Keep Going With Faith | God’s Message For You | God’s Message Now

my dear child put your faith in me in the plans I have for your life you’re

stronger than you think and many successes are On Your Horizon incredible

blessings are on their way when you fully commit to what I want for you you’ll be surprised by the Wonders I

can do through you I’m by your side guiding each of your steps with kindness

and insight you can’t fix everything in your life all at once but I have the power

to change the whole world and rearrange things for your benefit don’t worry about what’s ahead

or lose sleep over it future events shouldn’t cause you anxiety you seek peace from me and I

give you calmness so stay peaceful when facing difficulties when urgent issues arise

remember what to do I’ve given you my peace now trust in my kindness

lift your hands to the sky and with the Deep faith in you say thank you my God for being so

reliable I want to hear those trusting words my angels feel Joy and worship

when they hear your praise the Heavenly hosts sing glory to God Almighty and all

creation stand still everything in existence knows I’ll reach out my hand and as a caring father

I’ll answer your prayers with Miracles and wonders I will work Marvels in your

life because of your thankfulness and adoration you can freely enter where I

am present your heartfelt praise is the key come closer and I will fill you with

my spirit you’ll be empowered I’ll enhance your spiritual insight and gift

you abundantly when it feels like you’re drowning in problems and can’t find the

light because of the heavy burdens realize you’re being rooted not

buried I’m cutting away the dead branches that block your growth new Roots will

emerge I’ve planted you in rich soil to thrive and prosper my love for you is vast and

everlasting you have tremendous strength inside you capable of surpassing your wildest

dreams you’re imbued with my Holy Spirit and loved beyond your understanding to

reach your dreams and Rise High you you must let go of burdens free yourself from constraints that block your

path don’t hold on to material things or human accolades they’re not truly

significant no one in this world can dictate your life your joy isn’t tied to

possessions certainly you need material things and money to help others but

remember what I’ve told you don’t worry too much put me first give me your heart

and soul focus on your family pre and work hard and

honestly treat everyone kindly and with respect I’ll make sure you have everything you need and you won’t have

to be sad stressed worried or afraid you’ll do well better than you

can imagine but listen to what I’m saying stay focused don’t get sidetracked and

don’t spend your energy and time on things that wear you out I want you to be ready alert well trained and prepared

[Music] I’m getting you ready through this important message get up from any loss

or failure they’re just part of your journey stop looking back and focus on

what you can do from now on what feels like a huge storm in your life now will seem like just a light

wind later keep going with faith and you’ll see the beauty and hope in every

new start I’ll always be there for you loving you guiding you at every step

trust in me and my power in the dreams I’ve put in your heart and in the abilities and Gifts I’ve given you show

kindness and respect to your family and those who stand by you I’ve arranged for

your Prosperity not for selfish gains but so you can be a blessing to

others in your moments of need I’ll be like water in a dry land those who seek me will be drawn to

you Embrace this Divine affection with happiness with this love you’ll be able

to overcome any obstacle you encounter now with affection say I

welcome your love dear God you’ve asked for my guidance you wish to be reassured

that you’re on the correct path today I’m here to share my intentions and plans for you but first

cleanse your heart of any negativity I forgive you for feeling isolated I’ve

always been with you steer clear of those who feel alone and refuse to trust in my promises I’ve

vowed to be everpresent if they choose disbelief don’t let their

doubt affect you hear me again I’m with you trust and perceive I’m your father

sense and acknowledge I’ve never abandoned you consider and Ponder

you faced some really tough days some really hard times nights filled with

struggle but think about it when did you ever truly lose look in the mirror touch

your face feel your heartbeat you’re still here strong in spirit free to make

your own choices and think your own thoughts if you’re missing something material remember it doesn’t change the

fact that I love you deeply I’ve always been with you I’m

with you now and I’ll always be there my promises are steadfast and deep inside

you know this I love you so much remember on that cross when I said it is

finished it was the ultimate Act of love forever remembered through time this

love which is unshakable not something anyone can take from you understood by

only a few is yours to hold on to through any storm

my plans for you are filled with love consistent through time I’ve always

loved you I love you now and I will never stop loving you trust in this find

comfort in my presence Let Me ease your burdens you’ve

kept your faith strong now continue to trust in my words stay close to me I’m

right here with you never leaving your side don’t be afraid I cherish you don’t

lose hope I am your support always timely always

perfect trusting in me will bring you incredible blessings and joy you’re

stepping into a time of happiness and celebration greetings today I am here to

assure you that I am with you watching over and protecting you and yours I have

decreed your comings and goings ensuring nothing disrupts your path I understand your concerns and I

know you are right you are human and your adversaries are formidable yet this loving and faithful

