that want to disturb your Tranquility do not succumb to wrath

confusion or erroneous beliefs instead concentrate on my love and

present I understand your anxieties and

concerns and I am here to offer comfort and Heavenly

power you have faced loneliness and a lack of tenderness but now I embrace you with

affection your cries have reached me and I am prepared to intervene in the areas

that are most important to you keep in mind that I am always available

to assist and guide you even when things are going

well today as I see your anguish and strife I promise you that it is not my

wish give up your troubles for me and believe that failure is

impossible remain optimistic as those who have faith in me

will not falter hold fast to my promises as I will improve your

situation and solve your problems in new course if you have listened to me up to

this point realize that it is not by

chance declare your faith dedication to perseverance and in thy love for me

we will transform your future and resolve your current problems

soon Proclaim your faith and loyalty by saying I believe as I tell you I love

you amen

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