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listen closely for these words carry a blessing a gentle breeze of peace to soothe your soul a surge of strength for

your heart come sit with me together let’s gaze upon the Horizon now

drenched in a Divine golden Grace whisper your dreams into my ear those

dreams you’ve held close I’ve not forgotten them not when remember how you

in your youthful innocence crafted visions of joy and Adventure Journeys that stretched far beyond the horizons

of your imagination these dreams your heart’s whispers are precious to me don’t let

them Fade Into the shadows of Doubt hold them close for together we can bring them to life as you grew that spark of

joy in you flickered dimming under life’s trials I understand it’s not your

burden to bear alone you were unfairly Laden with a load not meant for

you while those who should have stood by you guiding and supporting step back I watched in quiet seeing the light I

kindled in you glow through your darkest moments casting a radiant hope I saw how

you didn’t accept rejection as your fate something deep within you unspoken yet

Mighty spurred you on you yearned to leave behind your Sorrows to sail to distant lands your heart’s unselfishness

caught my gaze unlike those absorbed in themselves you seek growth success and the hope to

return to lift up those you cherish I’ve always known this about you for in your heart lies a seed of life

wrapped in my Holy Spirit every struggle you’ve encountered has shaped you for this very moment my

beloved child I cherish you and believe in your abilities your resilience is

evident your heart steadfast tears have been your companions fear and

anxiety your adversaries yet each Dawn brings renewal lighting up your face

restoring your smile and empowering you to stand strong hear me proudly declare

this is my child the Heavenly hosts watch eager to support you to steady your steps and Aid in realizing your

dreams when you call I respond I’ve graced you with Divine insights and

fortified your spirit your bravery touches my heart compelling me to bless you richly my commitment to my word is

unwear my promises I shall fulfill you have matured in wisdom and earnestness

preparing to rise to a higher spiritual level avoid comparing yourself to others

your path is distinct and personal with the gifts you’ve nurtured boldly pursue

your aspirations uee Envy of others successes whether real or perceived let

them pursue their own paths while you embrace your authentic Journey your efforts and victories won’t be be

forgotten or obscured you are destined not for retreat but to conquer your own land of blessings your sincere goals

will bear fruit flourishing immeasurably in these times of global distress you

and your family will discover blessings While others bemoan lost opportunities your mind will be a

fertile ground for my teachings every morning as you listen I plant seeds of

creativity in you these are seeds will soon Bloom into innovative ideas the

Gest of heaven will open wide for you and you’ll bask in deep love there’s no

turning back the shadow of failure has dissipated my presence in your life is so profound it becomes your Sanctuary

compelling you to embrace my words which leads to True Joy each morning you’ll

wake up energized driven by a Divine determination this heavenly inspiration

will uplift your spirit your arms will strengthen your legs will gain Swift nness and a Cascade of inspired thoughts

will fill your mind led by my Holy Spirit you’ll step outside ready to

approach opportunities that await you dismiss all fears you’ll be unshaken in

interacting with influential individuals in this vast world no one has such

influence as to cause you unease approach them with open arms and a

genuine smile they’ll open their hearts to you through you I will perform

wonders and miracles the challenges you encounter are mere

transient Shadows not symbols of your downfall everything you’ve lost will be

restored enriched and blessed know this you were not fashioned for failure You

Belong To Me Your Destiny isn’t defeat my love for you is a testament to your

eventual Triumph do not fear for I have been am and will always be at your besid

her in faith for today I bestow blessings and strength upon you standing

unwaveringly by you I will never abandon you I will hear you and respond my word

reides in your ha a constant reminder that Solitude is an illusion even amidst

life’s struggles I dispatch Legions of angels to guard your journey to Shield

you from the hidden Perils of the dark when fear seeks to overwhelm you stand

Resolute again adopting the perspective of a conqueror be aware that with each

passing day my love for you intensifies My Sacrifice on the cross was for your

deliverance to Grant you a life of abundance I extend myself to you

unconditionally ever prepared to listen to embrace and to Grant the peace you desire fear not

