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my beloved child I must convey to you

the depths of my love a love that burns

with unwavering

intensity from the very beginning even

when you were steeped in the darkness of

your sins oblivious to my affection my

love for you remains

steadfast but Behold a wondrous

occurrence transpired through the

workings of my spirit your soul was

revived infused with spiritual life as

you reflect upon the miraculous gift of

Salvation I beseech you to let gratitude

overflow from the depths of your heart

gratitude possesses a formidable power

in your journey of spiritual growth it

opens the gateway to wisdom and

understanding allowing my word to

penetrate your being when your heart

brims with gratitude you shall perceive

the countless blessings I bestow upon

you it shall Shield you from the snares

of despondency and self-pity therefore

my beloved cultivate and nourish this

gratitude within you let it flourish and

Blossom becoming the fertile soil in

which your love for me shall Thrive and

flourish know that Joy is a choice one

that you must make each day of your

Earthly sojourn yet rest assured in the

Glorious eternity of Heaven Joy shall be

yours effortlessly and eternally for now

I shall guide you in making wise choices

choose positivity choose hopefulness

seek joy in every fleeting moment and

when the tendrils of discouragement

frustration or negative emotions

encroach upon your spirit use them as

reminders to redirect your thoughts

towards me seek my countenance and with

Resolute determination Proclaim I choose

joy for you are my God and savior and

not can sever me from you rejoice my

child for the prospects of joy that lie

before you are exceedingly bright I have

adorned you with the mantle of

righteousness and Indescribable

privilege awaken each MN with eager

anticipation prepared to receive the

Abundant joy that I have prepared for

you refrain from fixating upon the

trials and tribulations that beset your

path or the tumultuous state of the

world instead embracing each moment with

fervor and zest take not the path of

caution seeking to minimize pain and

avoid risk for such is not my design for

you as you awaken each M seek my

countenance with hope Ablaze in your

heart invite me to prepare you for the

challenges that await and to illuminate

the hidden Joys I have scattered along

your path this includes moments of

Jubilation gratitude and unyielding



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