God residing in your heart is even mightier bring your burdens to me lay

them down before me and watch as I transform your concerns into magnificent blessings through my promises and

strength remember what I’ve always told you I was with you I am with you and I

will always be with you you will never be abandoned be

courageous know that you possess great bravery use all the gifts and tools I

have given you to overcome the challenges in your life you will be victorious in your struggles overcoming

hurdles defeating adversaries and banishing every harmful spirit that tries to invade your home

with sin and negativity stand firm and Proclaim my

teachings break the chains that bind your loved ones this is the reason for

your faith to stand against unseen spiritual foes they are afraid of me and

will scatter when they see your bold and confident Faith however if you show Fear if you

lament over your circumstances if you become upset with me during hard times or when blessings are delayed harmful

spirits will take advantage of this and attack you when you are most vulnerable but do not be

afraid protect your heart immerse yourself in my word and hold fast to your faith no matter what stay steadfast

in your belief avoid doubt and complaints do not speak negatively about this Divine love

that holds you so dearly and wants the best for you even when you feel weak or

if you’ve stumbled cling to your faith because my forgiveness is available to

you when you come back to me turning away from sin no enemy can overpower you

when you are under my protective care listen closely grasp my words and

learn from them I am your God your Redeemer the one who forgives your

mistakes and purifies your heart I have overcome those who accuse you rescued

you from Despair and filled your mouth with songs of Thanksgiving I am real as you’ve

experienced when you kneel and talk to me extraordinary things happen I will

support you through the toughest times and even when storms rage and strike you hard you will find refuge in my

affection safe from Harm’s reach you won’t be trapped in

sadness if you’re feeling overwhelmed now if fighting seems pointless hold on

to me tightly ignore the criticisms and attacks from others Keep Holding On To

Me me and don’t let go nor be swayed by fear in the entire universe there’s no

love deeper than mine for you nor is there anyone else who can save and free you from the repercussions of your

wrongdoings the harsh and unjust criticisms of so-called friends or the

shame imposed On You by family members today they try to knock you down

but I’ll lift you up right in the middle of your family the time is coming when

they’ll see the truth regret their actions and cry over the hurt they’ve

caused you you’ll forgive them just like I forgive but you won’t let them close

enough to break your heart again give your heart to me instead I’ll protect it

and keep it safe this is your day to Stand Tall look ahead with hope because I’ve

got many blessings in store for you and your loved ones but I need you to commit to me

seek me follow my commands and let me guide your life I want to use your voice

to spread my message your hands to heal and free those who are suffering your faith allows me to do

amazing things in your life I trust you and you can trust in being in my

presence ask for anything that’s good pure and uplifting and I’ll give it to

you picture a book where I’m writing about us today renewing our promise to

each other that you choose to serve and believe in me I love you and will do incredible

things through you backed by my sacrifice and coming back to

life now it’s your turn to agree with dedication and love remember this you

will overcome and succeed in this life with your humility and Faith despite any

challenges I’m your God you’re my warrior you serve me with a whole heart

and I will not fail you do not let your guard down stay alert I will help you but your mind and

soul must be ready and awake you have told me that you feel there is no rest

for you but you must trust and come into my presence when you are troubled I will

help you find rest do not let your distress take away your faith or your

peace the enemy does not rest seeking to make you fall setting traps to rob you

of your courage and make you give up your faith this has always been the case

but I watch over you and protect you from the enemy’s attacks even when you sleep sometimes you may feel that cruel

and violent struggle but you have also gone through great battles without even

realizing it I fight for you in the Heavenly Realms confronting evil spirits and I

will not allow them to reach you when they try to harm you you are highly privileged and

blessed you have a great advantage over those who seek to wage war against you because you have me I am your heavenly

father all powerful and Invincible do not see problems as

greater or stronger than me do not let difficulties corner you and choke you do

not fear when you hear their shouts or threats you don’t need to be FL

or have never AED for me to love and Safeguard you your family and your

residents adversaries May rush to topple you with deceit and vain chatter with

elusory dilemas and unfounded claims I will guard you against their

harsh onslaughts and navigate you to emerge triumphantly from these

trials avoid fixating on past errors what you lack or your vulnerabilities

my promise to you is that my victory is also yours you will soon receive from me the

recompense for your endurance the Accolade for your bravery the award for

your resolve to Prevail the Crown of Life and numerous blessings you must Embrace and Trust

