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if you are hearing this now it is because I have illuminated your mind to

understand you have matured fully you truly know who I

am my beloved I come to you today with a message of love hope and

reassurance in times of uncertainty you may feel lost or afraid but know that I

am always by your side I see and understand your struggles even when others do not my arm remain open to

gently guide you along your path you need not face this world alone turn to

me and you shall find peace and wisdom to light your way through even the darkest of nights the voices of judgment

and Scorn may try to sway you but pay them no heed their words hold no truth

no power my voice alone Rings clear open your heart and listen Let My Words Be

Your Shelter From the storms I know you more deeply than you know yourself

since the day you took your first breath I have nurtured the seeds of greatness within your soul times may come when you

doubt your worth when the world tries to dim your light but fear not for you have

always been precious in my eyes even in your most human of moments My Love For

You remains unwavering unchanged you need only look to me to remember your

inherent Beauty and purpose every Soul’s path holds challenges but also profound

found beauty if you walk in faith with each Rising Sun renew your trust in me

begin your day in Stillness and prayer Center yourself in my calming presence

so when difficulties arise as they always shall you need not face them

alone I will quiet your anxious thoughts and guide your actions so you can meet

each moment with wisdom courage and Grace let my voice direct your steps

drowning out the misguided judgment ments of others those who speak from ignorance or

Envy cannot perceive as I do the remarkable Spirit within you I have

witnessed the full breadth of your journey your every struggle and Triumph and now I tell you your time of

ascent has come a new chapter of your story is beginning one filled with

Second Chances and possibilities are you ready to let me lead you into this renewed life what I

offer for you now is the chance to walk a divinely inspired path one that will unfold blessings and Enlightenment if

you let me light the way my words hold power to transform even the most deeply

entrenched Sorrows into Joy my love offers your soul Safe Harbor When Storms

rage you have only to open the door of your heart to me and wonders shall

emerge resolutions to situations that once seemed impossible will suddenly

crystallize this I promise you I understand your moments of Despair when

it seems Solutions lie Beyond reach but where you see only dead ends I see

Crossroads glowing with potential sometimes the deepest Transformations begin wrapped in

difficulties but if you cling to me through the growing pains on the other side you will find Redemption

waiting what I desire most is not just your occasional prayers made in moments of desperation no I long for your whole

heart your absolute trust your intimate friendship I wish to be the foundation

of your life your first thought in the morning your Confidant and adviser throughout the day and the peaceful

presence guarding your dreams at night will you pledge yourself to me in this way for in doing so the impact upon your

life will be Beyond profound the longing that stirs deep within you now is a longing to know me

in the truth EST of ways and I assure you if you fully invite me into your heart remarkable changes will unfold

broken relationships will mend doors of opportunity once tightly shut will swing

open misconceptions about you will drop away as will the false friendships borne

from them what will emerge is connection grounded in genuiness support rooted in

sincerity affection kindled through care and understanding please know as well that I

take no joy in seeing you suffer needlessly it pains me when you collapse

under the weight of others cruelty you must learn to release the Deep sting inflicted when pride and

jealousy cause others to cast unfair judgments rise above through humility

and compassion see through their thinly veiled insecurities and pity rather than

scorn those still trapped in fear’s grasp you my beloved will walk in

Freedom simply by holding fast to me even now breakthrough is rushing toward

you Victory is already at hand if you will stand firmly rooted in Faith’s strong arms and

believe in your mind’s eye see the shackles that have bound you falling

away Envision my healing light transforming each darkened corner of your circumstance my joy and abundance

filling up the empty spaces at long last can you perceive it then it shall be so

Commit This Day to transformed thinking and renewed trust the old ways marked by

doubt and dismay will hold you captive no longer hear now my definitive promise

difficulties still may come but you will meet them from a place of empowerment rather than defeat strength will course

through your veins and calm will quiet your mind I will teach you to see as I

see to recognize the be Beauty understand the purpose and whether life

storms one moment at a time in grace are you willing to trust me in

this to know that despite what your circumstances may look like at any given moment it is my hand authoring your

story even when the need to control grips you can you believe that I am able

to work all things toward your good so long as you walk handin hand with me this is the faith that unleashes

