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my child I am at work preparing

blessings for you even now do not worry

for you will not have to toil any longer

for your time of warfare is

ending I am reminding you of times past

when my servants Joshua and Caleb

claimed the land I

promised they conquered Jericho the city

of sweet fragrance and

sacrifice though I gave them Victory I

tested their obedience by commanding

they take no

plunder so too I test you my child your

present Wilderness may seem cursed yet

it is where your worship sustains you as

I Reign bread from

Heaven as then now you must choose will

you follow my commands or Rebel to

partake forbidden fruits of the

land Joshua and my people next claim the

ruins by my power and enjoy the

plunder so shall you find compensation

after obedience in Barren

places your mind perceives your

situation as a mistake yet battles prove

you are where I want you I am the Lord

who defeats your enemies I confuse and

astonish them before you arrive to

effortlessly collect your

inheritance your task now is wage war in

faith defeating doubts assailing your

mind fix your eyes on my promises until

victory is assured I will fill you with

my spirit to empower the next assignment

I am preparing be strong and courageous

for you shall soon roar like a lion and

soar like an eagle The Spoils of your

challenges will be as sweet as honey to

you I will give you strategies as I did

Joshua when I told him to stretch out

his spear until the land was delivered

into his hand do not relax or retreat no

matter how long the battle rageous for

the outcome is determined I fight for

you in the heavens commissioning My

Angel armies while you refuse to

surrender on Earth refuse the sins of

Ages past that so easily entrap choose

today to serve only me the time of dull

religious routine is over I desire a

church intimate with my spirit walking

in power and Holiness my gaze searches

for burning ones who will not compromise

or return to dead works I commanded them

to forsake sake when Joshua defeated

Jericho he warned the people not to take

any Idols for themselves but one family

secretly disobeyed stealing forbidden

treasures and suffered Destruction for

it so too I warn you throw down hidden

altars uproot false

affections I test you to see is your

heart still mine will you yet Chase

others Humanity has stumbled um LED here

continually since the first couple’s

fall forgetting my rescue as they race

after their own way but no more I am

transforming you from helpless sheep

into firmly rooted trees by streams of

Living Water needing no Shepherd other

than me fixed fast you become unshakable

bearing fruit in all seasons for my

glory my passionate desire is that you

discover your true identity and take

your right ful place as royalty in My

Kingdom thinking anything less keeps you

locked in cells whose bars stand open so

see yourself as my cherished holy Child

lavished in blessings worthy of Heaven’s

Hees fix in your spirit that I favor you

completely if I am for you no created

thing dares oppose make your home in My

Kingdom within and draw deeply from my

Rivers inside you when you seek Me Above

All Else every other need will be

abundantly satisfied without anxious

striving this is the way of the

Kingdom’s citizens so choose you this

day will you live according to the

reality I have spoken or linger deceived

in the shadows my church walk blameless

before watching worlds soon you shall

witness awe inspiring acts across my

body as my worshippers consecrate

themselves fully to my

mission like those surprised lepers who

found an abandoned enemy camp ripe for

plunder so too will I dumbfound you with

blessing and inheritance for which you

did not strive continue

steadfast the victory is

yours go tell your brothers and sisters

too bless them to overflowing with the

Bounty I have given you my child do not

lose hope even if the world rages

against you I see your weariness with

the unending battles yet your commander

has not withdrawn the call to advance

new Strength is coming to refresh you

for the next

campaign the Israelites also doubted

when besieging impenetrable cities but I

intervened throwing enemy camps into

confusion and pandemonium at the sound

of my Approach they fled before my

chosen abandoning ripe harvests to

Outcast lepers suddenly exalted as

princes over

abundance so shall I astonish you the

strategy’s coming will bewilder your

intellect my decrees shall utterly

reverse the present laws of nature

limiting your

possibilities signs and wonders will

Eclipse Egypt’s plagues of old my glory

shall permeate the Earth as Waters cover

the sea do not judge the hour by

forboding Shadows but rather by my

character my love for you Burns hotter

than Sons I have spoken I am speaking I

will speak things unheard and unseen

taste and see the Lord your God is good

slow to anger and rich in loving

kindness I am marching through your

Generations who can stop me The Battle

Belongs to the Lord and great Victory

awaits those who trust in

me Freedom’s Clarion call peels from

Heaven’s Towers echoing across every

continent multitudes locked in religions

dead works and striving find unlocked

prison doors swing wide before for them

they shall stream out singing Psalms of

Joy the radiance of their redeemer

beaming from their faces for all to see

the world will stand amazed at these

trophies of my grace my beloved one

consecrate yourself for I am coming in

power to Search Your Heart ask me for

fire from heaven to consume all


loyalties shut the door to the Wicked

World I shall unveil Mysteries to

revolutionize your walk with me in

Beauty for Ashes gladness for mourning

praise for

despair even now in the secret place I

restore your soul a new like Dawn

glistening on morning’s

grass take my hand follow me higher up

the Mount of vision reserved for those

who say yes to the deeper

call I long to share secret things

profound Revelations of my passion that

fuel glorious plans set in place for you

before this Cosmos was conceived the

winter of discontent is passing already

tender Vines Blossom announcing the

promise of vintage wine and sweet figs

soon to be tasted lift up your voice

City on a Hill that cannot hide shout

for Joy beautiful ones I chose to

display my glory sing up Well Springs

gush forth rivers from your innermost

being set Ablaze for me Crown this Aid

age with taber’s Brilliance trans

figuring the barren terrain of mapped

reality take new ground as Zion’s seeds

of Fire Fly on Angelic winds the

Everlasting burning sowing glory seeds

of fire beloved hold fast to this Vision

kindled on your altar today Shield these

Embers from swirling chaos that seeks to

smother and extinguish Heaven’s flame

now ignited in you fan to Fury my holy

passions nurture confidence that I

finish what I start




you shall wear conquering Robes of

royalty fit for my throne room but now I

call you to cups of cold water in my

name to lowly service and hidden

kindness Shine for me in simple Deeds

the smallest Act of Love reveals Jesus

to this blur eyed World groping blindly

for meaning and

hope when Brash Brethren betray trust to

Josel for prominence bless those who

curse you and pray for Stones aimed your

way pour proud offerings of time energy

compassion wherever shaken Souls cross

your path turn the other cheek

often most of all abide near to me as

the coming storm soon Thunders through


land be still stop your

business unvexed by vexing Trifles

Nestle here in my presence training your

ear to discern The Whisper Of My Voice

tarry long distractions can wait drink

new wine with with me until you are

emboldened stand out as a sore thumb

proclaiming he has made everything

beautiful in its time yes I cast my

cares aside tread upon the waters with

faith unwavering through trials and

tribulations I steadfastly cling to

Christ aligning my life solely to his


guidance sign and seal it today watch

what your father can do with a willing

one no more jostling for greatness

Embrace The Forgotten

Corners my beloved I have implanted my

words into your tender heart this








protect them from the frenzied flocks

and choking Thorns the devil would seow

to suffocate

fruitfulness nurture this seed through

time alone with

me train your desires to seek my kingdom

first always as you abide in the True

Vine drawing life and love from my

fullness you will flourish forever more

until you see me face to Glorious face

in this journey support others around

you give humble offerings to Aid in

spreading my hope to others

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