Listen to My Advice | Message From God | The Blessed Message

listen to my advice message from God the

Blessed message in the beginning when

the heavens and the Earth were still

taking shape I the creator of all that

exists traced the Contour of time since

then every second minute hour day month

and year has been meticulously woven

into a tapestry called life and within

this temporal vastness every human being

has been allotted their share of days to

dwell in this world among all these

beings there is one individual to whom I

now address my words you from the moment

the breath of life was instilled in your

being a silent countdown began each Dawn

and each dusk each beat of your heart is

a solemn reminder that Time Marches

inexorably forward but my child what

have you been doing with these precious

days that I have granted you each day is

a gift a fragment of Eternity entrusted

to you yet along the journey many are

those who allow the M themselves to be

carried away by the trivialities of

existence squandering Precious Moments

in pursuit of ephemeral goals do not be

deceived each day is a blank page in the

book of your life waiting to be filled

with your choices actions and feelings

do you count one day more or less lived

in your life know that each day is an

opportunity a chance to turn your dreams

into reality to show love and compassion

to express your faith to leave your mark

on this wonderful yet fleeting world my

child time is Relentless and each

passing day is one less day remaining

for you to write your story so do not

let the day slip through your fingers

like grains of sand seize every moment

every encounter every challenge as an

opportunity for growth and learning for

in the end when the last breath is drawn

and your journey in this world comes to

an end what will truly matter will not

be the accumulated riches but the

memories created the hearts touched and

the Legacy Left Behind consider how you

have been using your days thus far have

they been invested in things that truly

matter how can you better seize each

moment to build a meaningful life filled

with purpose you will undoubtedly

encounter challenges and adversities

that will test your resilience and

determination in the midst of life’s

storms it’s easy to lose yourself in the

darkness and lose sight of the purpose

that gives meaning to your days but even

in the dark moments remember that each

day is still a blessing an opportunity

for Renewal and growth my beloved child

I ask you daily

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