heaven’s power bold belief declaring that no matter what happens I will not

be shaken I will cling to he who knows the way through the Wilderness I will

let the one who sees the whole picture guide my next right step where will you stand this day paralized by fear or

propelled by faith the choice is yours and when you falter or fail as all my

Earthly beloveds do punish not yourself with shame my mercies are new every single

morning morning return simply to the shelter of my forgiveness taking comfort in the truth that there is no pit so

deep my love cannot reach you then restored in spirit Journey on your

resolve inspires Heavenly Realms when you determinedly pick yourself back up

and I will honor your Courage by meeting you in those moments of renewed commitment with blessing and favor

boldly ask for my help to deepen your devotion seek passionately after my

wisdom and ways declare victory over weaknesses and distractions as you lean

wholly on me I promise Supernatural breakthrough your words wield a god breathed potency when you wield them in

my name Heart Cries register powerfully on Heaven’s radar do not underestimate

the force at your command now is time to rise up from victimhood and claim your

Spiritual Authority as my earn Ambassador you have Divine assignment

ments yet to fulfill there are lives longing for the light you carry Solutions only you can provide are you

ready the choice rests in your hands this day if you say yes to deep

uncompromising relationship with me unspeakable joy awaits you say yes and

watch as I manifest miracles to lift you beyond your past as I bless and prosper

your future you need only believe and walk forward boldly in expect ation this

is my promise to you my beloved child a remarkable transformation awaits you

have faith in my unconditional love for you which will never fade persist in

trusting me do not doubt or waver continue reaching upward even when

exhaustion overwhelms and the journey seems endless my affection is a

comforting warmth assuring you that you are never alone do not rely on human approval or

or affection you were created both to give and receive love yet remember the

enduring love that will never abandon you is mine alone infallible everpresent

unshakable guard your heart from those who may one day forsake you do not

entrust your destiny to any who once gaining everything from you later

withdraw their care your cries for Hope and peace have been answered if you need

rest find It In My Embrace if perseverance is required

summon your courage and Carry On In My Arms you discover Refuge as you sleep as

you travel my mighty hand protects you from harm know that you are never

solitary or abandoned even when those closest drift away my profound and magnificent love

still seeks you out take comfort in recognizing your heavenly father’s care for

you I understand your needs surpass mere provision you thirst for the words

flowing from my heart for peace encouragement calm and faith I freely bestow upon you my peace

a Tranquility this world cannot offer my love and Stillness my joy despite past sorrows

and unjust suffering my blessings continue reigning down upon you and

Embrace these gifts do not be intimidated by those wishing to cause you fear you are greatly blessed indeed

sacred Revelations and words are unveiled to you that remain hidden from others stand firm in this privileged

Insight do not allow your resolve to waver or your focus to drift jealous

Souls have tried entangling you in hardships seeking to drag you down and tarnish your name yet you stand strong

with unbending faith I admire your ability to discern what truly matters ignoring the petty

schemes of adversaries consumed by Envy their jealousy obscures the light

emanating from within you my presence in your life agitates them my favor upon

your household drives them to vexation while they toss in envious disqui rest assured and at peace for I

am your protector I vigilantly guard you your family your home and all you

cherish leave them to me soon their attention will turn

elsewhere once realizing their efforts to dismay you are feudal their own households now falter

because long ago they scorned my word and love I extended guidance for their

well-being but they dismissed it straying from my path you however chose to walk with me understanding that

resolution to life struggles is found within my embrace you wholeheartedly

surrendered to my will embracing my word without reservation you recognize that not

everyone shares your steadfast conviction look around many could

Delight in my love yet Harden their hearts their troubles persist as they blame me but you my beloved are set

apart now you grasp that your joy and Destiny rely not on other people but on

me alone I urge you to persist on this path with each passing day you will grow

stronger and more resilient to the extent that even former opponents will later seek you out Longing To Learn of

