Let Me Help You | God’s Message For You |

[Music] my beloved child I want you to know that I am here speaking directly to your

heart you don’t need to worry about the impossible tasks for I shall take care

of them just as the winds and storms obey my command so too will the storms

of doubt in your heart find peace come to me now and I will bring

you the rest you seek I will calm the Restless thoughts and fears that trouble

your mind I desire peace in your days and serenity in your nights you are

blessed beyond measure but sometimes you overlook those blessings giving more

importance to fears that will never come to pass or to people who hold no real power over you I urge you to remain calm

pay no attention to the news gossip or threats from others for I am the one who

holds your destiny in my hands even if thousands right against

you even if you face the consequences of your own mistakes do not be

afraid you are my beloved child and I will protect you from harm even in the

midst of chaos when those around you lose hope be strong and fearless for I

will never abandon you this is a profound Testament of my love for you I

am speaking to you right now reaching into your heart and addressing the doubts that have troubled your mind for

so long [Music] I love you and I’m showing it to you at this very

moment I am removing the scars that others have left on you the pain you

endured at their hands but know this everything you have

gone through has not been in vain today you possess the strength wisdom and

maturity to listen and stand up for those you love your time of Liberation has come

you are now ready to be a vessel of my love bringing my light to those in

darkness however your enemies are aware of your potential which is why they seek

to cause trouble and steal your peace if you allow them to disturb your

sleep or if you lose your faith and sink into fear anxiety May once again overwhelm

you but remember this truth my love for you is a measure able

my Mercy is boundless and my holy spirit will not allow you to be

harmed so believe that even if you stumble and fall I will lift you up do

not think for a moment that I have turned my gaze away from you if you stumble into the snares of

your enemies I will rescue you if your faith falters and your heart

is filled with negativity I will continue to fight for you cleansing your soul with my word

I will not let anyone lead you away from my love whether it be swords or knives scarcity or illness conflicts or

dangers for in all these things you are already

Victorious you have turned away from Evil and surrendered your heart to me

openly professing your faith in me as your savior and protector your loyalty is unwavering

unlike those who complain and deny me when faced with challenges venting their frustrations

recklessly they disregard my love but I continue to love them and never

rest I urge you to distance yourself from the wicked and keep praying for them do not let their disdain for my

word influence you move forward persist do not stay where you are today I bless

you with Incredible strength March forward confidently facing the enemies and challenges that

come your way you have grown you are brave among the brave a champion among

Champions start each morning by igniting your faith with my word presenting your

faith and requests before me remember nothing is impossible for me

I am by your side ready to assist you in all things keep your composure and enjoy my

peace for you are stepping into a supernatural life come I am calling you

your place is here in my presence when you kneel down and pray with faith reverence and respect my armies will

come to your Aid today I command you to remain calm do not let your heart be

troubled find solace in the loving Embrace that envelops you tell me that you receive it for I

have chosen to bless you you called out to me and I shall answer your life is

about to change believe it I am giving you a new heart and those who know you will be amazed

and receive unexpected help be thankful for many doors of

blessing and New Opportunities will open for you believe in these words and share them never forget to pray speaking to me

is simple just close your eyes and say Lord I need you and I will be by your

side have faith for the truth is that my presence will never leave you unless you

turn away from my grace or reject the blessings I bestow upon

you in times of confusion do not open your heart to false teachings do not let

hatred enter your heart and do not join in speaking ill of those who have done you no harm and are not your

enemies do not believe everything you see hear or read if someone speaks ill

of another do not be quick to believe them do not fall into the Trap set by

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