God says I see a bright future for

God says I see a bright future for

you God message in this sacred moment I

extend my hand towards you my beloved

child with a heart brimming with

boundless affection and a message

intricately woven with Celestial wisdom

aiming to illuminate the very core of

your existence and guide you along the

labyrinth in paths amidst life’s

tempests as your Eternal Guardian my

presence envelops you incessantly

attuned to the tender Whispers of your

soul Vigilant over each stride you take

and eager to navigate you through the

Labyrinth of uncertainties and cries for

Aid in the intricate tapestry of

existence you shall encounter Souls

whose heart see with Envy clandestinely

yearning for your downfall receive this

gentle admonition from me my affection

remains steadfast and within my grasp

your Triumph is a assured remember to

cultivate your inner circle with those

who offer genuine affection and undub

waving support nurture relationships

grounded in authenticity loyalty and

mutual respect these Souls shall stand

as stalwart pillars of support guiding

lights in the darkest of nights seek out

those who recognize the inherent worth

that defines you who catalyze growth and

ignite Joy who Cher cherish you beyond

material wealth tirelessly reminding you

of your innate greatness and boundless

potential steer your course away from

those who merely seek to bask in the

glow of your material abundance Beware

Of Those whom you allow into the sanctum

of your life for behind their beguiling

Smiles May lurk concealed blades poised

to strike at the most unsuspecting

moment their honeyed words like venomous

serpent aim to erode the Bedrock of your

spirit stand Resolute against those who

conspire against you for their Envy

merely reflects the turbulence within

their own Souls as a mortal there will

be instances where your trust extends

too far rendering you susceptible to the

treachery of those who betray it

inflicting wounds upon your soul you may

find yourself in snared by the siren

song of empty ACO bles questioning the

very essence of your worth in the wake

of their duplicity yet engrave this

truth upon the sanctum of your heart you

are not defined by the fleeting

utterances of others forged in the

likeness of my Divine image you possess

an Irreplaceable Essence and an ordained

purpose within the grand tapestry of

existence when the shadows of betrayal

threaten to eclipse the radiance of your

spirit turn to me I’m ever PE

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