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my cherished child in this moment I reach out to you with a message of caution and

wisdom you have walked through trials some shadowed by betrayal and it has

tested your spirit these experiences though painful

have been part of your journey now you stand at a Crossroads surrounded by unseen challenges it is

not for you to confront these alone instead seek my guidance look towards

the light of my wisdom in the quietude of your heart in Earnest prayer you will

find the strength and insight needed to navigate this path remember my child not all that

seems clear is true and not all that is hidden is lost trust in my presence and let my

foresight be your guide through these veiled Trials come to me and I will illuminate

the wisest course I will be your Fortress your

protector have I not said that I am Shield to all who take refuge in me you need not fear this threat for no

weapon formed against you can ever Prosper keep your spirit soft respond

not in anger but in the compassion I have graced you with for love melts even the iciest

heart I know you have suffered betrayals and thoughtlessly inflicted wounds but

healing awaits all who walk the path of forgiveness I have planted seeds of remorse even in

hearts that have hurt you and Reconciliation will blossom in due time if tended with patience and

Grace my precious child I am with you in the light and in the shadows when you

walk through valleys of uncertainty fear no evil for I am ever by your side my

rod and staff comfort you I will anoint your head with the oil of gladness even

in the midst of Trials your cup overflows with my blessings you need only have faith in my

Providence and my timing I see your struggles and I celebrate your triumphs there is nothing hidden From My

Sight I am intimately acquainted with all your ways I know the plans I have

for you plans to prosper you and give you hope keep following the path I

illuminate before you though storms may gather I remain your calm Harbor in

their midst I will never forsake you never abandon you to fend for

yourself have I not promised that I will be with you always even to the End of the Age trust in this vow for it cannot

be broken right now unbeknownst to you figures from your past are being moved

by my spirit their hearts are softening opening to the possibility of

reconciliation the wounds that separate you will will not always remain once lost relationships can be

restored but it starts with your willingness to forgive this is my command to you

forgive as I have forgiven you release resentment and it will no longer have

power over you instead of retaliating think of how you can bless those who

have harmed you overcome evil with good this is the key to unlocking

lasting peace and healing will you walk this path with me my

child will you allow my perfect love to cast out all fear from your

heart if you follow my light no Darkness will overtake you my wisdom will

illuminate your way forward even now Miracles are unfolding around you my gifts are abundant if you

have eyes to see them but it starts with believing that your best days are still

ahead it starts with declaring each morning that the Lord’s favor surrounds you like a shield Speak Life hope and

blessing over your future and watch oppression flee I long to pour out my spirit over

you in ever greater measure but you must open your heart fully to receive all I have in

store let go of past hurts forgive those who wounded

you and witness Beauty emerge From the Ashes of Brokenness the enemy desires only to

steal kill and destroy what I am building in your life but his efforts

will ultimately fail if you cling to me I will silence every accusatory Voice

still every storm I will make Darkness bow to the supremacy of my

light You are not alone in these trials my child and through them your faith

will grow ever stronger longer purer more refined stay near to me and not

even an army can shake you no scheme of the devil will prevail when your trust

rests securely in my hands even now I am working behind the scenes on your behalf Miracles are

unfolding you cannot yet perceive my angels guard you in ways you will never

know you are surrounded always by my loving presence let this truth soak into

every fiber of your being the enemy wants you to focus only on your struggles but there is so much blessing

in store if you will lift up your eyes anticipate the good things I have

prepared for you not just in the life to come but even in the here and

now the present is pregnant with potential if you walk in hopeful expectancy you possess Inner Strength

beyond your realizing because my Holy Spirit lives within you no challenge no

adversary AR can ever separate you from my redeeming Love Remain rooted in this

unshakable truth that I will never leave you nor forsake you I am your rock in

times of Tempest I am the light that no Darkness can

overcome go forward my beloved on the path I illuminate before you follow my

voice and you will complete the journey I have prepared uniquely for you

do not fear impending threats or trials on the horizon the Lord your God remains

Sovereign over every circumstance I am in control even when it seems chaos

Reigns trust in the sure fulfillment of my promises live in the freedom of my

forgiveness hope in what is unseen but Eternal and walk in the power of my word

and spirit this is the way of wisdom the path path that leads to

life abide in me and you will bear much fruit stay connected to the vine and you

will Thrive I am pouring out my blessing over you now in these critical

moments lift your head Child of Mine the King of Kings fights your battles no

enemy scheme will derail my purposes in you my strength will be made perfect

even in your weakness hope in me and you will never be put to shame the darkness has not conquered the

light evil has not overwhelmed goodness my kingdom has no end and my

love has no rival stand on these Eternal truths and you will endure the temporary

struggles keep your eyes fixed on things above not on Earthly

chaos you are the apple of my eye Graven on the palms of my

hands I will not forget you or the promises I’ve made place your trust fully in my