in Proclaim with your voice and in your heart your Readiness to accept

them if I stood by you in the past rest assured I stand by you now I’ve

accompanied you through both challenging and joyful times in periods of delight and hardship I haven’t cast you aside I

haven’t overlooked you stand Resolute when your faith seems to wne boldly

voice the promises I’ve bestowed upon you inform those troubling you that I am

with you every day until the end of time rely on me hold fast to my

Mercy do not dwell on doubts about whether you deserve such blessings if

you will believe me accept this blessing I give you when you receive it it will multiply into great gifts and beautiful

presents in the end you will have what you need to bless your family and share

with the needy but you must use your faith and come to receive these Blessings Now do not doubt anymore do

not walk backward do not hide from my presence in the darkness I am speaking to you because I

want you to come and I want to answer your prayer to remove from you and your

family every curse and sickness I am not seeking to take something away from you but if I do it

is because I will give you even better things you are entering an important and

decisive moment you have changed so much you you are not the same as yesterday

you are ready you will make decisions with confidence do not seek opinions from

those who only think negatively do not try to please anyone

many do not want you to be blessed and when you go to inform them of the steps you will take they will try to

discourage you and make you return to where you came from defeated and Fallen but it will not

be so because I am with you you will walk without stopping and when the time

comes for the doors to open you will use your faith and I will enter with

you they will hear of the challenges that overwhelm you I will place

extraordinary blessings in your grasp yet I ask you to Steward them carefully

utilize these blessings wisely allowing them to grow and lay the groundwork for

even greater Boons in due time you and your family

will strive toward a brighter future and Homeland motivate your

children instruct them in diverse Fields with their gifts and intellect

they have the potential to transform families and even Nations within your home the leaders and

champions of Tomorrow are maturing before my return they will

serve as vessels for my word achieving Grand Feats but this will only come come

to pass if you honor me in your dwelling visible to your

Offspring let your actions and demeanor bear witness to your faith do not resign

yourself to a quick temper as though it’s an unchangeable part of who you are in my eyes nothing is beyond

transformation I can soften the hardest Hearts those who once communicated in

Anger will soon Express joy and laughter like that of children upon the mouth of those who

spoke against me I will place refining fire and they will utter only kindness

words as sweet as honey thus I can change you so that your

family sees that my power is real even though the world attacks them

because of their faith even though they say I do not exist and that I cannot do anything for you believe me now that my

glory will be manifested in your home your neighbors will see my Radiance at

night and angels will shine on every corner of your house people will be

amazed by the Supernatural and miraculous things that happen in your home many will come and you will lay

your hands on them in response to your prayer I myself will heal the sick fix

their problems and heal their wounds a wonderful spiritual Revival is beginning

in your family you are in the last days and many announce them wanting to know the

mysteries of my coming but in their hearts they do not seek me I will only

reveal my love to those who believe in me sincerely and with Integrity who do

not fear to give me their soul carry my word and give their lives

for this message and out of love for others this is the powerful word that I

sowing in you pay close attention to where your hearing this message and remember this

day and time stand up straight and look far into the Horizon I plan to use your

life to spread my glory to distant places to lands you’ve never visited where you’ll hear unfamiliar

languages yet I will be with you and my holy spirit will work through both your

family and you a spiritual awakening is starting within you today you’re going to

experience a change in your life a positive shift in your finances and an increase in love within your heart I’m

aware of your struggles your hard work and your feelings of hopelessness your plight moves me so

profoundly that my own tears mingle with yours remember I also

endured suffering for you and Spilled my blood on the cross so you could live fully and

joyfully you’re carrying a burden of guilt you don’t need to Bear your heart

is pure and straightforward don’t make life harder for yourself you’re not the cause of all

your troubles you’ve merely tried to do what’s right you’ve made promises but others

have asked too much of you you’re facing great pressure and those who make

demands on you lack compassion cease blaming yourself cease feeling bad if

you cannot fulfill their expectations take time in my presence and leave those

Scoundrels to me pray and do not lose heart I will

provide for your needs do not promise anything to anyone nor involve yourself

in debts I will help you resist the temptation and need to please people and say yes to all for that is why some take

advantage of you do not accept the punishments imposed by others I do not judge you I

have forgiven you so why continue to suffer for what others invent to humiliate you there is no condemnation

for those who have made a place for me in their hearts for those who repent

from their wrong paths abandon old vices and distance themselves forever from bad

influences and false friends I present to you A life filled

with joy and a soul cleansed of guilt

this is the most remarkable Miracle you can request Embrace and anticipate all

other needs will follow relief from debt peace within your family food on your table job opportunities and the dignity

that comes with work these are the blessings I aim to provide you accept this incredible

