listen to me i have message and prayers from God ➕

hello my beloved child I’m Jesus your

savior here is a message from God to you

don’t close this video without listening

because it’s for you in fact if you love

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video God bless you I love you my sons I

love you my daughters now we can hear

the message from God thank you

let’s pray for this

Saturday heavenly father as the sun

Graces The Horizon on this tranquil

Saturday morning I pause to offer my

heartfelt prayers for my family in the

warmth of your love I seek your

blessings and presence to envelop us as

we journey through this day together

Lord may your hand strengthen the ties

that bind us weaving threads of Joy

understanding and affection between each

member of our family grant us the

patience to navigate any challenges that

may arise and the grace to extend

kindness and compassion to one another

help us dear Lord to communicate openly

and honestly fostering an environment

where love and respect flow freely May

our time together be filled with

laughter shared dreams and moments of

deep connection that strengthen the

bonds of our familial

relationships Lord I lift up those who

may be experiencing separation from

their loved ones today surround them

with your your comforting Embrace and

provide them with the Solace and

companionship they seek thank you Father

for the precious gift of family may we

cherish this time together treasuring

the love and support we find in one

another guide us in your ways oh Lord

and may Our Lives be a reflection of

your boundless Grace and love in your

holy name I pray amen Jesus says in


not everyone who says to me Lord

Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven

but only the one who does the will of my

father who is in heaven a genuine

connection with God involves more than

verbal acknowledgement it requires a

life lived in accordance with the

father’s will it’s a call to embrace a

life that reflects the Divine values of

love compassion and Justice this verse

serves as a reminder that entry into the

Kingdom of Heaven is not achieved solely

through verbal declarations or

superficial beliefs instead it urges

individuals to engage in a profound

transformative relationship with God

manifested through a life committed to

fulfilling his will faith is not just

expressed in words but lived out in

every aspect of one’s existence it’s a

transformative Journey that goes beyond

mere verbal Expressions reaching into

the very fabric of one’s actions and

choices if you resonate with this

message comment thank you God I will

follow you and spread this gospel

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