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my beloved do not be troubled for I am the light guiding your path the

unwavering answer to your every question the key to unlocking all your

worries in your heart you know this to be true your spirit holds fast to the

certainty that as your faithful Shepherd I have always assured you whatever situation arises release your anxiety to

me I see the unease in you regarding the future your work your your livelihood

the pivotal choices that shape your days you fear losing access to that which

sustains you opportunities closed off by those against you you feel ens snared

targeted by deceitful Souls plotting your downfall but hear me

again do not be afraid my might Towers over any struggle you

face no one however influential or devious should instill fear in you

they may rise early scheming to dishearten you with wounding words trying to dismantle my work in

you but I gently urge you seek out a quiet moment alone with Me Close Your

Eyes words are not needed in the Stillness listen my voice will resonate in your

soul revealing and mending unseen wounds that trouble you these are the wounds that stir you

from Slumber leaving you dazed uncertain in thought and action anxious about the

Breaking Dawn overwhelmed by the Solitude of night come closer and listen

enter my presence where in my words you will find strength and long sought answers seek me in the first light of

morning I am always listening always understanding even when your heart

Whispers faintly And your eyes glisten with tears know that I cherish you

I hold you near I stand beside you forever more though the world may try to

drown you in sorrow I envelop you in boundless love While others expect your

faltering my spirit gently lifts you Whispering arise beloved Heart of My

Heart stand with dignity be Valiant and brave no Darkness

will fall upon you keep these words close Ponder them deeply as dusk Falls

listen intently to each phrase I speak these messages are sustenance for

your soul bringing Tranquility of Mind in your Stillness my presence radiates

bright as Sunrise open your spiritual eyes if only for an instant and behold the legions of

angels guarding you from the bitterness of this world do not forget this even as

daylight Fades tonight night whisper this over yourself in The Refuge of the most high

I dwell wrapped in love under the shelter of the Almighty I your Mighty Lord remember

though the world may scorn you I Gaze on you in affection though the world may

judge and try to reshape you I know your true Essence I love and accept you as

you are your dreams are exposed before me your deepest hopes

unveiled soon you will seek great changes in your life you will cast off

harmful habits that once entangled you the day will come the hour will arrive

when you discover how to Value yourself how to truly love and care for your own

well-being this is no selfishness it is my command to love your neighbor as yourself you must

acknowledge and cherish your worth this realization will not lead to Pride or

vanity rather I will shape in you a heart of empathy for the suffering of others as you recognize your own gifts

and potential you will joyfully embrace the blessings I have set aside for you

not because you are perfect in action but because in my excess of love I Delight to bless you I see your mistakes

and flaws but I also see your capabilities and Grace I bless you in

Mercy and favor that you do not deserve please do not reject the good future I have for

you worry no more days of Plenty are drawing near days overflowing with peace

and Delight it is my pleasure to bless you not my duty the gifts I pour out

flow from my heart of love for you tell me do you believe this write it out for

me to see I long for your spirit to overflow with faith I will throw open

the floodgates of Heaven over you I will imprint my words on your heart

that you may walk steadily forward always wrapped in my love forgive yourself for your failures you are only

human and flawed yet I am the God of endless compassion I welcome your remorse since

I lift you even from the depths of Despair the blessings I have for you

surpass any Earthly treasure more precious than diamonds or

gold if I declare I will open the heavens over you receive it with faith and say I

believe consider my word solemnly for this is no laughing matter my affection for you lies

unconcealed not tucked away step outside survey the expanse of

Sky draw in air to your lungs feel sunlight warm your face these are my

gifts outpouring love to you I am here I am watching over you always ways again

and again I have delivered you from the edge of complete despair I freed you when you wandered far astray earlier

this year now whatever hardships Loom ahead do not halt or turn back in your journey

your dreams matter deeply to me and will be accomplished you were created with purpose and calling each day I Infuse

you aresh with my spirit intensifying your spiritual senses soon you will see

Beyond surface appearances Discerning motives and hidden agendas in those around you I will lavish wisdom upon you