for you are never abandoned you are my precious treasure and nothing can detach you from my my enduring affection rest

now cease pondering over your troubles except this Divine calm I unfold you in

my grace your welfare and Joy are of immense importance to me I yearn to hear

and understand all that troubles and obstructs your way just know that I am here to support you regardless of your

circumstances should anything weaken or dishearten you allow me to Aid in

finding resolution my Holy Spirit dwell within you endowing you with control and

dominion over your emotions at this moment choose joy and rely not on others

for your happiness it is my will that you be free from emotional bondage do not struggle

with your own strength against sin and Temptation and Trust to me the control of your thoughts your spirit and your

heart withdraw from situations that unnecessarily cause you tension do not tread into the dwellings

of your adversaries those who lead you into actions you do not wish to undertake enslaving you in customs that

sadden my spirit guard your heart for therein lies your life stand firm and do

not allow the violent to steal your joy I desire to hold the foremost place in

all aspects of your life consult me before taking a step or making a significant decision and I shall guide

you to avoid the snares of Thieves in the pit of the Devourer I yearn to impart wisdom daily

to your family wishing for their blessings to abound and their souls to

prosper may they hold my word prayer and discretion in high regard so that hurtful words do not Escape their lips

refrain from Gossip and slander and and do not readily believe everything people

tell you be wary of those you know to be habitual Liars do not permit anyone to

see how grudges and fears within you come into my presence bring your

circumstances thoughts and emotions to me pay attention throughout the day for

you shall sense my presence in your heart and mind hearing my guiding voice

observe your surroundings many people suffer and and their sadness is evident on their faces

yet I desire my glory to shine within you that your courageous gaze May uplift the spirits of many you are my beloved

child my most precious creation I have bestowed upon you unique gifts and

talents to be used in my name and for my glory do not be anxious about the future

for I have a purpose for you my love is unconditional and eternal and my plan is

perfect and shall be fulfilled in its appointed time indeed I seek your heart and that

your eyes focus on my righteous paths I have known you since the foundation of the universe and am aware of your faults

and successes if you falter I desire your repentance approach me with faith

and seek forgiveness for I shall Grant it do not confine yourself to a dark room lamenting your sins believing that

your life is over and that I am angry I paid for your transgressions even before you acknowledged me approach with

confidence and sincerity and I shall Grant you another opportunity fear not entrust to me your

concerns that seek to confuse your soul you belong to me you have entrusted your

life to my care my words are a bomb to your bones thus I

always speak to you with love and the intention to guide you along the correct path leave your fears behind and trust

in me I am your rock your secure refuge in times of

storm hold on to these messages whenever you hear them and share them and your

peace and happiness shall multiply your home shall be filled with my love I am

your faithful friend and protect protector come to me each day in sincere prayer and I shall cover your heart with

strength be calm and worry no more I shall remove your anxiety if you give me

the chance set aside all worries and distractions for a moment and open the door for me to plant this word in your

heart I am with you even when those who claim to love you abandon you I remain

with you if you are attacked by those who hate you and you find yourself alone I I love you and protect you I am your

father your God and your friend Perhaps it is difficult for you

to comprehend that someone loves you so deeply a love as wondrous as you have

never imagined a tenderness as sweet as you have never experienced you judge yourself and think that your mistakes

make you Unworthy of such love do not do this do not punish yourself do not

belittle yourself for it plunges you into sadness and depression I shall remove the spiritual veils from your

eyes that hinder you from seeing me I shall transform your heart so that you

may believe in me come to me for I know you are weary and burdened draw near to

me that you may receive the peace you long for and find rest I do not want

your days to be heavy I do not want you to wake up sad and discouraged my death

and Resurrection are a gift of love for you that you may live your life with Divine joy in your heart I am breaking

the chains that impeded your growth today those bonds are destroyed the

shackles that hindered your progress toward the future of blessings that I offer you do not walk

backward seeking the opinions of those who imprisoned you the decision to love me and follow me is yours I am

interested in your peace and well-being your adversaries only seek to drag you down be strong be brave and walk firmly

