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listen closely my beloved child for in

these whispered moments I impart unto

you truths that shall Shield you from

the schemes of the

adversary in my presence you shall find

the fullness of Life abundant and

overflowing guard your heart against the

clamor of anxiety and The Lure of

distraction for they seek to steal the

essence of my words spoken over you know

this there lie ahead Mysteries yet

unseen veiled in the folds of time

awaiting Revelation fear not the

impending Crossroads for I shall be your


guide though the path may seem shrouded

in uncertainty step forward with

unwavering faith for in faith lies the

key to unlocking the door of Destiny let

the Tranquility of my peace be the

compass by which you navigate in the

moments of decision let your heart be

attuned to the melody of peace and

therein lies your course of action for

it is through faith that the Saints of

old rot wonders defying the odds and

conquering the

impossible marvelous are the works

wrought through Faith’s

Embrace stretch forth your hand and

grasp the Wonders I have in store for

you as the sands of time shift and the

hour of decision draws near trust in the

foundation you have laid in me for in

the currence of your present

circumstances I mold and shape you for

the challenges that lie ahead let not

the Shadows Of Confusion Cloud your

vision for I Am The Beacon of wisdom and

discernment that shall light your way

stay rooted in me my child and you shall

find Clarity amidst the chaos embrace

the journey for in your faith I shall

reveal the wonders of my

grace embrace the path I’ve carved for

you with boldness and unwavering faith

for I’ve bestowed upon you a peace that

surpasses human

comprehension do not chase after the

fleeting peace of the world rather

embrace the peace that I freely offer

knowing that I have called you and that

I am ever present by your side stand

firm for no force can thwart my Divine

purposes for you take courage for I have

already emerged

Victorious let joy and Hope Spring forth

within you for I am leading you into

deeper Realms of freedom and the

onslaught of the enemy shall soon cease

my cherished one you have exhibited

patience and endurance through trials

and for this you are commended through

the testing you’ve endured you have been

fortified with Newfound strength for the

journey ahead walk forward with renewed

vision and unwavering confidence knowing

that you lack nothing in me release the

burdens of past P struggles and ongoing

battles into my capable hands and I will

lift their weight from your

shoulders fix your gaze upon me for I am

orchestrating deliverance from every

bondage that grips your innermost being

behold I am in the process of mending

the shattered pieces of your heart and

soul wounded by the trials of this

broken World experience the depth of my

love as it fortifies and anchors every

wounded part of you you shall no longer

be defined by the chains of iniquity

behold I am making all things new

prepare for an increase in Revelation

and spiritual understanding as truth

illuminates even the darkest corners of


existence empowered by this newfound

Clarity you will walk in the Fulfillment

of the callings I have ordained for your

life exuding fresh passion and unbridled

joy in this season behold the sudden

manifestation of long awaited promises

the path before you leads to

unprecedented freedom and purpose resist

the temptation to dwell on the past for

I am orchestrating a Divine shift

birthing a new era of fulfillment find

your Delight in me for the greatest

wonders are yet to

unfold even amidst the trials and

tribulations your daily choice to follow

me brings immeasurable Joy your

unwavering devotion touches the depths

of my heart continue steadfastly on this


know that I am ever presentes with you

and my grace is more than sufficient for

your every need it is in your weakness

that my strength finds its fullest

expression in me you lack nothing direct

your gaze towards Jesus the author and

perfector of your faith through

spiritual eyes behold the boundless

reality I have prepared for you the old

ways are fading away making room for the

dawn of a new creation you are being

continually infused with the

resurrection power experiencing

transformational renewal with each

passing day trust in the unfolding of my

divine plan for I am leading you into a

future brimming with hope and purpose

Rejoice for a New Dawn is Breaking

casting aside the shadows of bygone

Seasons Hear My Call echoing through the

Wilderness beckoning you into the

Bountiful promise of the land flowing

with abundant blessing ings beyond

measure dare to petition me boldly for

the Nations themselves are within your

grasp let your prayers ReSound with

unwavering Faith behold as the fire of

my spirit descends from Heaven igniting

a Revival unseen since the days of the

early church prepare for all that can be

shaken will be shaken now is not the

hour for lukewarmness or

timidity I seek those who will surrender

their lives completely for the sake of

the Gospel the convergence of Heaven and

Earth draws nigh arise beloved for your

light has

dawned embrace your appointed time in

history for the world shall witness

unparalleled manifestations of my power

through a people wholly yielded to my

will signs and wonders shall abound with

the sick healed the dead resurrected and

demons driven away no mality shall

resist the touch of my hand no

circumstance shall elude the reach of my

grace step boldly into the realm of