elevating your Insight live out my word visibly let others witness in your life the fruits

of steadfast Faith showcase what can be achieved when rooted firmly in my power

reach out your hands this moment you stand on the precipice of long awaited

blessing receive it wide-eyed with faith right now the heavens stand open over

you yet I implore you in your inner depths remain loyal to me

alone declare your dedication voice your belief commit to unwavering

devotion I know the sleepless nights the Relentless thoughts plaguing your mind yet I urge you do not be

afraid I am dissolving the fears sculpted from your earlier troubles today the linger in wounds are

mended yesterday’s shackles break open forever more look courageously to the

Future resting assured in me I am by your side each second until the end of

days when I will never forsake you Embrace this truth my love for you runs

so deep I subjected myself to the Cross Rising again with all power offering you

eternal life unending take my promises as fact I will

consistently guide your steps on the right path shutting closed doors leading

elsewhere draw near me as I speak soon enough you will grasp your

long awaited blessing cherish my words in your spirit cling to them

fiercely cry out to me with all that is within you holding nothing back and I

will answer without fail I will make you strong and steady not knocked down by

every fresh attack do not be shaken by lies deceit baseless accusations empty threats if I

declare a thing know it as fact you are not weak but empowered not defeated but

Victorious even now resist constrictions imposed by enemies refuse guilt for

wrongs long forgiven cease the needless spinning thoughts make no room for malice do not

entertain bitterness instead release and forgive those who injured you break ties to the past that

hold you captive eyes ahead your destiny is safe in my hands and I will ensure

you become all you were created to be I will perform wonders and Marvels in your

life and all those in your family will experience my extravagant Grace your household finds Refuge under

my protective blood that has wiped your slate completely clean have faith in me

as your provider open your mouth wide I will fill it to overflowing I will

nourish you on honey from The Rock finest wheat in abundance until you are fully satisfied each new day I reain down

promises upon you waiting eagerly to give even more Let My Words sink down

deeply soothing turmoil within arm yourself sturdily with truth

against thinly veiled attacks of evil I long for my word words to Echo in

your home taking root in the hearts of those near to you I yearn to Lavish

wondrous Grace that will bring wholeness and well-being to all your house Miracles beyond your wildest dreams I

will perform on your behalf Health financial abundance joyful Freedom

Prosperity will flow as blessings on all your family because you are precious and beloved to me who else determines your

innermost thoughts and secret dreams who who else can fill your soul with healing peace and gentle Comfort who else would

sacrifice life itself on a cross then resurrect to offer you Eternal

salvation I fashion the context of your life the author of your story past

present and future to me nothing lies Beyond reach so many have been deceived

into thinking I dislike them wanting only to punish and condemn I shout my

love but they block their ears ref refusing to listen they trade Truth for empty counterfeits that always fail them

yet here I stand speaking intimately to you this shows I have Splendid plans

ready for you this is No Illusion I am the omnipotent God and today I address

you face to face behold the extravagant beauty of my love for you this love that

flows out endlessly never boastful never envious nor rude never insisting on its

own way not easily angered or resentful of wrong but overflowing with truth

cling fast to this love that Bears all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things remain in this

love which opens the floodgates of blessing already yours faith hope and love abide but the greatest is love

receive this wealth of love I pour out on you so freely accept this gift I

place directly in your hands persevere a little longer you are

able consider how far you have come all you have accomplished though you felt weak and

doubted your ability to make it this far I call you to press on with grit and

Grace I stand beside you you must stand unshakable as this season

passes your bond with me will emerge even stronger than before more resolved

unflappable sturdy as Oak before The Winds of trouble perhaps you wondered why I

allowed such hardship and trial there were times you felt abandoned punished but you were never

forsaken I have prepared you for a profound future destined to carry you

higher these troubles shape you for greater things Beyond present imagining immersing you in my word will

