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my beloved child I see your tears streaming down your weary

face I feel the ache in your heart as if it were my own for too long those who

Delight in wickedness have brought Grievous harm without restraint but their season of Cruelty nears its

end I have been infinitely patient not Desiring any soul to perish but yearning

for all to repent yet consequences must come for those stubbornly entrenched in

evil ways my anger seees hotly at the Injustice and abuse inflicted upon my

precious ones the day fast approaches when I will violently shake and shatter the

foundations under giring greed and hatred the fortresses erected by violence will crumble into Rubble but

you my beloved have no cause to fear this shaking for it shall come by my mighty hand in my righteous anger I will

lay low the prideful and exalt the oppressed I will expose to the light all

manner of hidden corruption and deceit my Justice will stream forth powerfully

like a raging River sweeping away wickedness and ushering in truth stand

firm Upon This unshakable Promise until that appointed time draw close to me and

renew your strength unload the heavy burdens weighing upon your soul ask me

boldly for courage wisdom and my perfect peace which surpasses understanding I

will sustain you through the refining fires of adversity rest safely in my hands speak my promises into the

darkness proclaiming life and blessing command increase into Barren lack by the

power of my Living Word activated through your lips Heaven stands ready to perform the Declarations spoken in

alignment with my purposes thus unlocking breakthrough have no fear of the threats

array against you for greater is my spirit in you than any enemy no weapon formed against you can Prevail without

my permission my heavenly host en camps around you take up your Authority as my

cherished child to Halt The Works of evil through praise prayer and spirit-led Proclamation you shall tear

down strongholds of Darkness for those I have marked for Destiny a long awaited

day of divine turnaround rushes toward you that which was stolen will be

restored my glory Rises like the dawn’s first light bursting upon you driving

back the Gloom the seasons of weeping and waiting give way at last to Joy my right hand

stirs to show forth my might and perform wonders what currently seem but light

and momentary trials will fade into distant memory compared to the weight of Glory soon to be

revealed stand firm through the fires seeking to refine and purify y your

faith fixing your eyes on what is unseen yet Eternal in the shaking of all that can

be shaken cling tightly to my unshakable kingdom abide in my perfect peace

strategies from my heavenly counsel will unfold unleashing holy Fury against the

works of darkness have no part of the enemy’s toxic fear or dismay over raging chaos

for I command my angels to guard you as the apple of my eye greater is he who

lives within you than he who blusters threateningly the devil’s time runs

short lift your eyes above the clamor and shifting Shadows to view the scene through my eyes of boundless light and

wisdom if roaring waves of turmoil come trust my able hand to guide Your Vessel

safely through raging storms into Supernatural peace I oversee all things skillfully

turning even life’s bitter ashes into gems of beauty Sorrows mourning into

Joy’s dancing rest tranquil in my sovereign omnipotence my righteous anger compels

me to decisive action after long restraint I can no longer tolerate the

wickedness causing my precious ones to suffer the cries of the exploited and

defenseless have kindled a fiery Blaze within my heart I will thoroughly Expose

and Purge all evil the prideful facades will crumble the guilty will be held

accountable but for now beloved child fix your gaze upon my glorious face

allow my perfect love to cast out fear’s tormenting grip I hold your future hope

and every promise securely in my hands despite surrounding storms cling with

stubborn Faith to this unchanging truth you are safe in me the appointed hour is

nearly here when I will stretch forth my mighty hand on your behalf in ways that leave no doubt the Marvels unfolding

originate from me alone my power will astonish my Redemption overwhelms your

Vindication shall utterly display my Supremacy and worth Precious Child walk boldly into

each new day clothed in the Royal Robes of my righteousness pray with confidence for

your passionate prayers Avail much let Praises well up within to be become your

weapon of warfare against encroaching forces of Darkness lift your voice with courage

releasing songs of coming deliverance and victory continue steadfastly sewing

seeds of goodness with a heart of compassion no matter the troubles multiplying on every side the Harvest of