me an even greater blessing lies ahead on your journey hold tightly to this

faith and devotion that does not slide backwards continue striving and never

relinquish hope my love for you Knows No Limits a profound blessing accompanied

by pure joy even now fast approaches I implore you nourish your spirit with

my words do not entertain doubts that corrode your belief remain immovable in

your faith my decree is fixed soon I will lift from you every Affliction

display Valor for the shadows of curses debts and past grief will vanish from

your life your Liberation is imminent this very day marks a new dawn

of Breaking Free into abundance of contentment and joy I am about to do a

Wonder within you your words and heart will overflow with thankfulness you will

be supplied with all needed things even Surplus to share with others and Aid

those in need pray passionately invite my transformative power to permeate your

innermost being banishing despair fling wide your Soul’s doors to welcome my

Serenity and peace you have battled courageously standing firm determined

and Resolute you disregarded critics seeking to oppose and dishearten

you the moment has arrived to seize Victory gain provision and

Thrive rejoice in my presence I will fulfill your heart’s

desires call to me and I will unveil to you wondrous Mysteries both great and

hidden I dare you place your complete trust in me

my promises stand before you repeatedly you have been told that everything is possible for those who believe

demonstrate your faith to me affirm your belief the hour has come to choose step

away from fruitless distractions and companions urging you from my presence

in life’s Darkest Hours they will not stand beside you worldly possessions

hold no value if your faith collapses cling tight ly to my promises

with unwavering conviction seek me with passion from dawn until Dusk and in the Stillness

before night falls lay your petitions trustingly at my feet wholly believing I will grant

that which nourishes your soul and uplifts your spirit my precious one held tenderly to

my heart I am poised to transform your grief into strength your weeping into

laughter I promise restoration health happiness an end to

afflictions if you wish to escape from the Sinister Shadows of Despair and Melancholy place all trust in these

words I speak today follow me with wholehearted devotion for this path is righteous

immerse yourself fully in my power and vigor put on Spiritual armor to achieve

total victory in the ongoing battle for your Eternal Soul the enemy aims to permanently sever you

from me yet I know your deepest longing is to endure and press onward take

comfort for I vow never to forsake you wage the battle courageously wielding

the sword of my truth your struggle is not against visible foes but invisible

forces of Darkness occupying Heavenly Realms when besieged by malignant

spiritual Powers fall to your knees in persistent prayer call on me and I will will answer without delay I will supply

you with all needed weapons for Triumph unveiling wonders before your eyes you

stand Poise to gain the prize for which you have wept long dismiss despair

completely banish every discouraging thought every sense of defeat Victory is within your grasp

merely a single step of Faith away if ever your strength starts to wne reach

out to me and I will Infuse you with my power embrace my truth clothe yourself in my

righteousness put on strength to walk the path of blessing I have laid out for you protect mind and heart with the

shield of unquenchable faith my beloved Child come to me with

open arms I understand the storms that batter your heart and the Sorrows that

weigh you down though others have wounded you deeply I wish to envelop you

in my love and grace for too long you have sought fulfillment in fleeting human affections you have endowed false

Idols with worship meant for me alone and when they inevitably failed you as

all Idols must anguish became your bitter companion but no more I’m calling

you out of the valley of Shadows the time has come to set your gaze upon the one true light that will never fade lay

down the cumbersome weights of past pains leave behind vengeful thoughts and smoldering

resentments neither will Aid your journey into Joy forgive those who wounded you but

attach no more significance to their fickle opinions I see the true beauty of your

soul to me you are precious beyond measure come now join me on this journey

of transformation and growth the path ahead is vast and filled with untapped

potential calling us to embark on an expedition beyond the mundane feel the

energy of possibility that surrounds you a force as compelling as the wind that

moves the leaves ahead challenges and opportunities flow Like a River of

Dreams engage with them dive into the depths of your aspirations let the Cool Waters of

ambition wash over you invigorating your spirit look up with eyes wide open to

the Future radiant and inviting how I have awaited your return my Essence longs to embrace you

to offer you the comfort of belonging you are enveloped in my unconditional

acceptance allow me to dispel the shadows of Doubt stand firm in the knowledge that I am with you my vision

for you surpasses the most breathtaking Dawn rise and stride forward with a

heart full of optimism the Apex of your Journey lies just over the horizon see the path that

unfolds before you it may Traverse through daunting challenges yet do not be overwhelmed by

