My Blessing is on its Way

my beloved child this week you’re going

to see blessing after blessing unfold

right before your eyes remember me when

you see how my promises come to life

I’ll shower you with blessings in your

work your plans and everything good you

achieved this

week whether you’re busy at work or

relaxing traveling or spending time at

home your family is safe in my

hands make sure to treat them well show

your love and share my word with

them even if they’re hesitant to believe

remember you have many responsibilities

yet don’t forget I truly want to bless

you and your job is to believe in that

be strong be brave and don’t give up

keep these words close to your heart

because when good news comes your heart

will burst with

joy what you’re hearing now will

resonate within you filling you with

immense encouragement and strength

you’ll feel even closer to me secure in

knowing that no challenge enemy or

mistake can pull you away from me my

blessing is on its way real and true but

it is my desire for you to learn

patience to Value care for share and

wisely manage all the wonderful things

you will

receive for those who love and believe

in me there is Victory and hope however

for the impatient who quickly give up

there is only illusion and

disappointment they cannot Rush the

growth of seeds and in their haste they

fall into despair the

adversary like a roaring lion prays on

those who do not believe in me seeking

to trap them and bring them to

ruin but you who love and believe in me

will remember me throughout this

week when you wake up in the morning

even in the dark before on you will feel


presence you will hear my words grasp my

teachings and gain the patience you need

to better understand your family to

treat your children even better so they

don’t carry burdens when they go out

into the

world change your outlook instead of

living in fear hand those fears over to

me leave your worries with me go forth

now with my blessing always remember how

much I love you do not fear for you have

a special place in my

presence what does it matter if people

reject you even as you treat them with

kindness and respect some ungrateful

ones may still respond with

disdain therefore today I aim to

strengthen your spirit mind and body so

that you no longer falter or fall ill


disillusionment you need love good holy

perfect perfect Eternal genuine love and

this is the love I give

you those who hurt you may claim to

offer love but always demand something


return if you do not comply they make

you suffer more each day today you will

be freed from this bondage you will no

longer depend on anyone in this world

you will no longer need flattering words

to feel good about yourself nor will you

be distressed best when days pass

without communication only for them to

approach you seeking something or

blaming you for their

troubles I am freeing you from the

prison of wickedness you fell into by

trusting others too much your enemy

disguises himself as an angel of Light

aiming to steal what is

yours but I do not seek your money or

possessions to impress me I desire for

you to live a life free from sorrow and

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