Joy prepared for you cannot fail for I am faithful to complete my plan I will

perfect all that concerns you rest in my abounding grace now fix your gaze a new upon your savior

and Redeemer despite surrounding chaos hold tightly to my promises and face each

unfolding day with boldness and courage for The Battle Belongs to Me

Alone take heart and fear no evil for I have overcome my triumphant love and

goodness sustain you now and forever my child dark days are coming leaders you

once trusted will be exposed for the Sinners they are their wicked Deeds Done

in secret will be brought to light but do not despair for I am Sovereign over

all my justice will prevail though the enemy schemes Destruction for my people I will redeem

every hurt for good the accuser’s plans will fail

spectacularly all that was stolen will be restored with interest as I vindicate

the op rest my glory will be seen beloved one I never forget those

who are mine in my perfect timing I will honor the faithful lifting up those the

world scorned I will defend the abandoned and restore the outcast my

people’s steadfast Faith through fiery trials will testify of my amazing grace

for generations to come their stories will inspire many tumultuous change is

ahead head but do not lose heart in the transition I myself will lift you up

strengthen and perfect you for the next season draw near to me your shelter in

the storm my word will anchor your soul unshakably my child I see the end from the

beginning you can trust me to lead you safely through whatever comes refuse

anxiety and fear be a voice of my compassion and peace amidst hysteria and

anger watch as I calm the winds around you proving my faithfulness keep sowing righteousness

and Justice no matter how chaotic the times lift your eyes weary one your

Harvest is coming I will bless you abundantly far beyond survival with

Revival and increase I am preparing to pour out gifts and breakr upon yielded

lives for the advance of my kingdom align yourself with me in

childlike trust the future belongs to those who follow me boldly defying

limitations and logic take courage refuse fear and see what I will

do my plans for this world will be accomplished through those unafraid to obey me

creatively lay down comfort and convenience to become my vessel you are

called and equipped for such a time as this the old ways are shaking familiar

paths are changing but do not mourn the loss of old wine skins for I am doing something fresh

stay sensitive to my spirit together we will welcome the new things I am bringing forth rise up in faith and

strength your king needs you now more than ever use your gifts and passions

say yes to my call my beloved your present trials are temporary but their fruit

Eternal I waste nothing these tests are strengthening you for

greater outpouring do not despise this Wilderness season here your character is

honed Authority developed the fire prepares you to pour out my love without

limitation yield to the pressure and let the draw surface soon you will shine

with my glory you have not been given a spirit of fear and cowardice but of power holy boldness will Mark those who

follow me take your place among them use your god-given authority to set captives

free defy evil and Advance my kingdom my precious child keep your eyes on the

horizon the storm will pass Joy comes in the morning you will govern with me and

Reign forever no trial will have been in vain trust the process and see what I

will do say yes to the journey you are an original crafted to glorify me you

uniquely I know the oppression my people suffer I hear their cries though the

wicked are powerful for a season my Justice is coming at the perfect time no earthly force can stop my plans

when authorities oppose my ways stand unshaken in me watch as I vindicate you

before your enemies I see the Raging of those who cast off my limits but

enthroned in heaven at my word their grip will break do not bow to

intimidation the hosts of Heaven are with you the enemy is powerless against

those who abide in me I hear the arrogance of those who deny me soon I

will arise in power and command be still those who prepare to shake my people

will become like chaff before the wind in an instant I will bring their Folly to ruin my Deliverance will come

suddenly and all will know it is my doing my great strength will be undeniable among the Nations they will

rever and exalt my name worldwide continue speaking truth boldly

my child your words of Faith undermine strongholds of lies and fear remain

confident in me I will fight for you nothing will harm you for I am your rock

and salvation world events May confuse many but you see with spiritual eyes you

recognize my Hidden Hand moving my plans will astonish exceed exceeding human

expectations refuse hysteria you know the one who holds eternity I will make all things

beautiful in time nothing takes me by surprise my wisdom confounds human logic my ways

transcend yours hold this truth when circumstances confuse what looks chaotic unfolds