reveal your purpose move Beyond fear and doubt that aim to hold you back break

free from judgments grudges chains of resentment invest your days and hours in

me alone fix your eyes on my word which revives and emboldens lay down all weights refuse

what trips you up blocks understanding or accepting the Wonder I have for you sever soul ties to past wounds and hurts

let no bitterness take seed inside if words fail you come to me

still kneel silent and unseen I meet you in your Solitude

longing to show you my heart to overwhelm you again with the depth of my love for you even when language falls

short I hear what your heart Whispers what your spirit cries out trust me a

future more glorious than you can fathom fast approaches expect it for it nears even

now my love for you is Everlasting when you seek my face I

envelop you tenderly in my arms I wipe away your tears infusing Serenity into

your soul I touch you with gentle healing restoring your health completely

I saturate you with joy and strengthen you for the trials ahead I comprehend

fully what you have walked through what you endured no one understands you as I

do your soaring hopes and shattering pains I know the person you will become

destined to be come close to me I will shower you with blessings Beyond any you

have seen thus far dare to believe I long to display wonders and miracles

through you I stand ready to perform Supernatural signs but first I will awaken your

spirit to small glimpses of Eternity rarely seen on Earth you now embark on a

supernatural life walking not by sight alone but by faith in things eternal

Destiny for you unfolds led by my voice not passing emotions or visible

circumstances I will guide your steps into the unknown towards purposes greater than you dare imagine have

patience soon I will illuminate the precise timing and direction of blessing soon to overtake you do not rush ahead

impatiently as some do claiming promises never uttered twisting Truth for a claim

becoming mired in sin Shipwrecked in faith rather I craft you

carefully as a holy vessel ordained to pour out rivers of Living Water on dry and thirsty Souls I summon you to spend

your moments blessing the lives of others around you for each word spoken in kindness each selfless act I will re

blessings back on you pressed down shaken together overflowing full measure

I will increase your capacity Prosper your work open doors Untouched by human

hands walk with me into Realms of Glory I will equip you thoroughly to carry and

release my word unveiling the fullness of Christ in you when adversity

approaches fear nothing I will strengthen you to stand

unshakable together we will Triumph in ways eyes have not seen nor Minds conceived you will shine with my glory

and power transformed in my image my beloved child do not dwell on on past

mistakes or regrets for I see you now with fresh hope and purpose called to walk the path I have prepared since the

foundation of time lay down the heavy burden still clinging to your heart so you may receive my blessings with open

arms I know every detail of your life all that has wounded you every sin all

the shame you carry I was there through it all and still I chose you called you

my own and destined you for Joy the time has come to walk in Freedom

as my cherished one I see your heart your deepest longings and I long to lead you into a

life more abundant than you have dared imagine take my hand trust in my

infinite wisdom and power on your behalf the enemy accuses you day and night

tormenting your mind trying to destroy your confidence in me but his taunts and lies hold no

weight or authority over you my child fix your eyes on me alone and you will

witness Miracles as I lead you on this journey even when the path grows difficult and enemies surround you stand

firm in the truth of who you are in me you are loved chosen Redeemed by my

blood walk boldly in this identity and watch as mountains crumble before you

obstacles are removed doors swing wide open the desert will Blossom old ruins

rebuilt streams in the Wasteland as you walk in sync with me the narrow way

leads through hard terrain at times yet also ushers you into seasons of joy and wonder Beyond

Comprehension guard your heart from growing bitter keep your gaze fixed on eternity the trials of this world are

temporary producing in you a perseverance that reaps an eternal glory far greater than any

suffering the enemy gathers forces against you to steal and destroy but

have full confidence my child I have already won the Victory and make all things new lay down any weapon

forged against you forgive those who wounded you without cause make no plans

for self-defense for I am your Defender who goes before you I am your rear guard

protecting behind dark Powers will rise up to instill fear oppress your mind

trying to control you through intimidation resist them stand firm in

faith declare my truth and watch them flee I will train your hands for war but

The Battle Belongs to Me look to me alone as your deliverer protector and

guide through both valleys and mountaintops take hold of my strength when yours fails let my joy lift you

