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my beloved child pray pray with fervor

and let go of grudges forgive those who

were meant to be loved but have caused

you Pain release your anger and allow my

presence to fill your hearts with love

how can you be strong when consumed by

grudges discontentment regret sorrow or

resentment my dear child it is time to

cleanse your hearts of resentment for

you are my beloved soldiers destined to

lead the lost and fearful to me this

world is heading towards fire isolation

and despare but fear not my faithful

child for you shall be the beacon of

light in this new world you will guide

your brethren through the depths of hurt

pain and doubt oh my child I am saddened

by the trials you will face stubborn and

sinful as you may be you are mine

however like gold you must be refined

and purified of sin

understand that I am by your side as you

are by mine pray and I will communicate

with you intimately just pray your

prayers hold back the lies of the

discontent one the embodiment of

Darkness who seeks to destroy

Souls pray

unceasingly I hear your prayers and keep

you close to me always do not assume

that your presumed Holiness will shield

you from the lies of the most Unholy one

he specializes in deception I and his

falsehoods are potent therefore do not

become LAX in your prayers and fall for

his tricks oh my child Darkness

approaches a fire that will illuminate

the skies and flow through cities like

rivers of fire fingers of flames

flooding the streets like a

deluge it will be a sudden and

unexpected tragedy one moment everything

will be bathed in sunshine and blue

skies filled with the sounds of news

music and da routines and then fire

devastating fires descending from the

heavens wiping out numerous beloved

children of mine both the righteous and

the sinful it will happen abruptly

without sufficient warning therefore my

beloved child partake in my body and

soul prepare yourselves with confession

for it is what I ask of you to approach

me in a state of unspoken or unrepented

sin is a betrayal your lack of loyalty

wounds me

each unconfessed sin pierces my heart

like the crown of thorns on my head and

the nails in my hands and feet so

confess then come to me adorned in white

garments and be cleansed by the Divinity

of my body and soul this is not merely a

request but a necessity do not

underestimate the value of your beloved

souls for they are precious and

cherished by me my child there will come

a time that will test your faith in me

you will face Temptations to betray me

your lord God you may believe you are

infallible but I assure you that if your

prayer life is weak you are not you know

when you have felt my Graces and relied

on them but can you live in my silence I

will never abandon you but I want you to

love me without doubt or fear in my

silence know that I am always with you

and regardless of the joys or tragedies

that befall you I am there beside you in

suffering or in joy your trust and faith

in me must be

unwavering I am deeply saddened to

witness the suffering of my beloved

children but what more I can do to

capture your attention hear me you who

are dedicated to prayer understand that

I am by your side so put your trust in

me and believe that your hearts will

find Clarity I bestow upon you my

blessings and offer you peace my child

pray find solace in prayer and embrace

the peace that it brings amen


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