beneath my gaze take comfort in the one who knows the end from the beginning

atrocities and Scandals among the elite will appall many but you my child will

not be shocked knowing the depths of human depravity outside my grace still

pray for their salvation amidst judgment I take no pleasure in the death of the

wicked my anger smolders against Injustice yet still I withhold judgment

giving more time for Sinners to repent but many remain arrogantly rebellious presuming my my patience

means tolerance of evil there will be an accounting for those who spurn my word

and harm innocence on that day clouds of judgment will erupt I will Roar against those who

defiantly persisted in wickedness exposing their sins for all to see none

will escape the Justice of the almighty yet beloved one you need not

dread that day for you are hidden safely in the Fortress that is

Christ under the shadow of his wing no evil can reach you you will emerge

rejoicing to see my kingdom expanding on the earth perfect peace will guard you

through any storm ahead rest securely in my hands child of mine lift up your eyes

the storm will pass Heaven’s perspective brings Lasting Hope my kingdom remains and increases

when Earthly Powers fade until then keep sowing Faith truth and Justice remember

who is in Ultimate control the hosts of Heaven fight for you my power shows its

full strength through your weakness you are more than a conqueror through Christ who won the war Victory is

assured my child I want you to know that I desire an intimate relationship with

you I created you for Fellowship not religion my greatest desire is that that

you would walk with me daily inviting me into every aspect of your

life for too long many of my children have compartmentalized their lives

relegating me only to Sunday mornings but I am not merely a Sunday God I am an

everpresent help in time of need ready to guide you

/ I know every detail of your life and I long to be involved in all of it

not just the spirit spiritual parts will you make room for me today in

the mundane will you talk to me will you invite me into your workplace

relationships and Recreation my spirit lives in you so you can commune with me anytime anywhere my

beloved it saddens me when your passion for me grows lukewarm I greatly desire

your wholehearted devotion not divided affections do not be content with

mediocrity and your walk with me for I deserve your utmost fan into flame your love for me

today I long to take you deeper my precious one your greatest

success in Life Is Knowing and obeying me career achievements status and wealth

are fleeting but my wisdom lasts forever seek me first each morning and I will

guide you in my purposes for each day I know the very number of hairs on your

head so trust that I care about even the small details of your life talk to me constantly and allow my

spirit to prompt your every move my beloved a life of continual gratitude

keeps your heart tuned to mine I have lavished my grace upon you so give

thanks in all circumstances a grumbling Spirit leads to discontentment yet praise opens the

door for my presence Rejoice always do not hide your your struggles for me

precious one I am gracious and compassionate slow to anger and abounding in love confess your sins

freely receive my forgiveness then move forward in new obedience my Mercy renews

you each morning I Delight in your progress not Perfection simply keep your eyes fixed

on me as you take each Next Step my child I have uniquely gifted you

to serve and glorify me use your talents well for they originated from me abide

in my love and you will bear abundant fruit precious one don’t

compartmentalize your life into secular and sacred boxes this is a false

dichotomy for I Am Lord over all consecrate each moment and activity to

me whether at home work church or play talk with me constantly and soon no part

of your life will feel mundane living wholeheartedly for me is the only way way to deep

satisfaction beloved do not fret about tomorrow the future is safely in my

hands focus on following me today and trusting me with all your

cares I neither slumber nor sleep so you need not worry or be afraid rest in my

sovereignty provision and purpose for you I will never leave nor forsake you

my dear one continue persevering in faith at times the path before you may

seem unclear but my promises remain sure I will complete the good work I’ve

started in you what you cannot accomplish in your own strength I will do through You by my spirit lean holy on

me especially when you feel weak my power is made perfect in your weakness

Precious Child you are the apple of my eye I sing over you with joy never

question my complete commitment to your flourishing you are engraved on the palms of my hands and I have prepared a

rich inheritance for you my plans for you are good and not for harm to give

you a hope and a future you are so deeply loved beloved I am pleased with every

step you take toward maturity in me do not lose heart when you stumble for my

grace abounds all the more I use every experience good or bad

to conform you to my image trust my hand in times of pruning for later comes the

fruit draw near me daily and I will lovingly transform you beloved take

great Delight in my living word Savor my scriptures like honey from the comb for

they are sweeter than the richest Fair Feast daily on the bread of life and you will come to know me as never