Providence rest in my grace and mercy which endure forever the enemy will seow weeds but I

will harvest wheat I see the hidden potential in you the beauty waiting to

emerge you are the work of my hands shaped for a Divine

Purpose if you feel an adequate to the calling remember it is my strength in your weakness my spirit equipping you

come to me now with praise on your lips thanking me in advance for victories

unseen magnify my name for miracles yet to materialize this is the language of

Faith the way of the Kingdom rejoice in me and you open the door for my power to

work I know your trials seem overwhelming but I measure them carefully against your ability to endure

I will provide a way out even if at first you cannot perceive it my timing

is Flawless my strategy is perfect what seems delayed is not

denied Victory is assured if you trust in me completely refusing to give fear

and anxiety the last word fix your thoughts on all that is good honorable and

praiseworthy the God of Peace will guard your mind and your heart you will encounter bumps along

this journey but I will smooth out the path just enough to sustain your

footing I will be your Refuge from life’s storms I will welcome you home to myself

one day with open arms celebrating your decision to walk closely with me through

both valleys and mountaintops on that day all tears will be wiped away

forever the former things will pass away pain and sorrow will be no

more Darkness will bow to the eternal light of my presence and you will know you fought

the good fight completing the race marked out for you my well done will be

all the reward you need so lift up your head beloved rejoice in the life I’ve given

you the present and the future overflow with my glory if you have eyes to behold

it you were formed to declare my praise in the land of the living so go now from

this place strengthened equipped filled with Invincible hope the Lord of hosts

is with you no power of hell can stand against the advancing Kingdom or abort the plans

I have for you my child do not lose heart when the path ahead seems unclear

I Am with You guiding your every step the way may Wind Through Shadows but my

light will illuminate your way this life is filled with distractions that Vie for

your attention and affections the trivial clamors loudly while the Eternal

Whispers you must learn to tune your ears to my gentle voice shut out the noise and welcome the

silence that ushers in my presence come to me when you are weary and

unsure unload your burdens and un certainties into my capable hands I

understand the pressure you feel to perform to measure up but my view of you is not based on

achievement or appearances I see straight into your heart my delight in you is

unwavering my acceptance complete you need not strive to win my

approval it cannot be earned only received as an undeserved

gift I cherish you simply because you are mine my beloved

child rest in this truth that nothing can separate you from my

love in your weakness you will find my strength when you stumble my hand will

catch you I will not condemn you for getting lost or making

mistakes my patience is unending my Mercy overflowing turn to me and be refreshed

do do not dwell on past failings the accuser loves to keep your focus there blinding you to the Hope

ahead but I have cast your sins as far as the East is from the West they are

remembered no more this day is bursting with new mercies and possibilities if

you will lift up your eyes to receive them come to me with Open Hands ready to be filled with good

things anticipate that I have blessing in store you cannot yet imagine expect

my kingdom to break through in powerful ways this expectant Faith positions you

to experience Miracles things are shifting in the spiritual realm victories unfolding you

cannot yet see my angels are at work on your behalf

the prayers of loved ones surround you lifting you up and my spirit is moving

in ways beyond your understanding stay anchored to me as storms swirl

around you I am your shelter in the Tempest your rock that cannot be

shaken I will remain steadfast even when all else is sinking

sand fix your eyes on me alone and you will weather the storms the path of wisdom leads through

not around trials face each challenge headon trusting I will equip and

strengthen you with with me at your side no adversity can destroy you I will turn

every stumbling block into a stepping stone to maturity my light shines brightest in

the darkness when you cannot trace my hand still trust my

heart feelings will fail you but my promises endure forever they will never

return void but accomplish every purpose for which I spoke them stand on this sure found

Foundation much around you remains shrouded in mystery but all will be revealed when you meet me face to

face until then walk by faith and not by sight lean into me when the way seems

unclear let my peace rule your heart even amid uncertainty I am more ready to

give than you are to receive come to me with your hands open

and lifted up putting no limits on what I can do

expect me to pour out blessings from storehouses without measure dream big beloved your wildest

imaginings cannot begin to grasp what I have prepared for those who love me the

enemy wages psychological warfare seeking to instill fear and

hopelessness but his efforts cannot withstand the truth of who I am and who you are in

me wield my word as a sword speak speaking scripture allow to dispel

lies my truth will silence every deceitful voice I see your hidden wounds

and private agonies I know the desires of your heart unspoken and deep not one tear Falls

without my notice the hairs of your head are numbered you are treasured and

intimately known pour out your heart to me without

Reserve or pretense do not fear impending chaos or unraveling of the

familiar even tumultuous change is a portal into deeper trust if you cling to

me I am Sovereign over every shifting season my plans cannot be thwarted let

go of what you think you need and embrace what I deem best my vision for your life surpasses

anything you could ask or imagine do not limit Me by shrinking the

dreams I planted deep in your soul take courage and walk the path of bold Faith

trust I will meet you there with provision at every turn my power knows no

bounds Miracles spring forth when you partner with me in prayer Believe I Can Do The

