Keep Your Faith | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

keep your faith God’s message for you

God’s message now join me and let’s

share a moment of Peace take some time

in quietness and think about all you

have to be thankful for today your life

your loved ones your health the air you

breathe the food on your table the

shelter above you my Divine protection

over your home the guardian angels ready

to protect your sleep and fight for you

there are so many reasons for you to

feel fortunate surrounded by beautiful

reasons to cherish life every day

reflect on these blessings to fill your

mind with positive thoughts and keep

your eyes wide open to see my presence

in your life knowing that I am in

control of your future I am present in

the heart that is thankful and knows its

need for me that seeks me with trust and

hope understanding how truly blessed it

is sometimes I see you troubled by the

events unfolding around you but that is

normal do not worry excessively you feel

the weight of your responsibilities it

is your desire for everything to go well

for there to be provision in your home

health in your family and for nothing in

no one to come and snatch away the peace

and stability you need yet there are

also dark days when you forget your

gratitude and the enemy comes with

Whispers insinuating filthy thoughts

into into your mind turning your worry

into fear Sur surrounding you with lies

transforming fear into dread distress

and despair I am watching and waiting

for you to raise your arms high and

utter those words that will make the

enemy flee give thanks to me for your

life your family your health for all

that you are and all that you possess

your genuine belief and thankful heart

are like Shields protecting you

empowering you as you awaken to a new

day eagerly I anticipate your first

utterances of gratitude your heartfelt

thank you thank you for life if time is

pressing and you must hurry away Heed

These words briefly but if you have a

moment to linger Embrace this message

it’s filled with delight and comfort I

take great joy in you you’ve touched my

Essence stirred my spirit despite the

hurdles on your path your fath faith in

me remains unwavering unyielding for

this steadfastness I promise more

blessings will flow not just to you but

to your kin as well do not falter Ando

not falter in your steps continue to

stride forward fearlessly reach out to

the skies with your hands even when

fatigue clings to you take time to sit

with me Converse share your thoughts

your aspiration you’re innermost

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