before my word is a lamp to your feet and light for your path

it washes renews and strengthens your spirit hide it in your heart that you

might not sin against me meditate on it day and night and you will be fruitful

nourished and satisfied my precious child I have so much life for you the thief comes to

steal kill and destroy but I came that you may have and enjoy Abundant Life

stay ever near the vine and my spirit will flow through you in rivers of Living

Water apart from me you will flounder and wither but as you yield to my guidance

each day I will pour out blessings beyond what you can ask or imagine walk in the freedom I purchased

for you beloved trials will come to refine and strengthen your faith when

adversity hits run to me your shelter in the storm cling to my promises and

remember my past faithfulness I will make a way through impossible

situations stay sensitive to my guidance and follow me one step at a time though

Others May abandon you I never will men are fickle but I remain

constant put your hope in me alone I will comfort you in rejection turn

trials to Triumph and bring meaning to your suffering you are engraved on my

hands I will not forget get you dear one refuse comparison and envy

your identity is secure in who I say you are Bloom where you’re planted resist

jealousy of others gifts and Seasons walk the path I’ve laid before you and trust my timing in your life

each experience I allow shapes your character into christlikeness my beloved delight

yourself in me not addictions my Living Water satisfies The Thirst only I can

quench come freely drink from my Well Spring of joy and peace in my presence

is fullness of Life apart from me you will always feel empty seeking fleeting

Pleasures that cannot fulfill only I can soothe your Soul’s deep

longings Precious Child cling tightly to Hope in dark

days this Shall Pass When Storms arise fix your eyes on me the one who calms

the wind and waves I remain constant through life’s flux anchor yourself in

my unconditional love guard your heart fiercely what occupies your mind shapes

your soul be slow to judge quick to forgive return good for evil bless those

who curse you overcome hatred with compassion in doing so you reveal my

heart to the world beloved reject lies that you are defined

by your sin or past in me you are a new creation holy and dearly loved walk in

Freedom from guilt and shame the accuser wants your Gaze on your faults but I

Delight in your growth my grace transforms Sinners into Saints so keep

your eyes fixed on me child don’t believe the deceivers lies that you are

worthless nothing you do changes my extravagant love for you bring your feelings of

inadequacy to me my perfect love drives out all fear and insecurity find your true identity in me

precious one refuse isolation and self-sufficiency you were created for

Community invest in life-giving relationships that spur you toward maturity in me speak truth graciously

come comfort those who mourn seek accountability and wisdom counsel the

Lost disciple young believers bear each other’s burdens grow

together my beloved silence the inner critics condemning voice stop rehearsing

your failures and flaws my mercies are new Every Morning guilt over yesterday’s

sins leads only to unneeded Agony accept my forgiveness and move

forward conforming to my image takes a lifetime rest in my unconditional Grace

beloved child do not fear the future but live fully in this moment with

me anxiety cannot add one second to your life my grace is sufficient each step of

the path abide in my peace and trust my purposes I hold eternity hope in

me precious one you honor me most not with solemn rituals but with a vibrant

friendship conversing with me constantly nurturing intimacy seeking my will in

all things true religion is a heart burning with love for me and mercy for people it

flows from our unhurried times together do not grow weary in well-doing scorn

from people cannot stop my rewards for you your generous

humble service matters greatly to me leave outcomes Applause and criticism to

me keep following my example serving the overlooked and forgotten your labor in

me bears fruit now and forever child refuse Despair and

cynicism believe I can revive the driest Soul melt the coldest heart and restore

the most broken places while human hearts turn cruel my compassion never fails therefore love

boldly without retreat reading my purposes will be accomplished my kingdom

will prevail beloved walk by faith not fear stand confidently in my love no

weapon formed against you can prosper I go before you and prepare the way as You

Follow Me you walk in Victory not defeat lack or rejection stay anchored in my promises

