Listen To Me Today | God Says

open your eyes for the difficult times

you’re enduring will soon pass and the

aid you’ve been seeking is on its way

the support you need will be

provided know that I love you and today

I am demonstrating this you reached out

and I heard you I am here to extend

these promises so you can receive them

with faith my words offer you

reassurance and my promises are Stead

fast your Victory is assured emanating

directly from my Throne soon you will

reap the rewards for your perseverance

receive accolades for your bravery and

gain recognition for your steadfastness

including the Crown of Life and

countless blessings Proclaim with

conviction and Trust in your heart that

you are destined to receive them even if

today finds you weary do not not fear

for I am here to strengthen your legs

and stabilize your stance to Quicken

your stride and elevate your spirit I am

here to rekindle your faith do you feel

that spark igniting within your heart as

you listen and read your soul is

bursting with an incredible eagerness to

rise and Chase more victories my dear

child this is simply my nature I deeply

care for my children it pains me to see

them disheartened crushed by thoughts of

defeat their bodies weakened by the

burdens they bear in their minds I wish

not to see you in such a state therefore

each night when you close your eyes and

surrender to sleep I will visit your

dreams and comfort you with gentle words

no more restless nights for you you will

sleep peacefully like a child and when

morning Dawns and you open your eyes

I’ll be there soothing your soul and

preparing you for the day so you can

rise determined to embrace Joy

remarkable blessings are on their way to

you you will witness your family coming

together and you will meet new

individuals who mean well your journey

is progressing leave the past and its

Sorrows behind I am freeing you from any

chains and fear years granting you

Freedom as you accept this blessing

commit to cherishing it I am fortifying

your courage you have always been

courageous and I am proud of your

compassionate heart your faith and your

efforts to improve

situations when you find yourself

successful and feel my blessings

enriching your life with happiness

remember to return to me daily even

though you are strong and brave you

remain my beloved child I desire your

closeness to experience my love you will

always have a place in my heart I am

familiar with your challenges your

resilience in facing life’s injustices

and hurdles I understand your emotions

your tears and your cries for light and

support you are never alone at night

frightened or isolated because I am with


enveloping you with my presence and

truth even if you cannot see me be

assured that I am there each night when

you Retreat to your room and kneel by

your bed to pray know that I am right

beside you never leaving your side

always providing peace showering you

with love fortifying you and renewing

your faith I watch over you commanding

my angels to protect you from the fears

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