Listen Closely | God Message Today |

listen closely for these words bring a

blessing a gentle breeze of peace to

calm your soul a surge of strength for

your heart come sit with

me together let’s look upon the Horizon

bathed in Divine golden Grace whisper

your dreams into my ear the dreams

you’ve cherished I haven’t forgotten a


one recall the days of your youthful

innocence when you painted visions of

joy and adventure dreams that stretched

beyond the horizons of your

imagination these dreams The Whispers of

your heart are precious to me don’t let

them Fade Into the shadows of Doubt

cling to them dearly for together we can

breathe life into

them as you grew that spark of Joy

within you flickered dimming under

life’s trials I understand it’s not your

burden to carry a loone you were

unjustly burdened with a weight not

meant for you while those who should

have stood by your side guiding and

supporting you stepped

back I observed in silence witnessing

the flame I ignited within you shine

Through Your Darkest Hours casting a

brilliant Beacon of Hope I noticed how

you refuse to accept rejection as your

destiny something profound within you

unspoken yet powerful propelled you

forward you long to leave your Sorrows

behind to embark on Journeys to Distant


your selflessness captured my attention

unlike those consumed by their own

concerns you Aspire for growth success

and the opportunity to uplift those you


dear I’ve always recognized this about

you for within your heart resides a seed

of life enfolded in my Holy Spirit every

challenge you faced has molded you for

this precise moment my beloved

child I hold you dear and have faith in

your capabilities your resilience shines

through your heart unwavering tears have

accompanied you fear and anxiety have

stood against you yet with each new day

comes renewal illuminating your

countenance restoring your smile and

emboldening you to stand

firm listen as I proudly Proclaim this

is my beloved child the Heavenly beings

observe eager to assist you to guide

your path and to help you achieve your

dreams when you call out I answer I’ve

bestowed upon you divine wisdom and

strengthened your

spirit your courage moves me deeply

compelling me to shower you with

Abundant Blessings my dedication to my

promises never wavers I will fulfill


all you’ve grown in wisdom and sincerity

ready to ascend to a higher spiritual

plane refrain from comparing yourself to

others your journey is unique and

individual with the talents you’ve

cultivated courageous ly pursue your

goals instead of envying others

achievements whether real or imagined

allow them to follow their own paths

while you embrace your authentic

Journey your endeavors and triumphs will

not be overlooked or overshadowed you

are meant not to withdraw but to conquer

your own realm of blessings your genuine

Ambitions will yield abundant fruit

flourishing beyond

measure in these times of worldwide

turmoil you and your loved ones will

uncover blessings While others lament

mischances your mind will be fertile

soil for my

teachings my love for you is

Everlasting if doubt fills your heart

it’s because you’ve placed trust in

others words but let’s dispel those

doubts now come into my embrace it fills

me with joy to see you running towards

me life is full of Trials and doubts may

linger but they’re like birds hovering

above your head

if you’re not Vigilant they may creep in

nesting in your mind clouding your

thoughts with uncertainty and separating

you from my love causing you to overlook

the Beautiful Moments we’ve

shared don’t allow those thoughts in

refuse the seeds of Despair that the

enemy seeks to sew within you let me

erase those doubts from your mind you

will emerge from the sorrow you’re

feeling now I am inscribing my name upon

your heart so you will never forget or

doubt that all my love belongs to

you I don’t wish to divert you from your

dreams or cause you to forget your

aspirations I simply ask that you

prioritize Me Above All Else entrust

your path to me and witness how I bless

all your

endeavors I have showered you with

blessings in the past and I will

continue to bless you

abundantly Embrace these words as truth

my love for you is indestructible

eternal unw wavering faithful and

genuine it belongs to you and no one can

take it away Let My Words meld with your

thoughts and bring you

peace each morning you’ll awaken

invigorated propelled by Divine resolve

this Celestial inspiration will uplift

your soul your arms will strengthen your

legs will Quicken and a torrent of

inspired ideas will flood your

mind Guided by my Holy Spirit you’ll

step out confidently ready to seize the

opportunities that lie ahead cast aside

all fears you’ll remain steadfast in

your dealings with influential figures

in this expansive

world no one holds such sway as to

unsettle you approach them with open

arms and a real smile they’ll open their

hearts to you through you I’ll do

amazing things the problems you face are

just passing Shadows not signs of your

downfall everything you’ve lost will

come back even better than before

remember you’re not made to fail you’re

mine your future isn’t failure my love

for you shows you’ll win eventually

don’t worry I’ve always got your back

trust in faith for today I give you

blessings and strength standing firmly

beside you I will never leave you I’ll

listen to you and answer my word lives

in your heart always reminding you that

you’re never truly

alone even in life’s challenges I send

angels to protect your path guard ing

you from the dangers of the darkness

when fear tries to overpower you stand

strong knowing you’re a

conqueror know that each day my love for

you grows stronger I sacrificed myself

on the cross to set you free to give you

a life full of blessings I offer myself

to you without conditions always ready

to listen to comfort and to give you the

peace you seek don’t be afraid for you

are never alone you are my precious

treasure and nothing can separate you

from my Everlasting

Love rest now stop dwelling on your

worries embrace the peace I provide

through my grace your well-being and

happiness matter greatly to me I long to

hear and understand all that troubles

and hinders you just know that I am here

to stand by you no matter what if

anything troubles or discourages you let

me help you find a

solution within you resides my Holy

Spirit and empowering you with authority

and Mastery over your emotions right now

opt for joy and don’t depend on others

for your happiness it is my desire for

you to break free from emotional

chains don’t fight against sin and

Temptation solely with your own

strength give me control over your

thoughts your spirit and your heart

steer clear of situations that

needlessly cause you stress don’t walk

into the territories of your adversaries

those who lead you into action you don’t

want to take trapping you in behaviors

that sadden my

spirit I am unveiling wondrous things

before your eyes call out to me and I

will answer seek my word daily listen

attentively and sharpen your

ears open your Bible for it’s crucial to

understand that you have access to a

supernatural realm where you are loved

protected guided and directed by your

heavenly Father Day and Night in every

place whether you feel well or unwell

well I will always be with you just as

my word

promises I thank you for entrusting your

life Destiny and days into my care you

are a shining example of Faith even if

others mock you for believing in an all

powerful God whom you cannot see yet you

know that I am real that I watch over

you and that I am attentive to your

needs with this steadfast Faith you will

soar living feeling and knowing that you

are a child child of the creator of the

universe filled with immense confidence

with every step you take and a face

beaming with boundless

Joy come tomorrow I eagerly anticipate

embracing you once again in the early

hours before the sun lights up the sky I

love you if you wish to overcome the

troubles Weighing on you today listen

carefully to me on this day you will

hear directly from me the solution to

your problems a solution that may seem

complex for your current

situation powerful Miracles will unfold

when you speak my word with love treat

others with kindness control your temper

and refrain from shouting at those you

love instead of causing harm you will

stop hurting those you should

cherish I present to you A Renewed life

all I ask for is your heart and your

loyalty what I offer you is for your own

benefit I don’t promise worldly riches

your purpose isn’t to accumulate

material wealth

instead I offer you love peace wisdom

kindness and

forgiveness Embrace these gifts first be

certain of My reality my sincerity and

my Everlasting Love For You know that

despite the falsehoods and betrayals of

this world there is healing and

salvation for those who trust in my word

amidst pain and despair there is also

peace and a fresh beginning for those

who accept my

love from this day forward let us

journey together I hear your prayers and

hold a deep love for you the miracle you

seek will be placed into your hands amen

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