and refuse doubt my precious one nurture a heart of childlike trust toward me

simply believing my words to be true opens the door for my power logic limits

but bold Faith unleashes Heavenly possibilities take me at my word and watch what I will do dream big with me

nothing is impossible for those who trust my beloved child you honor me most

when you serve those I cherish the poor the marginalized the outcast the

imprisoned the dis abled as you care for even the least of these you bless me this brings me

unspeakable joy precious one stand in awe at the

miracle of salvation by grace through faith you have been rescued from slavery to sin

and made my beloved child there is now no condemnation only

acceptance and intimacy my spirit indwells you my righteousness covers you

never take for granted this astonishing gift of New Life In Me refuse to worry

it gains nothing but steals your peace and joy talk to me instead about all

that concerns you thank me in advance for how I will act on your behalf stay focused on today

trusting me completely with tomorrow step by step we will walk through life together come what may I am

your refuge and strength child share boldly with others the hope you have

found in me many grieve without Comfort worry [Music]





it walk through storms Without Shelter go tell of my great love and

miracles offer living water to the spiritually thirsty introduce lost souls to the

Savior this brings me much Glory beloved in seasons of spiritual

dryness persevere in seeking me Release Control and let my Living Water Bubble

Up freely within you again dig deep roots in my word when emotions wne

nurture intimacy with Me Above All Else in me you will find life purpose and

Lasting satisfaction apart from me is only futility Precious Child your worth is

not defined by people’s opinion of you even family cannot give or take away your value you matter immensely to me my

full acceptance and Delight in you never changes build your life on the rock of this unshakable truth you are my beloved

treasure my friend cling tightly to the hope you profess my return and final

Victory draw increasingly near endure a little longer The Best Is Yet To Come

until then refuse weariness in doing good with weeping s righteousness

Justice Beauty and Truth your faithfulness matter matters greatly and will reap Eternal

rewards beloved walk wisely in this Dark World do not imitate its ways or absorb

its mindset be transformed by the renewing of Your Mind through my Living Word fix your gaze fully on me as you

journey through life my spirit will protect you and guide you into all truth

stay ever near to me my precious child you are the apple of my eye I sing over

you with joy never question my complete Delight in you speak boldly of my

blessings and victory in your life this glorifies me and strengthens your faith

you have overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony rejoice in our covenant of Peace victory

is yours through Christ this world and its ways will one day pass away but my

words will never fade grasp tightly to my eternal truths when swirling storms

confuse you I remained the same yesterday today and forever I am your

anchor in life’s turbulence modern idols and World Views will crumble but my

truth and ways endure forever build your life upon me alone the one sure

Foundation though all else sink into sand you will remain secure in me beloved let praise be your weapon

against the enemy’s tactics even even when energy waines open your mouth to sing my

truths worship invites my presence and power singing ushers in spiritual

breakthrough bless and thank me in all things child refuse worry and trust my

sovereign control I generals the hosts of Heaven to guard you my angels encamp

around those who [Music]

fear [Music]

[Music] a



a me no evil Will Conquer you when you abide in me rest tonight Beneath My

Wings utterly secure do not believe the enemy’s condemning

lies the accuser wants your Gaze on your sin but I Delight to see your

growth though all have sinned my grace abounds even more my mercies are new

each morning walk in Freedom from shame you are my beloved my beloved do not

repay evil with evil but overcome evil with good let the law of kindness dwell on

your lips Harbor no unforgiveness in your heart criticism often reveals the

critic’s own soul sickness so respond with compassion not anger or

defensiveness worry profits nothing whenever anxiety arises talk to me

instead thank me in advance for how I will act then leave out out comes in my

hands entrust me with all that concerns you stay focused on today I hold your

future hope in me your refuge and strength I will help you to rest again

beloved weep with those who weep mourn with those who mourn Rejoice with those

who Rejoice share abundantly in both grief and gladness together this is True

Fellowship being there fully in each moment not hastening through to fix or

explain pain away your steadfast empathy reveals my


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