Let Me Help You | God Message Today

my cherished child I am reaching out to

you speaking directly to your heart you

needn’t fret over the insurmountable

tasks ahead I am here to handle them

just as the winds and tempests heed my

command so too will the storms of doubt

in your heart be stilled approach me and

I will provide the Solace you seek I

promise to soothe your restless thoughts

and quell the fears that plague your

mind I wish for tranquility in your days

and peace peace in your nights you are

immensely blessed though you might

sometimes ignore these blessings

focusing more on unfounded fears or on

those who have no true influence over

your life I encourage you to stay

composed and ignore the unsettling news

idle chatter or threats from others for

I am the guardian of your destiny even

if multitudes oppose you or you

encounter setbacks due to your own

actions do not fear you are my treasured

child and I will shield you from harm

amidst turmoil when despair strikes

those around you stand Resolute and

courageous for I will never forsake you

this commitment is a testament to my

profound love for you as I reach into

your depths dispelling the doubts that

have long troubled you I love you deeply

and am actively demonstrating this love

by healing the wounds others have

inflicted upon you and erasing the pain

you have endureed know that your past

trials were not in Vine you now hold the

strength wisdom and maturity necessary

to advocate for those you cherish your

time of Liberation has arrived you are

ready to be a beacon of my love

Illuminating the dark corners of this

world yet be aware your adversaries

recognize your potential and aim to

disrupt your peace if you succumb to

sleeplessness or lose Faith anxiety

might overpower you once more remember

my love for you is boundless my Mercy

infinite and my spirit will safeguard

you from harm maintain your belief that

I will uplift you even if you falter and

never think that I have looked away even

momentarily if you find yourself ens

snared by adversaries or if doubts and

negativity Cloud your heart I will

persist in your defense pufing your

spirit with my words I will not allow

anyone to divert you from my love it

through threats or misfortunes in all

adversities you are already triumphant

having turned away from malevolence and

openly declared your faith in me as your

protector your loyalty remains steadfast

unlike others who waver and deny me when

challenges arise expressing their

frustrations without restraint they

Overlook my enduring love yet I continue

to cherish them

ceaselessly I implore you to avoid the

unrighteous I and continue to intercede

for them ensuring that their disdain for

my word does not influence you forge

ahead stay not stagnant today I bless

you with immense strength March forward

boldly confronting the foes and

obstacles that confront you you have

matured standing Brave among the Valiant

a true champion begin each day by

immersing yourself in my word presenting

your faith and petitions to me

remember nothing is too great for me to

handle I stand beside you ready to

assist in every Endeavor maintain your

calm and bask in the peace I provide for

you are stepping into a life beyond the

ordinary come I am calling you your

place is by my side when you kneel and

pray with reverence and respect my

Legions will rush to your Aid today I

command peace upon you let not your

heart be troubled but find comfort in My


acknowledge and accept this blessing for

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