Maintain Your Faith in Me | God Message Today

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amen my dear child I am here and I have never left your

side there is no need to be afraid or lose hope for nothing harmful will come

your way this is yet another test a challenge that I have allowed in your

life remember I am in control just as I’ve assured you

before these trials you face are a part of my plan for you designed to refine

and Elevate you for you are called to a great purpose I ask for your patience and

Trust in what I I am orchestrating even in adversity maintain

your faith in me as it is through these difficulties that your faith will grow

stronger and your humility will deepen I am well aware of your faith and your

humility but I am also working on other aspects of your character trust in my

wisdom and know that everything I permit is ultimately for your benefit you are

my masterpiece and unlike human creations I am continually shaping you

improving your character and enhancing your patience much like a Precious

Diamond I polish you ceaselessly so that you may shine brilliantly in this

world’s Darkness you are called to radiate and make a positive impact in your city Town

and Country believe me when I say that without these challenges you would not

be able to evolve into the person I intend for you to be become stagnation is not your

destiny stay calm and composed knowing that I hold you in my hands I may Place

burdens on you that seem unbearable and I may allow trials to last longer than you desire but do not lose hope I am in

control of the situation be courageous as the psalmist

said do not be dismayed my soul trust in the Lord

for I will yet praise him my salvation and my

God I want you to remain faithful even in the face of adversity let your enemies witness the

strength of your character my beloved May these words of encouragement fortify your heart and may you find joy

in knowing that I have not forgotten you on the contrary in moments like these my

comforter is closer to you speaking to your heart as he is doing now through this

message I want to remind you of your significance to me and my eternal plans

for your life there are wonderful blessings I intend to bestow upon you

like gentle rain from the heavens do not give in to constant complaints as if you

were unfortunate you are a child of God set apart for me even before your birth

before your conception I knew you and gave you a name name you are truly fortunate when you

consider how many in this world have yet to know Jesus I have shown great Mercy by

introducing you to my son and granting you the gift of faith in him remember faith is a Heavenly gift

not something derived from the flesh you are courageous and have gained

wisdom and maturity in these challenging times life’s B battles have made you

stronger and more responsible shaping you into a true soldier in my Army I desire to use you to lead souls

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