Let Love Hold You Close | God Says | God Message Today |

my dear child you are reading this

message because I love you deeply right

now I hold you close and want you to

feel my immense Everlasting sweet and

wonderful love let yourself be loved my

child embrace my grace and forgiveness

allow me to guide you on the path of

righteousness and goodness throughout

your life you will face obstacles and

adversities there will be moments when

you feel lost and alone but know that in

those moments you can trust in me and

believe in my promises I will always be

by your side holding your hand and

guiding you with every step you take

even When Storms batter Your

Existence listen to my voice I love you

and will never give up on you let me

restore heal and bless you today I have

words of Love and Hope for you you’ve

been going through difficult times

walking dark paths and feeling the

weight of pain in your soul but you are

not alone hope is not lost for you it is

never too late to start over my my child

let me into your life and give me the

chance to be your guide your refuge and

your strength I’m at the door of your

heart knocking with love let go of the

pain Weighing on your mind and allow my

words to heal your heart where there was

sadness there will now be complete joy

and peace within you I watch over you

every moment and my love for you

continues to grow my greatest desire is

to protect you care for you and help you

understand the messages I I send you

every day I will do whatever it takes to

change your way of thinking and

believing you can change that is the

truth my Holy Love can transform you but

you need to believe it with all your

heart it’s not enough for me to speak to

you with love if you reject what I am

saying today choose to give yourself a

chance and Shout with all your might God

has the power to change my life to

remove all loneliness and sadness and to

ignite the flame of My Love For Love

living Stand Up and Shout again today I

can change I hold on to the love of my

heavenly father shout it once more and

feel how my Holy Spirit flows through

every corner of your mind and body I am

uprooting bad habits removing unhealthy

thoughts and using my power to lift the

depression that hurts you I am cleansing

every emotion and renewing the beautiful

feelings that will fill your heart

today this is not a coincidence this is

the TR truth I love you and today you

will feel it and see it wherever you go

you will notice my Divine Touch I will

be in every place ready to embrace you

with loving arms I want you to live and

reclaim the dreams you had lost I will

give you the strength to forgive

yourself break the chains that hold you

back and find true friends I will remove

from your side those who seek your harm

those who pretend to love you but only

want your money and give you nothing but

contempt and confusion in return I am

giving you a new life but I ask you

again to believe it do not seek opinions

from those who oppress you look for

friends who build you up and help you

grow my angels surround and protect you

but you must also decide not to look

back if you have faith and believe in my

promises walk forward forget the past

and let go of the memories that fill you

with guilt I forgave your sins now you

must also strive to forgive those who

hurt you it is not easy but you have my

support if people do not want to forgive

you if they keep bringing up your past I

tell you again move away from them March

firmly toward your future and do not

look back I will touch the hearts of

those who wronged you so they repent and

recognize the harm they caused but you

must continue on your path new times are

coming better situations great

opportunities and immense blessings look

towards the horizon as far as your eyes

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