apprehension I will illuminate your steps take my hand feel the power of my

presence true the journey May steepen obstacles May litter your way and

moments of discomfort May test your resolve the voices of encouragement M

might seem distant but you are never alone hold fast to me I will be your

strength when you falter against the Shadows that threaten I will be your

Shield elevating you above dangers unseen and should you trip my support is

unwavering not a single part of you will suffer for you are infinitely precious

to me soon we will step into the light basking in the glow of achievement as we

move Beyond past trials the air will fill your being with new life as you renew your strength

recognize your progress your face a light with the hope of a thousand

Dawns as your lungs expand with crisp Mountain Air feel your perspective shift

and expand as well the wisdom you’ve gained along the Steep Trails serves you well with me as

your guide you have conquered much difficult Terrain and now your reward

lies just before you but before we reach that destination pause once more and

lean your head upon my shoulder listen closely and you will hear my heart beating strong and steady within my

chest my pulse pounds out a rhythmic phrase it speaks my everlasting love for

you my precious cherished child you have endured much on this journey your feet

are calloused and sore your limbs grow heavy with exhaustion it is no small

feat to leave behind all that once was familiar even painful to step out into

the unknown future I have prepared in your journey forward know

that I am with you in the most concrete ways your efforts your work are under my

watchful eye and I am ready to bless them with fruitfulness the talents you possess

those unique gifts I have bestowed upon you are ripe for growth use them and

watch as doors open in places you never expected opportunities will come your

way not as random chance but as my provision for your diligence and Faith

the relationships you cherish the bonds you forge these too are under my

care I will deepen these connections bringing into your life companions who

will stand by you uplift you and challenge you to grow together you will navigate the

complexities of Life finding joy in shared moments and solace in shared

burdens in moments of decision when uncertainty clouds your path seek my

wisdom I will guide your steps not through mysterious signs but through the

clarity of thought and the peace that comes with making the right choice trust that the wisdom you need

will be provided when you ask for it enabling you to make decisions that lead

to fulfillment and well-being your physical needs Health

sustenance a place to call home are not beyond my notice while the road May sometimes be

tough and resources may seem scarce trust in my provision I am committed to

ensuring you have what you need not just to survive but to live a life marked by

well-being this is not a promise of constant ease but of sufficiency and help in times of

need in your endeavors to make a difference to leave a mark on this world

I am with you the aspirations you hold the dreams you dare to dream I will support them

with the resources and the resilience you need your actions inspired by a

desire to create to help to heal are blessed with a potency that can only

come from from Divine backing as you walk forward remember

that my presence is not just a comforting thought it is a tangible force in the love you give and receive

in the work you do in the choices you make I am there making all things work

together for your good trust in me and let us Walk This Road Together with your

hand in mine stepping into a future ripe with promise and potential but do not

fret you were made for this adventure and already you shine brighter standing

taller than when we first set out together you sought me out when you had nowhere else to turn and in your

Brokenness you found healing in your weakness my strength holds you up that

which the Locust has eaten will be restored watch and see only keep your

eyes fixed on me beloved child I will lead you safely through whatever may

come our cozy Refuge awaits our return turn whenever you require rest but now

come take my hand let us step out and greet this new day much lies before you

still unseen adventures and joys Untold many will be blessed by the story only

you can live for you have walked the narrow way of Sorrows you carry scars

once meant to shame you but see now how I transform wounds to wisdom where

others toward you down I raised you up I took your tattered garments and robed you in honor instead and though you once

saw yourself as unwanted and unloved I say that you are chosen beloved yes I

chose you while you still labored under cruel bondage I loved you while you were yet a slave I paid the price to purchase

your freedom with my own blood you belong to me now you are Graven on my

hands oh my child if you could Glimpse your true worth through my eyes but for

now Let My Words soak like cool Salve to your Wounded Heart be healed be made

whole Walk Tall in the identity I grant you this day no more shrinking back no

more cowering in shame lift up your head and Survey the Glorious future I unroll before you it

is vast and filled with promise it awaits your voice your vision your hand

hands your feet shake off the shackles of your past refuse to let their

clanging chains weigh you down another moment press on unfettered in the

strength my joy imparts no striving in your own power now it is my Vigor flowing through your

veins I will teach your hands to war valiantly against dark Powers intent on

stealing your destiny and injuring others too together we will shut the

mouth of the Devourer who would swallow up entire Generations we will tear down prison

