God says watch to save Jesus from Satan

God says watch to save Jesus from Satan

God message today Jesus affirmations my

beloved child I want you to know that

there’s no need for you to worry anymore

please don’t be discouraged or troubled

by anything that burdens your heart I

hear all your prayers every single one

of them and I am here always ready to

guide you through even the most

challenging moments of your life imagine

that from my Throne a mighty River flows

a river that carries away all your

troubles leaving your soul cleansed calm

and filled f with peace I long for you

to be filled with faith hope and

Tranquility to be released from the

Relentless storms of thoughts that

batter the walls of your mind allow me

to enter the corners where painful

memories hide where sadness and pain

dwell I am your lord your savior and I

have forgiven your faults there’s no

need for you to torment yourself with

doubts and self- accusations if you TR

truly love me and believe in me stop

thinking that there’s no solution to

your problems I don’t want you to live

in tension and anguish it’s not my

desire for you to spend your days with

your head down lacking the faith to

raise your gaze to the heavens I want

you to be free from all worry starting

today yes I know that you live in a

world filled with pain but you were

chosen for for these times you were born

in the right place and no matter how

difficult your life has been it’s all

part of my divine plan it’s for this

very day that your faith will ignite and

because of what you’ve endured you’ll

have the humility to receive the

incredible wisdom and blessings that I’m

about to pour upon you your financial

problems will fade when you let go of

your attachment to material possessions

your family is more precious as is your

health and your future also remember to

love yourself just as I love you with

patience and affection don’t demand and

Perfection from yourself it only places

obstacles in your path leading to

confusion everyone makes mistakes but

you have me and I see how it pains you

when you go astray from my word when

your emotions lead you into actions

you’d rather not take but there is

forgiveness and Grace for your repentant

heart with each new day there’s a new

opportunity and fresh mercies that I

personally deliver to you each morning I

will come to you tap on your window and

awaken you I will bathe your face in a

gentle Ray of holy white light revealing

the boundless love I have for you I

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