toward this new life that I am giving you your blessing is assured soon you

will see it you must believe in my word and receive it with faith and

joy do not focus on your mistakes do not chain yourself your future lies before

you I repeat do not waste time looking back if you feel weak and weary just

remember that I am your father who loves you give me your hand and I will help

you overcome I am here to listen embrace you console you and speak words of life and affection to your ears I love you

deeply and I want you to feel worthy of my love speak to me with confidence

about all those things that hurt and trouble you it is not my desire for you

to spend your hours in distress or for your mind to be imprisoned by fear my

precious child you are exceedingly valuable to me to today I tell you that

even when you may not have the strength to share everything that has happened to you I’m already working to help you

emerge Victorious from this situation I can sense everything in your heart and I

can hear all the thoughts that cross your mind today on this day when it

seems you are suffering the most I I’m closer to you than you can possibly

imagine my beloved daughter my dear son calm yourself I have everything under

control do not fear and continue with faith I know that sometimes everything

seems to take a long time but I want you to understand that there are many things to accomplish and each piece has its

place in my perfect and Supernatural plan be patient I am clearing paths

Moving Mountains removing obstacles and fighting against enemies that are not visible to your natural eyes the miracle

you have asked for will come to pass I am filling you with peace and serenity

calm yourself smile everything will be all right I want you to be happy right now

think and speak about the beautiful things for which you are grateful let no corrosive complaints negative words or

discouraging phrases Escape your lips fix your gaze upon my promises and live

each moment with intensity seize your days to share all your Joys with me look

ahead and strengthen your faith Ponder all the beautiful things that can happen while you speak to me in my book I am writing

your destiny and it is already sealed powerful Miracles will occur come

seek me every day and your faith will not waver heed closely when I whisper to you for in my words you’ll find wonders

unveiled your life is transforming everything will be well the troubles that burden you will

dissipate you seek me knowing my love for you is deep my promise is steadfast

I will Aid you be at peace step forward into life with the solidity tranquility

and joy of knowing your heavenly Fay is ever present in moments of Frailty when you perceive failure

remember my grace is boundless my Mercy unfailing I have upheld you before and

will not forsake you now in your deepest need when your heart is heavy your soul

is tears greet each Dawn listening for my voice therein lies your daily strength trust in me for I Envision a

future for you filled with peace and happiness I urge you to cling to my love

to life itself live persevere despite hurdles focus on my assurances face

assaults unshaken problems undismayed in threat recall your fortitude in my sight

believe with all your heart even amid scorn I will enrich you to thrive for you are greatly chosen seek me in Humble

prayer bow and heartfelt devotion and daily lift your pleas Revel in my

presence and I will fulfill your innest yearnings rejoice in hearing these words

take your life and its duties this year earnestly remember do not forget this is

your moment embrace it I will bless you your family there is nothing beyond my

love’s reach for you I will restore your honor your rightful place a better life

awaits if you entrust me with your heart and accept the Solace and pardon my

Tender Love brings promises are etched in your heart believe in them with your

Soul’s full Vigor do not mimic those who speak of love yet lack Faith they prioritize

human judgment subjecting themselves to disdain and chastisement

others impose many under the guise of Love seek to exploit and force untain

able standards they themselves evade dawned in false piety claiming

superiority their eyes always see you as the wrongdoer the guilty The gravest

Sinner today I liberate you completely sleep peacefully my Holy Spirit Will counsel you through the night mending

your heart and mind I will shatter the remaining chains awakened to Everlasting freedom your joy joy won’t hinge on

others views you will be true to yourself my wise intelligent child of tender resilient Brave nature a light

with a vibrant fervent potent and robust faith in your darkest times when affronted and AG

grieved when all seems Bleak and purposeless hold fast to me you are mine

set your sights on life’s Beauty no longer dwell in shadowed Corners weeping

beneath a roof of disdain yet know this I cherish Aid and absor olve you a

brighter tomorrow I shall craft bestowing upon you gifts and talents of Might Embrace Serenity Elation and

wellness rise and stand tall for in your veins flows Royal Blood shielded eternally by your Celestial father