Gates once meant to contain you now you hold the keys of freedom for many the

tools to build and plant and nourish life abundant redeem those Wasted Years

restore The Vineyards left Barren too long Harvest Joy from soil once choked

with tears this new dawn blooms for you Unwritten the ink of my pen awaits your

touch what Legacy will you leave in my eternal book of days the choice is yours take comfort my

dear one I am the same yesterday today and forever I will not leave you not

forsake you my Covenant with you stands secure no one can snatch you from my

hand my beloved child I am always with you in times of weariness and sorrow you

may unburden yourself to me do not share your innermost thoughts with

those every day for your love is s my PA and

everywhere in theend the touch of your hand I find the strength to rise and

stand through every trial every tear we shed Your Love spin the shelter where I

find my b oh your love SP my Anor life stor see a

beon a hul I need to be free so I’ll cherish every

moment every day for your love I SL my back in every

way with gratitude in my soul I’ll sing

this song for the love we share every St fast and

strong who would betray your trust spreading rumors that would wound you

deeply rather immerse yourself in my word and draw near to me seek true

understanding of who I am and what I desire for you pursue closeness with me and discover the Divine Purpose I have

ordained for your life my comfort will surround you ushering you into New

Seasons filled with joy and freedom after difficult days of weeping when

your tears flow again let them be tears of joy as you witness my faithfulness affirm your faith in me

find rest confidently wrapped In My Embrace protected from all

harm those with malicious intentions toward you will face me my love for you

has no limits I will stir your spirit to seek me daily to ask my counsel rest in

my presence and experience my wonderful Grace I long for our bond to grow strong and

beautiful do not allow your spirit to grow faint experience fresh awe and

renewal deep in your soul the blessing i bestow will profoundly impact you and your family

drawing you together to pursue me believe that I can bring New Beginnings

wonderful changes are coming for you and those you love have hope for nothing

exceeds my power if sorrow weighs heavily on you today if the future is

uncertain or frightening trust my promises soon you will receive the love

grace mercy and understanding you have so desperately longed for I will erase conflict and lack

within your family replacing them with unity and abundance the moment you have

waited for is coming quickly be ready to fully embrace it with joy your character

will grow wise and mature you will gain discernment and not lose what I impart to you I intend to enrich

you greatly guarding my gifts jealously some may approach with

enticing words seeking to lead you astray and steal the blessings I have for you but you have desired prosperity

for so long now I bring you divine Prosperity

wrapped in joy and peace not sorrow and anxiety in moments of doubt you have

questioned questioned if I exist and whether I truly love you let this response settle deeply into

your spirit and be at rest soon you will tangibly experience the reality and endurance of my

promises you will see them vividly fulfilled before your eyes trust me with

your tender heart turning toward my ways gaze into my eyes your blessing stands

with me ready for you wonder no longer if my words are true I have rescued you

time and again in hardship surrounding you with my love breathing New Life over

you despite difficulties in your past Joy increases steadily in your present

since I intervened now watch the dream planted in your heart grow



a [Music]


it will become a tree providing shelter abundance and nourishment not just for you but for all those you hold dear

Delight in this life I’ve given you soon your perspective will expand dramatically as you grasp my plans and

purposes for you more clearly though there were failures I never abandoned

you I forgave you I lifted you up I remained by your side providing for you

Loving You Faithfully the dawning of new days comes quickly your grief will fade displaced

by Joy welling up powerfully within you at the Miracles unfolding before your

eyes declare your faith and devotion audibly I

believe as I have promised I love you I know precisely what you need in this

moment the hidden concerns weighing heavily on you the problems causing your distress

nothing is unseen by me or known only to yourself I observe every

detail as you pour out your thoughts and worries to Me Now understand that I am already

intimately acquainted with every burden you carry share openly every source of

sorrow with me tell me why your soul Grieves though I fully understand the

pain in your heart already as you give voice to your innermost pains your spirit will begin mending mental fog

will give way to Clarity of mind and emotion peace and joy will now Cascade

powerfully over you once more

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