when Sorrows overwhelm find shelter comfort and hope in the shadow of my

wings I am faith F and true I am the way the truth and the life abide in me and

you will bear much fruit for I chose you to go and bear fruit that will

last apart from me you will accomplish nothing of Eternal value take heart for I have overcome all

enemies you now face I hold the keys to death and life so walk forward in

confident trust led by my spirit move when I say move turn when I say turn

wait patiently when I say wait my timing is Flawless even when the road seems

long I will bring you through storms and show you my power I will anoint your

head with oil in the presence of enemies and prepare a table for you you will dwell in my house and feast on goodness

your whole lifelong this is my heart for you Abundant Life Joy made full Pleasures

forever more at my right hand lift your head up beloved one the trials will end

you will gain the victory but for now take this day’s allotment of strength as

you walk with me I will pour out rivers of Living Water to sustain and refresh

you listen for my gentle whisper guiding you in the way

Everlasting silence distracting voices all around demanding attention cultivate

Stillness before me wait patiently as I renew your strength hide yourself for a

time alone with me there find an oasis in the desert of noise and busyness

threatening at every side Feast on my word which stands forever settled Let

its truth revive and comfort your soul cry out for wisdom and discernment to

walk this world without stumbling falling prey to the enemy’s

schemes my word will light your path that you may walk with certainty and

conviction of purpose you need no other voice directing your steps for I have

gone before you and prepared the way I will speak through circumstances combined with my still Small Voice

Within listen for me above all others vying fiercely for control over your

life trying to drown out my voice with confusion and empty promises I alone see the full picture

and know the honored place I have reserved for you in eternity trust in my leadership learn

wisdom from my correction when you stray off the path but come quickly back to me

when you realize You’ve Lost Your Way make your requests known with boldness and confidence for Nothing is Impossible

with me cry out to me in every trouble every need pour out your heart hide No

Secrets From My Sight unburden yourself fully unto me for my shoulders can bear

the weight of all your Sorrows abandon yourself to my infinite

care and compassion taking refuge in my love for you that will never fail no

matter how far you stray my heart pursues you no matter how Gravely you

fall my hands gently lift you up for I see your frame I know your weakness I

understand how deeply you’ve struggled and suffered the loneliness and rejection piercing your soul and still I

choose you and say you are mine and I am yours forever more this is my

irrevocable promise to you sealed by my own blood validated by my resurrection

our covenant Bond can never be severed our love will endure and overcome the darkest night so rise up now take

courage and walk forward into broad places of joy and Destiny I have

prepared for you my beloved the Shadows still cling around your heart but

brighter hope Dawns with each new day lift up your head head take heart trust

in me to lead you onward our journey now begins as you step forward in

faith as you walk through trials of many kinds you will discover strength rising up from

within my power made perfect in your weakness drink deeply from wisdom’s well

take my hand through shifting Sands though battles rage and darkness blinds still fixed on me your heart and

mind will rest complete in perfect peace sheltered safe my wing your hiding place

I lift you up and show you my face beaming love which casts out every fear

so walk by faith and know my child I’m always near the road we tread twists long yet

leads where Joys belong oases bloom in wastelands bare when you call out in

prayer INF ferace fires purified as you see through my eyes paths long and

dreary bright and new purpose infused in all you do though floods may come and

wines beat down in my arms Victory you have found signs and wonders never cease

love and joy ever increase for those who seek my kingdom first so quench your

thirst beloved one the feast I spread has now begun silence the cacophony that

constantly vises for your attention worries regrets accusations ceaseless

demands be still and know I am your God I remain constant while all around you

shifts and shakes build on me the solid rock I will not fail you nor forsake you

in life’s fiercest storms though winds blow torrents rage you will not fall but

stand full of Faith fixed on me I will speak gentle words to lift and carry you

through the darkest night words of life life goodness and hope pouring light into your soul anchoring you safe in my

