Listen Closely: God’s Essential Message for You l God Says Me l God Message Today l God Message l

my dearest child in the warm embrace of

my love find

Solace as life’s challenges Loom hold on

to this steadfast promise I am here

holding you close whether loved ones

depart doors close or possessions slip

away do not lose heart you are alive

cherished and deeply loved my desire is

for your healing to soothe your soul

with comfort and to fill you with my

Holy Spirit I know your struggles

intimately and hopefully your peace may

your life be abundant sincere and Free

From Fear knowing you are cherished and

protected by your heavenly father the

changes you witness are the work of my

guiding hand clearing paths removing

obstacles and distancing ill

intentions do not retreat in fear

maintain your unwavering voice in prayer


gratitude do not hide especially from me

for I yearn to bless you

abundantly I possess the power to

perform Miracles Erase Me mistakes and

lead you to a glorious

future understand the significance of My

Sacrifice and have faith for I absolve

you of guilt an inheritance of blessings

and peace awaits you feel loved and

protected day and night I am uprooting

the loneliness and forboding in your

soul surrounding you with my glory shed

fewer tears for those who do not

appreciate you releasing pain and

reserving space for those who bring love

trust thoughtfully do not readily trust

those who open their arms to you

I care about your heart and emotional

life allow me to work in my way

recognizing your worth and the Holy

Spirit within you just as a dove cares

for its young your soul will be guarded


consoled though you may endure trials

taste heaven on Earth feeling eternal

love and

tenderness I want to bless love and

protect you your life rests in my hands

fear not for I Am with You arranging

blessings and support around you accept

this all-encompassing blessing with

gratitude returning to hear more of my

love for you know that I am by your side

always as unchanging as a rock close

your eyes breathe in my Divine breath

and carry peace with you leaving behind

anxiety even if you feel undeserving I

remain with you out of love never

changing my mind allow me to write my

word into your soul you are loved free

and guarded tenderly wherever you go I

Am with You whispering healing words and

igniting a flame in your heart my light

will shine brighter than Darkness

dispelling fear and offering eternal

love reject doubts For You are not alone

I will contend with any enemy that dares

to harm you your family is not forsaken

I am here fulfilling my eternal

commitment embrace the love I offer you

rejecting doubt and fear believe in the

great Miracles that await you for I will

never leave you amen with all my love





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