Impossible then watch in awe as I display my glory nothing is too wonderful or

difficult for me all things are possible to those who have

faith you were created in my image crafted for glorious purposes do not

believe the enemy’s lies about your inadequacy my strength is made perfect

in weakness it is not your sufficiency but my spirit living through you abide

in me and you will bear fruit that remains I have planted within you

everything needed to complete the journey you possess wisdom beyond your

current grasp there are gifts yet undiscovered Revelation reserved for the appointed

time you will finish your race strong never alone eternally loved I am

rallying allies seen and unseen to uplift you for the battles ahead take

courage when opposition mounts I will silence every voice raised against you

no weapon formed will prosper stand unshaken as I find fight for you trust

in the sure fulfillment of my promises they will never fail or

disappoint even when hope seems lost still choose to praise me declaring my

goodness even through tears this is a sacrifice of worship I

receive joyfully soon your weeping will turn to dancing the present unfolding of

circumstances is not the end of the story much glorious Redemption awaits in

the the next chapter but the journey between here and there will strengthen your

faith you will gain endurance and Christlike patience so do not despise this period

of training I Never Promised the path would be easy but I will equip you for

every hardship when you pass through the waters I will be with you walk through

the fire and you will not be burned my presence ensures you will emerge refined

purified prepared for deeper blessing the trials ahead require

perseverance and trust but lasting Victory is assured if you rely wholly on

me I will silence every accuser still every storm my strength will be made perfect

even in your weakness cling to me beloved and you will weather every storm

my beloved child I am your loving and protective father I the almighty God desire only your good

and wish to steer you away from the Sinister forces that seek to destroy you now heed this Urgent Message for it

carries grave importance regarding your well-being in the coming days I detect unseen snares lying in

weight along your route let me put your mind at ease dear

one there are realities existing far beyond what you can see in this earth ly

plane there are forces for good and evil clashing in the Unseen Realms battling

for dominion over your soul you have a band of guardian angels

assigned to watch over you always they encamp around you and guide your steps away from the snares of

Darkness they see what is veiled to you and Whisper wisdom to avoid

Peril when you narrowly escape Disaster by Apparent chance it is their hand at

work when an inner voice leads you to suddenly change course from Calamity it

is their gentle promptings steering you from harm these Heavenly Guardians preserve

you from danger in ways you cannot fathom my child if you knew my power as

I do you would have no trouble believing in this present threat have I not called worlds into

being with a word did I I not form you in your mother’s womb intricately

spinning your DNA is anything too difficult for the Lord your God the armies of Heaven stand

behind my words as the supreme authority over all creation I have infinite

knowledge of both natural and Supernatural forces I see the workings of Angels and

Demons alike I detect every strategy and tactic of the enemy no plan or

assignment escapes the gaze of my eyes I will liberate you from disaster

no weapon formed against you shall ultimately Prosper no scheme contrived for your

destruction shall Prevail I shall command my Angelic Legions to secure your deliverance from

harm they will Forge a way of Escape that you may pass from danger

unscathed rest assured no siren Call of the enemy can overrun the power in my voice no weak

Temptation can undermine my decrees concerning you therefore fix my counsel

firmly in your spirit Let My Words Be a lamp to guide your steps around this

impending Pitfall for your Devotion to my wisdom shall lift you beyond the enemy’s reach your obedience to my

directives will sever you from his destructive tether understand that I am sounding

this alarm for your protection not your punishment my heart burns with love for you my

precious child I wish only to establish your steps and steer you away from

Evil for your future is filled with promise and purpose if you walk the

course I set before you rejecting the adversaries diversions you shall enter

fully into the destiny I have prepared since time’s beginning no delay or

detour can derail my magnificent plans for your life so set your sights on me alone your

faithful Shepherd tune your ears to my voice and align your heart with my

desires for only I know the course that leads to Abundant Life if you follow in my footsteps you

shall complete the journey I charted for you before this world began fix this truth firmly in your

spirit I will never misguide or misdirect you my plans for you outshine the Noonday

