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my child you’re next God message today

God message for you God’s message now my

precious one I reach out to you today

with an overflowing heart seeking to

meet you where you are though you may

feel unworthy or distant know that my

love encompasses you wholly listen

closely and let these words resonate

within I understand the weight upon your

spirit the struggles that leave you

disquieted when turmoil arises run to my

open Open Arms a refuge amidst the storm

My Embrace brings peace and

understanding that surpasses worldly

notion wisdom and comfort flow freely

here drink deeply from this Wellspring

let it gentle your soul I ask only that

you remain near engaging with me daily

excuses fade in light of my Radiance

which grows brighter and devotions

nurture unhindered by Perfections

impossible grasp come simply as you are

our be witness as our Bond strengthening

ushers in profound transformation the

past loses grip as Future’s hope takes

root no I see clearly the secrets of

your innermost being the fears and flaws

that haunt despite imperfections your

loyal heart compels mine my cloak of

Grace covers a multitude of sins My

Sacrifice cleanses stain of guilt

death’s sting removed receive Now The

Gift of Life a new linked by Covenant

walk the path to righteousness made

possible by my resurrection hear me

clearly when I say your sins are washed

away never to be dredged up or held

against you The Ledger cleared you now

stand innocent Unbound from shackles of

regret that seek to hold you captive

accept this truth and live freely in it

light dwell not on matters settled

punishment remitted my Justice tempered

by Mercy sweet strains the consequences

of mistakes errors of judgment I hold

these two Desiring only simple faith

from you your heart laid bare pretend no

more but come to me humble listening to

hear my voice then speak my words arres

to those hungering for good news though

some speak words cutting deep heaping

unjust criticism pay them no heed their

barbs and envy cannot reach you shielded

roundabout by my hand Leave judgment to

me I see clearly where Hearts stand

yours I find pleasing contrite and

willing walk free of other strictures

and opinions bound only by compassion

and Truth extend the same Grace given

you to all people have I not said none

can dictate your path forward no human

directive circumvents my sovereign plans

sealed for you with promise leave fear

and Superstition behind they waste

precious time and though

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