Mighty and steadfast with belief Proclaim I trust beloved father

for I present to you the chance You’ sought obstacles that block your way I shall clear those heartfelt pleas I

shall answer witness your life’s transformation observe the reshaping of your essence your kin and your

home focus on the future leave what’s passed trust in my transformative power

release the burdens that plunge You Into Darkness set your sights on the Divine leaving behind worldly vanities your

life is of immeasurable worth your family exceptional the plans

I hold for you so Grand they may seem beyond belief not by your might alone

will dream be realized but through faith in my grace and power lean not wholly on

those who promise steadfast friendship for even the closest May falter yet I am the one who will never

abandon you the time nears for the long awaited blessings to unfold the day

approaches when worry and want dissipate replaced by sacred peace and

plenty but your unwavering belief in my word is crucial only then will you reach

your D Heights and stand unshaken amidst trials a revelation I will bestow upon

your spirit unveiling my profound secrets you will Marvel realizing the depth of my

love and the abundance of blessings I’ve lavished upon upon you respond to me are

you ready to embrace the blessings awaiting you speak from your heart I see your deep love for your children they

are precious to me as well I have inscribed their name names faces and every facet of their beings in my book

they hold immense value in your life and I haven’t overlooked this I urge you to

find peace to release the anguish caused by their choices our are you worried

they’re losing their way let go of these burdens they are beyond your control

trust me with your concerns and focus more on your own Journey over worrying drains your strength and peace preserve

your energy and Faith for I want you to pray the time has come to let go of what must be released your children like doves are

ready to soar let them fly freely trusting that as you pray for them my

protective Embrace surrounds them heed my advice and Trust in my plans your

mind is burdened when you try to control or decide for your children leave these matters in my hands there are boundaries

they must not cross and the honor of your family and home will always be upheld if they he silence is not an

option I will give you strength peace and wisdom to confront them but never in

Anger be careful with your words they can wound or heal I have not been harsh

with you I bring love and salvation do the same for your children understand

this mistakes will happen tears will flow but the Salvation you’ve experienced will reach them too in time

they’ll come to a turning point repent and return home bringing blessings that will joyfully enrich your home and

extend years of happiness offer them forgiveness and a second chance keep praying for them and now you will feel

my peace feel secure knowing they are in my care you are a wonderful person I

admire your spirit I value your words when you talk to me when you close your eyes in prayer I treasure your heart

when it beats joyfully filled with the Divine happiness I give easing any discomfort pain or

illness after hearing me feel deeply loved you need not walk in despair or sorrow over your current situation I

love you and today you’ll feel it in countless ways I’ll show it to you and through my powerful word I’ll affirm it

if conflict arises you’ll feel my Divine love enveloping you if sadness Comes My

Embrace will soothe you and your heart will stay joyful your family and friends will be amazing Ed wondering about your

newfound happiness your enemies will flee powerless and fearful as they see

you Untouched by fear or pain a supernatural wall of divine protection

will surround you with Legions of angels guarding your home keeping your family safe day and night believe it with the

entirety of your heart this love I hold for you is genuine not a creation of your

imagination it is as undeniable as the very air you breathe bre more potent and exquisite than any Miracle you may

request my beloved it envelops you bestowing life upon you this is the most

profound blessing you can receive and it is why I hold your grateful disposition in such high regard each day as you rise

I thank you for entrusting your life Destiny and days into my hands you are a

paragon of Faith even if others scoff at you for believing in an omnipotent God whom you cannot see yet you know that I

am real that I watch over you and I am attentive to your needs with this unwavering