breakthrough Miracles I release upon you

even now partner with the Heavenly hosts

dispatched to carry out my Divine

Solutions upon the Earth know that I

have vested in you authority over all

the forces of Darkness fear not for no

harm shall befall you as you labor in my

name cast off the shackles of

distraction and mediocrity

press forward with unwavering

determination toward the Fulfillment of

my highest calling upon your life refuse

to settle for anything less than the

Abundant inheritance I have ordained for

you accelerate into the fullness of my

purposes for the time of unprecedented

Harvest is at hand behold the abundance

I have prepared for you transcends the

boundaries of human

comprehension do not confine my

Limitless Power by succumbing to doubt

or disbelief seek wisdom from the

Heavenly realms for it surpasses the

limitations of Earthly understanding

embrace the risks that can only be

conquered through Reliance on me and

witness the unfolding of miracles signs

and wonders beyond measure when your

strength waines and your vision falters

know that I am your unwavering support

and Clarity amidst

confusion I am your Solace your

provision your counselor and your

dearest companion turn to me in times of

weariness and I shall Grant you Solace


Rejuvenation learn the essence of living

not by human might or intellect but by

every utterance proceeding from the

mouth of God I shall satiate the depths

of your soul and unveil Marvels Beyond

Comprehension release the burdens of the

past for I specialize in making all

things new behold recovery and

restoration are the Hallmarks of my

grace though your transgressions May

stain as Scarlet my forgiveness renders

them as white as snow let the weight of

condemnation be lifted enabling you to

soar unhindered into the Magnificent

future I have ordained For You From the

Ashes of your past I shall craft a

tapestry of beauty empowering you to

lead others into deliverance and freedom

through the depths of your own

healing prepare for I am guiding you

into the very place and purposes your

heart has longed for watch as the

intricate pieces of your journey

suddenly align transforming complexity

into Simplicity and crooked paths into

straight trajectories every Valley shall

be raised every obstacle overcome for I

am the god who makes the impossible

possible I am preparing a smooth path

for you to enter into new levels of

abundance and fruitfulness

effortlessly no longer shall you

struggle but rather you shall dwell in

my blessings with profound peace and


joy my yoke is gentle and my burden is

light soon you will find yourself

surrounded by like-minded Souls forming

deep connections that transcend mere

friendship evolving into bonds akin to

family these Partnerships will ignite

inspiration and Empower you to reach

Greater Heights expect to encounter

unprecedented favor in your

relationships as love triumphs over past

betrayals and wounds witness the

emergence of unity community and genuine

laughter restoring hope within your

spirit the veil of loneliness

isolation and despair shall be lifted as

you pour out your life to bless others

receiving in return an overflow of

abundance Speak Life into every

situation for I have ordained you to

release Des desies and impart blessings

to many walk in wisdom and discernment

knowing that you have been set free and

impowered to liberate others extend

compassion to the poor in spirit and

proclaim the good news of the Kingdom

wherever you go anchor your hope in me

transcending present trials and

adversities minister to the

Brokenhearted with a fierce love that

binds their wounds and restores their

Spirits become my hands my feet my voice

and my heart poured out to a world in

need be prepared to step into broader

spheres of influence fortified by

courage and

boldness for I am with you every step of

the way confront injustices with

unwavering resolve Illuminating Darkness

with the light of Truth spoken in love

Embrace risks that can only succeed with

my presence standing firm in the face of

opposition knowing that I am your


Vindicator do not be dismayed when

adversity arises for I have equipped you

to overcome every challenge that may

come your way persevere keeping your

gaze fixed on the Eternal Horizon for

great advancement often follows great

testing your current trials are but the

labor pains preceding the birth of New

Horizons teeing with my

glory as you step into this unfolding

season I am revealing

Embrace generosity and giving as potent

tools to advance my kingdom by sewing

Financial seeds into the opportunities I

plac before you you play a crucial role

in nurturing growth and

transformation your support for others

will pave the way for reciprocal

blessings and abundance in your own life

Embrace giving wholeheartedly holding

nothing back and watch as blessings

overflow I impart to you a fresh vision

for your life one that Str stretches

your boundaries and calls for divine

provision to fulfill this vision is not

merely a dream it is a Divine invitation

to action urging you to create space for

unexpected blessings and

prosperity anticipate surprise gifts

unforeseen Financial

windfalls ingenious ideas birthing new

streams of income and unanticipated

opportunities dare to petition for great

things as your reward proceed with

audacious faith

for your Readiness to give generously

without reservation opens the floodgates

of Heaven’s abundance upon you type amen

if you agree with me

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