Miracle of Love in Your Heart today confess with all your being that

you trust in me and sense right now the Holy Spirit filling you entirely I

cherish you approach today with bravery and Assurance for I am set to perform

wonders in your life greet the day with happiness rise with Vigor and step out

confidently knowing your Triumph is near I grant you the peace you’ve sought in

prayer along with patience and insight The Bravery you’ve implored for and

Supernatural strength I bestow upon you steady fast Faith to navigate the path toward your

success you will achieve it fret not your destination is near stay focused

maintain your drive and persevere it is time for you to fight with all your might with all your spirit

and with all your faith it is time for you to face your fears and

limitations the blessings I’m sending are not only for you I’m also thinking of your

family I continue to build a wall of protection around all whom you love even

those who do not want to know of you or speak to you their way of thinking will

change I will ensure it soon they will return to your home with my hand guiding

them division in your family will cease I will remove all Strife forgiveness and

unity will return You Will shout for Joy when your home is once again filled with smiles

place your right hand upon your heart and at this moment give thanks for this great

blessing keep being thankful and if anything tries to mess with your blessings stand strong nobody can take

away what I’ve given you be courageous let go of doubts and fears because your

tough times will soon be forgotten history I’m writing a whole new chapter

for you and your family I’m wiping away the scope s from the lies and betrayals

you faced now listen to a secret I’m sharing with you if you’re up for the

challenge to get up keep moving forward stay strong against attacks and

listen when I guide you my child Embrace this journey of faith and when the time

comes to see the results of your hard work you’ll be utterly amazed believe me when I say you’re

going to be astonished I’ve got a plan and a direction for us hold on to my

hand trust in what I’ve laid out for you stick with me and relax let’s get rid of

that worry in your heart it doesn’t belong there I’ve Got You In My Embrace

I walk over coals and Flames for you you won’t get burned you won’t suffer anymore together we’ll navigate the

stormy seas of your troubles even when waves Tower over you remember I’m right there with you you

won’t drown put your fears aside and focus on the incredible blessings that are just over the horizon for you trust

in those who love and protect you thus you shall remain with that sense of confidence and an attitude of Hope the

dark clouds seek to obscure you from the Sun of your freedom to separate you from

the light that will illuminate you but the sky and the Earth are mine I am the

creator of the universe and my creation obeys my voice

I am ushering in fresh breezes of renewal the storm’s menaces are diminishing the sunlight streaming

through your window unveils a stunning Vista ahead behold it and be glad it’s

time for Joy you will witness great happiness in your family those who left will come

back reconciliation will unfold and misunderstandings will be resolved those lost in bewilderment will

think again I will bless them with new Beginnings all who abandon their misguided

ways and place me first in their lives shifts are happening around you

some may go unnoticed yet others are observing you while many might envy you

there are also those who respect you and they will voice it the change is evident

in you you seem vibrant and joyful when asked about your secret

you’ll reveal that I am your lord the founder and finisher of your faith and salvation the sole source of your

blessings because the might of my resurrection rests in my hands my name is Jesus sacred and potent now close

your eyes kneel where you stand and pray embrace my blessing in your heart and

Proclaim with all your might and Faith Christ is alive stand and proceed secure

in my purpose for you my pardon is genuine once your heart

is purified by my powerful blood the gates of forever swing wide for you celebrate with joy this is the day

of your Supernatural Victory you will defeat Giants overcome all your paths in

my mighty name you have prayed you have despaired now it is your turn to be

uplifted and prospered your weight has a limit your distress has an end the nights of

sleeplessness are about to end today the thoughts racing in your mind

hindering you worrying you and discouraging you will depart from you

when you thought your suffering would never end you’re free from Cruel emotions I’m healing those painful

memories that marked your life with love patience and affection there is nothing impossible for me I can lift the Fallen

give life to the dead and heal your wounds those that bleed and tear your

skin and those you carry hidden I can see them you have no need to feel

ashamed I love you I understand you and know you well you were greatly struck by

the envious by those who detested you and could not bear to see you but my

blessing upon you is immense I’ll do so many amazing things

in your life that you’ll forget all your sadness you’re under my protection with

countless Angels by your side but stick to the righteous path I’ve set for you avoid the snares of those who

don’t believe don’t join them or sell your soul for fleeting gains it’s better

to be alone than in bad company that does you no good I’ll soften the hearts of judges

and authorities in your favor you’ll have victory in your legal battles you’ve already won in the Heavenly realm