Faith you shall rise living feeling and knowing that you are a child of the

creator of the universe possessing an immense Assurance with each step you take and a countenance radiant with

boundless happiness my dear child your unwavering character your gratitude and

your kind heart deeply move me you possess a heart so beautiful come tomorrow I await to

embrace you once more in the early hours before the sun Grace is the sky I love you if you seek to overcome

the troubles that burden you today listen to me attentively on this day you shall hear from my own Lips Your

solution a solution you may perceive as overly intricate for your Su situation

however you have already surrendered your life and your heart to me I have

instilled my spirit Within in you filling you with the conviction that nothing is impossible for me ponder it

speak it shout it write it but above all believe it shout it now with faith for

nothing is impossible for God cloak yourself in this certainty my promise is alive and

when when I send it to heal your land and bring change to your life my word returns not empty to me at times you may

find it challenging for things to change but you are a child of the nipotent God

urgently renew your way of thinking for my Divine Holy Spirit resides within you and you carry my Supernatural power

within you mighty Miracles will occur when you speak my word with love treat

others with kindness control your temper and cease to shout at those you love

instead of causing harm you will cease to offend those you should love I am

opening your eyes revealing wondrous things call out to me and I will come seek my word daily

listen attentively and sharpen your ears open your Bible for it must be clear to you that you have access to a

supernatural realm where you are loved protected Ed guided and directed by your

heavenly Father Day and Night in every place whether you feel well or unwell I

shall always be with you as my word promises but it is also important for you to understand that your spirit and

my spirit are interconnected the door to the land of Miracles is open to you but your feet

stand in a natural world problems will arise conflicts will occur and enemies

will come again against you seeking to harm you it is a part of your life and

your journey but nothing can conquer or defeat you you have my support and you

can count on my assistance my word resides in your heart you possess the strength of a champion your unyielding

faith is your solution now rise and face your challenges with determination I

love you deeply tell me that you believe shout it write it again nothing is

impossible for God Place yourself in my stead how could I not love and bless

someone like you my greatest desire is to Grant you Eternal

salvation fear nothing always feel deeply loved protected and walk in this

world world with your head held high surrounded by my love I gave my life on

that cross so that you may walk in Victory not in defeat I rose on

the third day so that you may lead a supernatural life not contenting yourself with mere material possessions

in this world everyone may experience loneliness Affliction rejection and pain

but you are different if you ever feel weak weary or your emotions Cloud your

soul stand tall raise your arms in Victory and Proclaim to the Four Winds

that you are my beloved child you are strong courageous and a Victor in a

thousand battles a champion among the mighty nothing can defeat you you are

not alone nor are you a solitary Soul do not settle for living in depression and

darkness I am calling you here in my presence is your place and when your

knees touch the ground my armies will come with gleaming swords parting the wind shattering evil when your spiritual

enemy perceives the power and Glory surrounding you it shall flee in Terror from afar it may shout threats from a

distance but it lacks The Valor and strength to harm you I’m speaking to the

brave among you I’m speaking to you hear me this message is written to fortify

your soul to engrave these words in your mind and to sing them in your heart Raise Your Arms once more and

declare it aloud I am eternally loved by my heavenly father wonderful Lord I am

healthy free prudent and wise I possess the skill and loyalty of a true warrior

a Victor this is how I want you to feel every morning I desire for this Faith to

take deep roots in my word my dear child I am with you and you need no one else do not plead for

attention and friendship from anyone else my dearest the child of my heart

I shall continue to explore every conceivable Avenue so that even the most minuscule of details May capture your

senses tell me do you also love me with all your heart exercise greater patience

with yourself for I love you and understand you I have forgiven you and

am prepared to assist you but do not linger in doubt regarding your worth you

belong to me and I have not come to recompense you according to your transgressions all your errors have

already been expunged and cleansed you stand before me pure in my

presence my Justice radiates from your countenance though it may be challenging for you to believe you made poor

decisions because you were distracted and things did not go as planned you felt frustrated fret not for

I comprehend your predicament and I have not come to chastise or deny you my love

cease blaming yourself for the events unfolding around you I know you have encountered hardships in your life and

at times you fear repeating the same mistakes and enduring further suffering

however you must learn to Rest in Me Feel My Embrace and take hold of my hand

at all times I watch over you day and night protecting you I am guiding your

steps toward propriety but you must calm your spirit and learn to exercise your faith even if it is as small as a Tiny

