MY CHILD I’VE CALLED YOUR NAME । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved child I sense you are feeling

overwhelmed and in need of

encouragement please take a moment to be

still and know that I am with you this

world tries to grab your attention in so

many ways yet true peace and purpose are

found in me

alone whatever occupies your thoughts

shapes your life seek me first and let

my presence fill you the enemy uses

distractions to keep you from connecting

with me but you have authority to shut

out those distractions and fix your gaze

upon your savior I have equipped you

with my word and my spirit use these

gifts and the evil one will flee from

you your identity is hidden in

me worldly ways of seeing yourself and

others lead only to

frustration let me Define who you

are as my child you are loved valued and

filled with purpose my destiny for you

unold Folds One Step at a Time as you

yield to my

leadership just as clothing impacts how

people see you the Spiritual armor I

provide shapes how the powers of

Darkness perceive you so suit up each

day Buckle the belt of Truth around your

life and resist Satan’s lies with my

eternal truths put on the breastplate of

righteousness knowing you are redeemed

and made pure fit your feet with the

gospel of peace ready to share this hope

with others take up the shield of faith

Faith to extinguish Doubt’s flaming

arrows receive salvation as your helmet

protecting your mind and thoughts and

wield the sword of the spirit which is

my word the only offensive weapon you

need gaze at me instead of your

struggles worship causes everything else

to fade make praise your weapon in

seasons of waiting thankfulness

transforms feelings of defeat hope lifts

eyes from failures to Envision victory

in me

cast your cares on me when fears feel

overwhelming I am able to keep you from

stumbling ask for wisdom believing I

will generously provide all you need to

overcome I know your weaknesses better

than you do but I also know the mighty

warrior I created you to be in me fix

your eyes on my strength rather than

your failures my power works best in

human weakness rely on me not


I accomplish my purposes through yielded

vessels simply make yourself available

to me each day my beloved the same

Energy Fuels fleeing or

pursuing exertion feels identical moving

forward or

backward why Retreat when you can

advance courage arises when you shift

Focus from hardship to my goodness I

Never Promised ease in this life but I

offer unending strength to those who see

seek me I will lift you up when Trails

press in keep your eyes up and know I


persistence Victory comes not by human

effort but through trusting me allowing

me to fight for

you I’ve already won the ultimate

battle from my Triumph flows The

Authority I share with you as my

follower walk in the confidence this

identity brings the one who overcame

death itself is the one who lives in you

with this power comes responsibility the

choice remains yours to wield this

Authority or leave it

dormant most of my children barely tap

into all I’ve deposited within them ask

me for help in learning to live fully

awake to the reality of who you are in

me my beloved child I am always with you

ready to guide each step but I allow you

to choose whether to invite my

involvement or not

how I long for you to rely completely on

me in every moment for then you will

experience Supernatural strength and joy

my blessings chase after those who chase

after me call on me listen for my voice

directing your way I have so much good

still in store for you my precious one

do not grow weary or lose hope great is

your reward in heaven my child why do

you treat your fleeting diversions with

more attentiveness than my Eternal Word

what if you clung to the truth as

closely as you cling to these temporary

distractions which will one day vanish


nothingness I created your innermost

being to Crave eternity only I can

satisfy that deep longing all else

leaves you empty in the end feed on my

word daily for it alone offers

Everlasting joy and purpose mere

entertainment hypnotizes briefly then

fades while my Living Word transforms

when engrafted into your soul set aside

regular time to meet with me pushing

aside distractions to sink Roots down

into our relationship I promise you will

bear fruit that remains abiding in me

enables you to flourish stay connected

to the vine through prayer and scripture

allowing my spirit to shape your

thoughts and actions as you Delight in

me you will find strength to stand firm

When Trials come

adversity no longer surprises you

because I have warned you it will come

but know that I send nothing into your

life without purpose if you remain near

to me temporary pain produces lasting

gain for through difficult Seasons your

roots reach deeper into my unconditional

love cling tightly to my hand in the

darkness trusting I will never let you

go my comfort wraps around you until Joy

returns with the dawn I refine you in

the furnace of Affliction revealing

Treasures you cannot yet see stay

faithful when you cannot trace my hand

keep seeking me even when I seem hidden

for in time you will look back with

gratitude on the very things that once

caused you

pain my beloved child I see your heart’s

desire to honor me this brings me great

joy I will teach you to discern my voice

amidst many others calling for your

devotion fixed Focus takes practice and

perseverance but distractions lose their

grip as you determined to choose what

matters most in every moment stay alert

and keep in step with my

spirit guard against drift that subtly

leads far away from me the discipline of

little choices shapes your

destiny so walk wisely using your time

talents and resources for Eternal impact

stay passionate in pursuit of my

purposes for your life great is your

reward both now and forever I love you

so very much my precious child never

doubt my care and Delight over you not

even the smallest detail of Your Life

Escapes my notice how it pleases me when

you realize nothing Falls outside of my


design everything that comes into your

world filters first through my sovereign

hands trust in my goodness and believe I

work all things for your ultimate good

relax and watch for my glory in each

moment my beloved do not worry if the

path ahead seems unclear I know the way

though Darkness or danger May surround

you stay near to me allowing my light to

illuminate each step I will guide you

through the valley into Joy on the

Mountaintop the future can seem

uncertain even frightening at

times but remember the safest place to

be is in the center of my

will seek my kingdom first walking hand

inand with your creator who conceived

the vastness of the

universe why fear when you remain

nestled close beneath my protective

Wing my grace alone sustains when human

wisdom and effort

fail come to me for vision when

weariness clouds your

sight I refresh the faint and give power

to the weak hope lifts when eyes turn

upward into the light of my face I know

the plans and purposes I have for you

cling to this truth when distraction or

disappointment shake your confidence I

complete in you the work I’ve begun no

one can snatch you from my mighty hand

even When Storms rage fiercely I remain

Sovereign over all creation I spoke

light into existence and set boundaries

for the Seas I clothed the fields in BL

blooms and breathe life into

mankind have you considered how I hold

the universe together by my power and

understanding why yield then to

uncertainty’s Trembling grip rest

securely in the shadow of my wing my

precious child thank you for meeting

here with me I know the demands that

compete for your attention by choosing

to set distractions aside a while to

focus on my face you honor me greatly

your attentive listening and thoughtful

words nourish my spirit time with you

fills me with joy I Delight in you my

beloved continue cultivating an ear to

discern my voice a will submitted to my

ways our friendship deepens through

consistent conversation seek my face

early before other voices Cloud your

hearing my Living Water nourishes best

in Stillness drink deeply while Dew

remains fresh upon the ground

my child do not despair if yesterday’s

failures outnumber victories my mercies

are new each morning with the Rising Sun

comes the opportunity to walk again in

my redeeming light leave regrets behind

and press onward the prize of my High

Calling shines bright before you take my

hand let me lift and guide you to the

purpose I have prepared for you my


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