Sun even darkness is as light to me so tap into my wisdom and reject every fear

for I am marching before you advancing against the power of Hell itself I am

clearing the route ahead and removing every obstacle in your path all you must

do is cling to me in childlike trust as I guide you along shut your ears to the enemy’s lies

suggesting otherwise for by your Devotion to my word you

demonstrate who has captured your heart as father and as you follow in joyful

surrender I will lift you up and strengthen you for the journey ahead my angels shall bear you up over

every snare so that you walk in the center of my will for I am your rock

your Fortress your deliverer and my promises stand forever true so go forth

my beloved renewed with with hope and vision rest in my presence as you commit

your way to me allow my peace to reign in your spirit for I shall bring you forth

rejoicing Victory awaits you my child raise your head high and proceed forward

in faith my beloved your journey has been marked by trials and betrayals that

have tested your spirit but know that through these valleys your roots have

grown deeper in


me hardship prepared you for higher Heights lost cultivated within you

Eternal riches Untouchable by moth or rust what motivated others to hurt you

originated from their inner Brokenness not your inadequacy my light shines brightest in

those willing to let their Darkness be exposed my perfect love is the remedy

for every festering hurt it diffuses suspicion and disarms

fear choosing daily to forgive and release past wrongs is the narrow path

to freedom for unforgiveness imprisons the one harboring at most do not ruminate on

wounds inflicted or replay the tape of Injustice I know the full truth of each

story judgment and final Justice belong to me alone you are called instead to

humbly walk the road of forgiveness for you have been forgiven much and are compelled to extend end

that same Mercy to others this is the key to unlocking your own cage and entering into

Freedom as you release others you will be released also from your own heavy

burdens your journey is unfolding exactly as I ordained though the road feels lonely at

times but no you have never walked a single step without me at your

side even when you felt abandoned and crushed by Injustice

I was quietly orchestrating Redemption I formed you for Fellowship

fashioned you for family do not accept counterfeit attempts to satisfy what I alone can

provide I will bring connections that feed and nourish your soul in my family you are wanted and

welcomed with open arms I’m your father not some distant

detach deity I adopt you as my beloved grafting

you into my intimate Circle believe this truth even when your heart Grieves from Earthly relationships

severed or strained I see your hidden tears and private

agonies I know the secret desires of your heart running deeper than Rivers your soul stitches may feel torn

open and exposed right now but I’m committed to restoring and redeeming each wound

only I fully know you and fully love you still pour out your heart to me without

Reserve truth telling requires a safe listener who can handle the heaviness

though others may not understand the depth of your pain I welcome your raw

transparency my strength is glorified in your weakness fully exposed and surrendered to

me trust me enough to voice your doubts fears and anger without censor work through pain with me Fosters

deeper intimacy than simply repressing unpleasant feelings my light will dispel

darkness my grace heal wounds the churning turmoil you feel

internally is merely the rearranging process ushering in Greater peace and Order chaos precedes all new

creation as your faith and endurance deepen you are being reshaped into the Masterpiece I

intend The Waiting will be worthwhile when my finished at work is revealed that nagging sense of discontentment is

the holy unrest of my spirit spurring you into your calling there is a vital contribution I

created you to make in this world a kingdom commission I have specially assigned

you this deep longing for meaning cannot be satisfied fully until you align with

my purposes I know the journey has grown exhaustingly long the way ahead seems swall followed

in Shadow but even when the path winds into valleys I still light up each step if

you trust in my guidance I will not misdirect or mislead those who yield their hearts fully to me

soon your tears will water the very blessings meant to Bloom from this season of drought and

lack the deserts on the way to Destiny are not deviations but divinely

appointed spaces to encounter my super natural provision and

power what seems Barren ground now will blossom into beautiful fruitfulness I


know [Music]


oh [Music]

your weariness runs bone deep as you wait for long delayed hopes to

materialize but Redemption draws closer than you realize do not gauge my progress base

solely on what your eyes presently behold much is unfolding just below the

surface beyond your awareness but fully seen by me trust in my Flawless timing

and strategy I am coordinating Solutions you cannot orchestrate or accelerate on

your own but in due time you will witness all the pieces coming together

miraculously until then live in expectant hope for the good I have prepared I am working diligently on your

behalf to bring it to pass I am who I declare myself to be faithful even when

you cannot sense my presence powerful even when darkness seems to rain

constant even when everything around you is Shifting I cannot waver or falter in my

promises while circumstances change I remain steadfast your anchor in the

storm so lift your head beloved child shift your gaze to the light even as you

walk through Shadows the night still conceals glimpses of Eternity my spirit inside

you is greater than any Darkness you were designed to reflect and reveal my glory so arise and go

forth boldly The Best Is Yet To Come you are more than a conqueror now go in peace

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