My Blessing is Upon You | God Says |

my beloved child my blessing is upon you providing protection and comfort my

unconditional love listens to your every word filling you with the confidence that your faith will be

renewed after hearing and understanding my words you will feel fear give way to

happiness I will bless you so that your days of wandering in doubt and sorrow will end you will no longer entertain

thoughts of being Unworthy of my love nor nor will you feel shame in my presence or fear in prayer thinking you

have failed and expecting rejection you are mistaken I will not

reject your plea or answer with punishment please my dear child stop

these thoughts don’t believe that I have abandoned you because of past mistakes I

know you’re dealing with the consequences of your actions what once seemed appealing has become a source of

fear and pain sin leads to sorrow and pain but my

forgiveness brings life cleansing healing and joy to your heart I’m here

to redeem you offering eternal life and assuring you that the doors to my presence are always open come to me when

you are weary and burdened and I will help you through this tough time calming your soul lifting your burdens and

giving you the strength to deal with the consequences of your mistakes you won’t have to run from your problems or hide

behind a mask of Happiness while troubles and enemies surround you waiting for you to

falter human strategies won’t be enough to face your conflicts you cannot win

with your strength alone so know that you have my support

in every situation Don’t Be Afraid or embarrassed to tell me what you need I am here ready

to listen take this message to heart and fully commit your life to me I will give

you genuine love true happiness and eternal Prosperity that doesn’t lead to

debt but ensures abundance if you need more just ask and

if it’s in line with my will you can be sure it will be given to you I don’t want to see your tears anymore it’s time

to say goodbye to despair embrace the promises I have for you unlike your false friends who

promised the world and deliver nothing I am always right beside you with a

purpose that lasts forever I will guide you along the path of Life protecting

you from troubles conflicts and disasters hold on to me when you feel

weak reach for my hand when you’re troubled I aim to strengthen your spirit

enhance your wisdom and hear your praise talk to me warmly I treasure your

thankful and faithful words tell me you love me I long to hear your sweet voice

and your beautiful expressions of faith I love you deeply having given up

everything for you I will always be by your side guiding you on your path and rescuing

you from troubles conflicts and disasters accept my love let go of your

fears and worries and see what I can do in your life with my

power today will be different you will see changes in your environment in your family and in how people react to you

you will notice how Hearts change through my influence feeling my presence within you they will sense me and you

will see their astonished faces as they are moved by friendship and happiness today I give you wisdom and

prepare you to fulfill the dreams in your heart I understand your need for

happiness so trust in me I am aware of your feelings and experiences I want to

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