LUCK WILL LEAVE YOU IF YOU IGNORE ME TODAY god message, god message today

luck will leave you if you ignore me

today God message God message today God

message my precious child have you ever

stopped to think that maybe God is

trying to communicate directly with you

today that he has a powerful

lifechanging message just waiting to

touch your heart if you feel that there

is an emptiness in your life a longing

for something more get ready what you

are about to hear are the very words of

God a love loing and caring father who

enty Longs for a deep connection with

you God says exactly what you need to

hear they are inspiring truths designed

to renew your hope strengthen your faith

and remind you of the greater purpose

for which you were created God is Not

distant or disconnected from you he is

here right now extending his

unconditional love and divine guidance

all you need to do is open your heart

and mind my my beloved child I’m here to

tell you that even though the headwinds

have tried to extinguish the bright

light of your faith it’s time to

rekindle that flame with hope and divine

love life’s tribulations are real it’s

true but I want you to know that in

every challenge there is a promise of

overcoming and an opportunity to

strengthen your connection with me as

your heavenly father it is my deepest

desire to see you overflowing with faith

allow o it to light not only your path

but also that of those who cross your

journey even on the darkest nights and

in the darkest valleys I want you to

remember one Eternal truth there is no

reason to fear when you hold my hand I

am always here Whispering courage into

your heart wrapping your life in

protection and leading you to the most

beautiful dreams I have in store for you

declare with faith my path is

illuminated by the light of unwavering

ing faith in this world full of

uncertainties know that I am an

unshakeable rock your safe haven the

struggles and pain you face are nothing

compared to the power I have to turn

sorrow into Joy despair into hope I long

for you to cling to this truth living

each day with the certainty that your

victories are a manifestation of my

infinite love for you may every step you

take be marked by success and bless

blessings and even in the face of the

envious eyes that try to see you stumble

stand firm for I Am with You

strengthening your faith and driving

away all evil always remember my dear

child that this path you are following

is not a lonely one I don’t demand that

you be perfect because Perfection is not

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