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rejoice in me God’s message for you


message now blessed are those who

rejoice in my name all day long and

exalt in my

righteousness this name which you know

as Jesus represents me in all of my

glorious attributes when used with

reverence and love it draws you closer

to my warm and loving presence I am

aware that many misuse my name turning

it into a word of anger or frustration

the this misuse pains me deeply for my

name is sacred a symbol of my love and

sacrifice for Humanity yet I encourage

you my faithful follower to lovingly

utter the word Jesus throughout your day

use it to express your joy in me to seek

my guidance and to ask for my help

remember I am God your savior I am

always ready to assist you to uplift you

for the glory of my name I invite you to

bask in the joy of my righteousness to

exalt means to be filled with delight

Elation and Jubilation think of this joy

as the Triumph of good over evil of

light over

Darkness recall the moment on the cross

when I declared it is finished with

those words I proclaim the greatest

Victory imaginable the conquest over sin

and death for all who believe in me this

Monumental achievement has forever

credited my righteousness to you my

beloved you are adorned with the robe of


a garment symbolizing salvation where it

with pride joy and Jubilation I have

empowered you to stand on the heights

the term the heights can signify many

things literally it might mean something

elevated like mountaintops or towering

buildings figuratively it can represent

the Pinnacle of Joy or significant

responsibilities as you strive to reach

these Heights in your life whether in

achievements recognition or spiritual

elevation remember the responsibility

that accompany success take pleasure in

the good you accomplish through me with

me and for me as you are mine you can

stand firm picture yourself girded with

the belt of Truth and protected by the

breastplate of righteousness all of my

teachings are founded in Truth for I am

the truth this gives you a solid

foundation a rock upon which to stand

firm the righteousness I have bestowed

upon you is perfect and eternal

regardless of the trials and

tribulations you face this righteousness

will keep you steadfast in your journey

through life remember to seek me in all

things whether in moments of happiness

or times of struggle turn to me I am

your guide your protector and your

constant companion when you feel lost or

uncertain remember my word

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