peace drink deep be filled Feast on love which never ends here find your rest in

me abide and you will bear fruit that remains shining my kingdom come on Earth

through your life sown good and true all your years long wherever you walk doors open chains

break captives Hearts stir and wake receiving salvation’s worth words you bring beside Quiet Waters Paths of

righteousness found I refresh your soul and see you through night’s Darkest

Hour my word stands true through tests you’ll pass each season fleeting

fast temporary trials give way to Glory soon revealed so keep your eyes heavenward

where I stand arms stretched out wide beckoning you come stand by my side where endless wonders never cease

remember you were born for more than you have seen or known in your few years on Earth eternity

beckons answers await to your deepest questions no more aimless wandering

without purpose or home you have full rights Acceptance in my beloved fixed

identity which no one can alter or take I call you my own I set my seal upon

your heart paths once hidden call for exploration gifts to cultivate and




a multiply blessings that overflow until

your cup runneth over say yes to the more I have for

you accept the mantle of royalty I place upon your shoulders my child signs and

wonders will increase as Darkness covers the earth for my spirit rests fully upon

you declare these words of Life shift atmospheres of heaviness into Liberty

enjoy my Living Waters flow through you washing weary Hearts clean refreshing

parched Souls who drink deep at my well which Springs up within and through

you unsearchable riches are now yours to continually discover not locked away but

intended for wise use rise up in faith and walk

child as my faithful have always done you are called to exercise Dominion and

Authority ignore the deceitful voices that say you’re unfit or unprepared stand firm in my words for

they are backed by the power of heaven and will be fulfilled with swift

obedience the tasks I set before you may seem beyond your natural abilities but

you are not alone with the resources of Heaven at your disposal you will

accomplish everything I have appointed you to do my dear child your your

agreement is all that’s needed by saying yes you unlock all the

support you need from me the almighty now is the time for the

mandates that have been sealed for ages to be Unleashed as you confidently use the

tools I give you miraculous signs and wonders will follow they will transform hopeless

situations into ones filled with eager anticipation say yes to to the wealth of

Heaven that will flow turning previously blocked blessings into Bountiful

harvests Upon This Rock now stand woven into Destiny’s expanding tapestry one

strand part of Grand Design eternally known take up pen now Child author

Destiny’s next phase turn page purpose now engage Incognito no longer alarm sound

announcing your arrival long assign this hour to sh demonic assaults trying to

sabotage and contain but chains now break as appointed time arrives to rule

and Reign no more crouching hidden arise and shine Authority decrees signal both

Heaven and Hell the important change this day has come prepare for

Onslaught my truth your weapon my word your guard and

guide stand your ground and declare with boldness my kingdoms advance my light

invades instantly eliminating Twisted firewalls of hellish lies built to deceive and destroy destines your life

once ins snared now emerges Victorious charting new courses as Guiding Light beams through War torn


land [Music]


n [Music]


redrawing Maps known only on high fiery guide before you I Forge ahead clearing

paths removing dangers unseen this day pivotal ushers in long-

awaited Victory once deemed impossible say yes to call high and holy advancing

my kingdom and Glory so enter your full reward my beloved my child bought at

such a high price the full force of Heaven now comes alongside to undergird your calling and ordained work in the

earth you possess all you need to walk out my purposes with Fierce and radical

obedience the landscape now shifts in response to your life lived in Union with Mine by my indwelling

spirit you only need say yes to all I intend then watch long foiled plans of

Hell burst open as Heaven shines undimmed fully displayed no longer just Tales of

Wonders promised but made visible demonstrated as my word unleashes

Resurrection life irrepressible invading death’s decaying fog surging light

eliminates Shadows of hellish work trying in chaos to engage Rule and reign of present darkness my truth embodied

hell’s Fortress will yield my Redemptive light transforms renewing and sealing

eternally the kingdom of God fully revealed through your life now wielded answering High Calling Eternal

rewards Unstoppable Destiny now fulfilled them

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