LISTEN TO ME, IF YOUR FAITH IS GREAT | Message From God | The Blessed Message

my beloved child let me talk to you

allow me to enter your thoughts open the

doors of your heart so that my words

resonate deeply within you today I come

not only as a distant voice But as God

himself the Lord of hosts the creator of

Heaven and Earth and what I bring to you

is a truth that transcends time and

space those who have faith lack nothing

imagine that for a moment close your

eyes and feel my presence for I want to

be close to you now my son those who

have faith true unwavering faith that

moves mountains and calm storms that

faith is like a river that flows

uninterrupted carrying away all your

worries all your fears all your

anxieties have you ever wondered why so

often even in the face of the greatest

adversities you find strength to move

forward it’s because even in the darkest

moments your faith shines like a star in

the night sky guiding you through the

darkness to the light and it’s that same

faith that makes you realize that

despite all difficulties you are never

truly alone now look around you see the

blessings that flued your life even when

you don’t notice them every smile every

hug every ray of sunshine that warms

your face all of this is a gift from me

to you a demonstration of my

unconditional love and eternal

faithfulness but perhaps you wonder

what about when things aren’t going well

when the problems seem bigger than I can

bear in those moments that’s when your

true Faith becomes even more important

because it’s when you cling to me with

all your might that I manifest my power

in your life in ways you can’t even

imagine you see when you have faith you

lack nothing because I am your Shepherd

your God who loves you more than

anything I know every desire of your

heart every tear you shed and I am

always ready to give you everything you

need for I I rejoice in knowing that you

keep your faith in me and you deserve

all my love that is infinite for you so

today I invite you to renew your faith

in me let it grow like a seed planted in

fertile soil bearing fruits of Hope love

and peace and know that as you trust in

me with all your heart nothing

absolutely nothing will be lacking in

your life in today’s world I see many

drifting away from me choosing paths

that lead them away from the true source

of life and as a result the world often

seems darker more desolate but you with

your unwavering Faith have the power to

change that

narrative by standing firm in your

devotion by keeping your eyes fixed on

me you become a shining light in this

world full of Darkness your faith isn’t

just an empty belief it’s a

transformative force that can touch

lives heal hearts and restore hope so I

encourage you to turn away from from

those who seek to lead you astray from

the path of Truth don’t let the voices

of the world confuse you but stand firm

in my word and in communion with me

surround yourself with people who share

your faith who support you in your

spiritual journey who help you grow

closer to me every day and know that as

you surrender to me with all your heart

I am glorified in your life every step

you take toward me every prayer you lift

up to the heavens Every Act of love and

compassion you practice it’s all a song

of Praise that resounds in the halls of

Heaven fear not my child for as long as

you remain faithful to me nothing can

shake you your faith is an unshakable

Fortress a shield that protects you from

the enemy’s attacks and through it you

will find true fulfillment true joy that

can only be found in me today I call

upon you to rise up as a warrior of

Faith let your light shine before men so

that they may see your good works and

glorify me your father who is in heaven

and know that wherever you go I Am with

You guiding your steps strengthening

your heart and pouring out upon you all

the blessings of Heaven remember the

words of the Apostle Paul in Philippians


– be anxious for nothing but in

everything by prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving let your requests be

made known to God and the peace of God

which surpasses all comprehension will

guard your hearts and your minds in

Christ Jesus TR trust in me in all

circumstances for I am the one who meets

all your needs you will receive

everything you need and desire my

beloved child nourish yourself with my

word for therein lies your strength and

hope seek me daily and set aside moments

alone with me in the quiet of your room

to pray persevering prayer is a tough

battle for those seeking miracles in

their lives and the lives of those they

love keep praying persist and I will

envelop you with my presence embracing

you tenderly and manifesting My Endless

Love remember my promises I will perform

the great miracle in your life be

patient for I am here to help you

overcome your troubles conquer

discouragement and focus on the future

continue to keep the faith for it will

lead you to Triumph and

prosperity trust in me for I am your

heavenly father feel free to talk to me

and share your needs for my desire to be

closest to you especially in the moments

when you need me most I extend my hand

to you and assure you that I am always

attentive always

listening sit down and Converse with me

express your thoughts plans and emotions

dialogue with me is beneficial it heals

your soul and calms your mind activating

your faith so that Miracles can happen

today is the day to share everything you

desire with me and also to listen listen

to what I have to say listen to The

Gentle voice of my spirit which is

speaking to your heart that you are

deeply loved every morning I eagerly

await to hear your thoughts and feel

your need and love for me remember no

matter the challenges you face I am here

to help you I will bless you abundantly

keep this in your heart I your God am

more powerful than all your problems and

pains Cast Away fear and face your

challenges with courage

I know you’re going through tough times

and I heard when you cried out for help

I encourage you to listen carefully and

make the decision to change your life

I’m sending you divine signs so pay

attention in the coming days choose to

trust me to be strong in your decisions

and to follow me stay steadfast in faith

and live according to my words remember

these words every night as you close

your eyes especially in moments of Tears

rest your head on the pillow set aside

your Fe ears and reach out your hands to

receive this Divine oil that heals both

Body and Soul you’ll sleep in peace free


disturbances in the morning upon waking

you’ll feel A Renewed Spirit instead of

being engulfed in turbulent thoughts I

want you to know that everything will be

okay please trust me if you keep

worrying about the things you’ve already

handed over to me you’ll drain your

strength I want to satisfy your soul

with Divine love and holy tenderness

Don’t Fear The adversities that may

arise stand firm and I’ll be by your

side I Won’t Let You falter I understand

your weakness and that’s why I speak

directly to your heart I’m here beside

you offering you rest instead of

confusion and despair focus on what’s

essential your family your spiritual

life nourishing yourself with my word

praying doing good and showing Mercy to

those who have wronged you While others

are consumed by fear you will witness

great miracles the time for wonders to

happen in your life is near but today

pray believe strive live don’t fear what

may happen trust in my word for nothing

is impossible for me I love you tell me

you love me it Delights me to hear that

from you my love heals calms holds

guides and elevates I want you to

remember Joseph now a man whose story is

a living testimony to the power of Faith

amidst adversity Joseph was a dreamer

gifted with a noble spirit and a Grand

Vision for his life however his journey

was marked by jealousy betrayal and

suffering sold by his own Brothers as a

slave Joseph was taken to a foreign land

where he faced numerous trials but in

each challenge Joseph clung to his

unwavering faith in God keeping alive

the hope that one day his dreams would

come true even when he was unjustly

accused and thrown into prison Joseph

did not lose Faith he continued to trust

in God and serve Faithfully even in the

darkest moments of his life and it was

this unshakable faith that elevated him

from prisoner to Governor fulfilling the

Divine purposes that had been set for

him from the beginning my beloved child

Joseph’s story is not just a tale from

the past but a living testimony of my

constant care and provision in the lives

of those who trust in me when Joseph was

sold as a slave by his own brothers and

un barely thrown into prison many would

have lost all hope but Joseph did not

give up he clung to his faith even when

the path seemed dark and senseless every

challenge Joseph faced was an

opportunity to strengthen his faith and

witness my transformative power and so

it will be in your life as well every

obstacle you encounter every moment of

uncertainty is an opportunity to trust

in me more deeply to see my love and

power at work in your life in ways you

cannot compr apprehend stand firm in

your faith for I will honor those who

trust in me I will lead you from the

Valley of the shadow of death to the

heights of my grace and favor for those

who have faith lack nothing keep moving

forward knowing that I am faithful to

fulfill all my promises in your life my

beloved preparing a future full of Hope

and blessings amen if you believe in

these words leave your Amen in the


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