Seed your faith is the seed from which great Miracles Will Spring forth be less harsh on

yourself you have learned much from your own mistakes and your way of thinking is

evolving you are growing wiser except the greatest gift that no one else in

this world can bestow upon you except me my forgiveness wrapped in my love

paid for with great sacrifice be assured that you are now cleansed and fine Tranquility refrain from punishing

yourself for past events or lamenting what has been lost I have something better in store for you but you must

believe me tell me that you accept my love and forgiveness and that you you will come to listen to my words daily

I’m aware of your experiences concerns and emotions I closely observe your needs desires and tears and I am with

you through moments of disc enouragement and Solitude thus I will not release

your hand I know you need me once again you were feeling sad and distressed for

a while and you cried out God where are you you today I offer this sign that I

truly hear you and am attentive to your needs I am listening to you and demonstrating it I cannot make it any

clearer because you are not yet ready but that moment will come persist in daily prayer sit beside me and get to

know me for I’m your father my love is perfect and I tell you that I love you believe

me for I do not lie they reject my teachings refusing to accept me in my true form and turn away from the one who

entered the world to serve and sacrificed on the cross yet you have welcomed me into your

heart and I am eager to create extraordinary things within you Adorn

your spirit with humility and resist the lures of the Destroyer let me enrich your understanding and bring you a

deeper Peace So that impatience complaints and doubt don’t blemish your

faith and joy now with all your heart Proclaim I yearn for my heart to be

imbued with a divine presence that endures a constant reminder of your promises in times of

challenge I will heed your words each morning listening intently with all my

heart I am grateful for your good will knowing you have prepared a future filled with peace and abundance

for me beloved I long for your family to dwell in harmony free from negativity

and conflict in your pure and gentle heart I yearn to work wonders shaping

you into the person I desire you to be you will see for yourself how those who

oppose you including enemies and deceitful friends who Mock You in their

perceived wisdom will fter they consider themselves clever and secure yet they

live in a profound spiritual dark dark nness filled with Envy as my child you are endowed with my blessing yet you

will encounter challenges and confrontations when You Face adversaries remember this do not fear them their

bravado masks their deficiencies they pretend to be what they are not cloaking

their sinfulness with a veneer of perfection but you my child stand

unassailable for I am your Defender You Are Not Alone your faith rests not in a

figment of imagination but in me a living powerful real and Majestic God my

love is genuine and I have demonstrated my power in your life do not be troubled

or given to despair in the face of threats and untruths I am with you delivering you from evil danger scarcity

death and illness embrace my word receive my blessing and affirm your faith in me I love you I hear your

prayers and I recognize your needs I understand the longing of your heart and your suffering has deeply moved me your

cry was so heartfelt that my grace rushed to meet you I won’t leave you with arms extended in vain unlike those

who’ve disappointed you I am steadfast your genuine heart was misled by empty

promises from deceitful ones your Simplicity and Faith were misused and

though they spoke of me your belief waned I had to reach you in your dreams

to capture a moment of your attention even in sleep your soul Cried Out

burdened by pain haunted by memories of past scorn yet with the dawn a new Faith

flickers within you you realize now there’s no one in this world who can Aid you as I can with Grace patience love

forgiveness and the power to raise you from any depth fear not rise again your

painful past is not recorded in any book your sins are forgiven and

forgotten I offer you such profound love that from now on your dreams will be

Serene and radiant you will walk in vibrant Gardens drenched in Joy offer

you a renewed life I ask only for your heart and your loyalty what I do for you

is for your good I don’t promise worldly riches your purpose isn’t to gather material wealth instead I offer love

peace wisdom kindness and forgiveness Embrace these gifts first be assured of

My reality my sincerity and my Everlasting Love For You know that amid

the lies and betrayals of this world there is healing and salvation for those

who trust in my word amidst pain and despair there is also peace and a fresh

start for those who accept my love from this day let us journey together I hear

your prayers and hold deep love for you the miracle you seek will be placed into your hands









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