and now my angels are bringing your Declaration of Freedom your word worry and despair will

vanish let your face glow with joy stand strong and smile feel the authority I

grant you I’m your Defender battling those who come against you let this Faith your feeling shine

through your eyes your success is assured it’s written and will happen

stand tall and face your Challengers with courage I hold the ultimate

decision the victory is yours and when you grasp this wonderful

Miracle go to your room kneel and most importantly dedicate your life to

me Pledge Your Allegiance I’m sealing a forever Bond of love with you in my

blood accept it wholeheartedly promise me your devotion do not give up even if you

think you have not received my answer do not stop on the path today if any obstacle arises Do Not Bow your head or

look look down do not accept insults do not be discouraged by foolish words

remember who you are a child of the almighty washed with the blood of the Lamb of Great Value to your heavenly

father beloved and cherished in the heavens this is who you are I want you

to think and feel it at every moment feel the support of my eternal

love I’m yours and you are mine live it

believe it open your mouth and I will fill it with great

blessings I want to provide for you I want you to trust in my love and believe

with all your heart that I will always be by your side to bless you and support

you you may face some trials perhaps at times you will find yourself in

difficulty but you must never feel insecure about your father’s love I’m

keep keeping an eye on you always listening ready to hear whatever you wish to share with me I’ve made this

promise and my words are true your daily battle is in your mind where doubts

confusing feelings and baseless fears are planted aiming to make you question and

mistrust the love I’ve extended to you I have loved you I love you now and I will

always love you delve into my word absorb it and let it be engraved on your

soul never to be forgotten don’t doubt my love it’s steadfast feel not abandoned I’ve always

valued you I’ve acted on your behalf and I trust you remember

this the words I speak to you now will stick with you each day you’ll recall

them and from now on when you wake your first words will honor my name

expressing thanks for your life you mean so much to me which is why I

will grant you plentiful and unique blessings therefore stand firm and press on do not be swayed by gossip or

slander so you do not forget I repeat with affection I love you my beloved My

Chosen One my child I love you on this day let not sadness Prevail

behold how I demonstrate my love feel the Embrace of my words recall how I’ve

rescued you from Affliction before and be filled with strength you cannot forsake all you must

not stray from me take hold of my hand and confront your struggles with faith

so you may endure yet do not allow your emotions to overpower you if you find

yourself in a moment of despondency and weakness ingrain this in your mind

Beyond this mountain of conflicts lie many of my beautiful blessings awaiting you

thus do not allow the enemy to deceive you it has never been my intention for

you to suffer I never thought of leaving you behind even on that day you felt I

wasn’t answering I was listening to everything you said I wanted to make you stronger to show you that your faith

becomes unbreakable when you go through tough times and big

challenges trusting in me and what I promise without getting lost in all those

confusing feelings inside you don’t let sadness take over I’ve promised you

peace and I want to give it to you now so you don’t fall into

despair talk to me share your worries and I’ll gently take away your fears and

fill your heart with hope keep fighting even if you’re upset because you haven’t

received all the good things you want and need I’ve made you a promise and I’ve said it my myself ask me and I’ll

give to you trust in me and I’ll bless you more than you can think these blessings are for you and

for everyone who really trusts me and is brave enough to believe put me first in your life look

ahead on my path wait for me soon you’ll see my power now tell me do you believe

feel free to ask anything from me as I am eager to talk and answer you dive into my teaching pray and sink

your spirit with mine for better understanding I sought you out first

picking you before you even knew me so reaching out to me is neither hard nor

unachievable call on me I’m all ears cry out and I’ll respond but be ready for my

answer for it will surprise you showing what I plan to achieve through you fully grasp my intentions I’ll bless

you beyond your imagination yet you must trust in me and avoid putting yourself down or questioning

your value you are my creation destined to exist precisely now and

here even when you’ve doubted or felt off track due to challenges and hurdles

or amid your current struggles I urge you don’t lose focus or forget place

your faith and trust in me even through tough times you’re never alone I’ve

always been there safeguarding supporting and leading you don’t overlook my words you sense that I’m

speaking to you I want your happiness and betterment seek me and I’ll clear away

all that’s unsavory or blocking your journey towards your true purpose if you’ve strayed a bit come to me in

prayer and I’ll make your path straight again stay away from those who bring you

down who don’t see your worth and who try to diminish you leaving such

negative friendships behind won’t be a loss for I will bring into your life

Kindred Spirits who are calm and have Noble Hearts get ready for a miracle

incredible blessings are on their way to you I cherish you amen


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