Major REASON the Chosen Ones Are FEARED The More #biblestories

Satan and his agents begin to watch you

as soon as you get born again they keep

an eye on you hours a day days a

week seeking for ways to pull you down

remember that Satan did not fall from

Heaven alone he was accompanied by

one-third of Heaven’s Angels this

indicates you have not just a

significant number of Fallen

principalities fighting against you but

also Dark Forces at war with you but you

could wonder what have you done to make

them detest you so much even if you

haven’t done anything wrong that is a

valid question and the answer is

straightforward they despise you because

you are God’s chosen one the first thing

you must understand is that the conflict

you face on a daily basis is completely

unrelated to you it’s all about God

Satan understands that God loves you too

much and the only way for him to reach

God indirectly is to attack the one he

loves the Bible says we are the apple of

God’s eye this means that if Satan is

unable to directly contact God he will

attempt to contact the person he loves

Satan understands that it is because of

you that God became a man and died for

you he understands that God had to

experience shame on the cross in in

order for you to be saved Satan is aware

that God had to take on a human form as

a result of your actions Satan is also

aware that Jesus had to be crucified as

a result of your actions as a result

knowing that God is capable of doing

anything for the benefit of his children

he attacks them in every way possible

this is why you have spiritual struggles

in fact you will continue to confront

this conflict until you depart this

Earth but there is something else you

should know even though Satan despises

you he and his agents understand how

difficult it will be to kill you in

truth he has tried many times in various

ways and forms to get rid of you but it

has always been tough your presence and

effect prevent many of the enemy strikes

as a result the best method for them to

continue their attacks is to try to

clear any obstacles in their path your

modest prayers cause a lot of Chaos in

their empire but because God loves you

so much he protects you even when you

don’t realize it he doesn’t want you to

be scared or disturbed so he doesn’t

bother giving you all the details of the

conflicts going on behind the scenes

every day you go out and come back in

you may believe it is because you were

simply being cautious but it has nothing

to do with how cautious you were it is

just due to God’s grace and Heavenly

security that surrounds you if God had

not placed this type of security around

you you would not have lived to see

another day in fact David verified this

in Psalm

he went on to say if it had not

been the Lord who was on our side when

people rose up again against us then

they would have swallowed us alive when

their anger was kindled against us but

the good news is that despite being on

Satan’s Target list he cannot touch you

due to the quantity of security that

surrounds you everywhere you go but how

can Satan and his agents know when you

are born again the answer is simple

through the light of God that shines

from you when you are rescued you go

from Darkness to light the spirit of

Christ in you shines brightly even when

you are not aware of it so as you stroll

about your neighborhood a tremendous

light emanates from your spirit this is

the light that the spirit world see and

use to identify you the Bible refers to

individuals who live in darkness and

have not been born again as spiritually

dead and hence do not emit light however

for for those who have been saved and

have Christ in them this light shines in

the darkness and cannot be overcome as

soon as you are born again Jesus Christ

instills that light in you the Bible

verifies this in the Book of John

the Bible says that was the True

Light which light every man that cometh

into the world the word light means to

provide light or to illuminate this glow

can’t be hidden as long as you continue

to beam that light the enemy will always

recognize you in Matthew

– Jesus says you are the light of

the world a city located on a hill

cannot be hidden people don’t light a

lamp and put it under a basket instead

they place it on a stand and it

illuminates the entire house

so Jesus has proven that you are a light

in Philippians

the Bible also instructs us that we

should be spotless and innocent children

of God without blemish in the midst of a

crooked and twisted generation among

whom you shine like lights in the world

notice how it repeatedly refers to you

as light the more you walk in Justice

the brighter the light will shine if you

begin to to live in sin the light will

dim until it turns off aside from the

light of God that shines within you you

also bear the Seal of God’s spirit when

the opponent looks at you he notices a

seal of protection surrounding you in

verses to the book of Ephesians

States in him you also when you heard

the word of Truth The Gospel of your

salvation and believed in him were

sealed with the promise Holy Spirit who

is the guarantee of our inheritance

until we acquire possession of it to the

praise of his glory this indicates there

is a protective seal surrounding you

that prevents the devil from touching

you even if you don’t realize it or see

it there is a lot of security around you

and this Supernatural protection is what

Satan and his agents attempt to breach

which can be quite difficult take note

of what Satan said in job to he

asked God does job fear God for no

reason have you not placed a hedge

around him his house and everything he

owns on all sides you have blessed his

job and his belongings have grown in the

country Satan expressly stated that God

had constructed a hedge around job and

everything he had job on the other hand

was probably unaware of the level of

protection he possessed people may have

perceived him as an average man but the

spirit world saw him differently this is

also the form of security you keep with

you on a regular basis when you get in

your car and drive to work Angels

accompany you God not only fills you

with his holy spirit but also baptizes

you with fire in Matthew

John the Baptist remarked I baptize

you with water for repentance but he who

comes after me is mightier than I and I

am not worthy to carry his sandals he

will baptize you with both the Holy

Spirit and fire this indicates that the

instant you are born again you are

covered with God’s fire this fire of God

will burn as long as you remain in

Christ the longer you abide in Christ

the more fire branded you become as a

Believer at this point the devil cannot

interfere with you in any way the fire

of God permeates your home when you

enter it and prepare to retire to bed as

long as This Fire Burns no Darkness can

penetrate they can attack all they want

but not one of their arrows will hit you

unfortunately many Believers are unaware

of the extent to which God has invested

in their protection they live lazily and

moan however for those who understand

who they are God continues to show them

his grace the devil does not view you

like a person does on the surface others

consider you unremarkable but Satan and

his agents regard you as a flame they

cannot approach or touch you you are

protected by more security power and

fire than you could possibly fathom my

prayer for you is that God would

continue to keep you flaming and glowing

in this generation God bless you thank

you for watching if you enjoy our videos

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