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join me and let’s share a moment of Peace take some time in quietness and

think about all you have to be thankful for today your life your loved ones your health the air you breathe the food on

your table the shelter above you my Divine protection over your home the

guardian angels ready to protect your sleep and fight for you there are so many reasons for you to

feel fortunate surrounded by beautiful reasons to cherish life every day reflect on these

blessings to fill your mind with positive thoughts and keep your eyes wide open to see my presence in your

life knowing that I am in control of your future I am present in the heart that is

thankful and knows its need for me that seeks me with trust and hope

understanding how truly blessed it is sometimes I see you troubled by the events unfolding around you but that is

normal do not worry excessively you feel the weight of your responsibilities it

is your desire for everything to go well for there to be provision in your home

health in your family and for nothing in no one to come and snatch away the peace

and stability you need yet there are also dark days when you forget your

gratitude and the enemy comes with Whispers insinuating filthy thoughts into your mind turning your worry into

fear surrounding you with lies transforming fear into dread distress

and despair I am watching and waiting for you to raise your arms high and

utter those words that will make the enemy flee give thanks to me for your life

your family your health for all that you are and all that you possess your

genuine belief and thankful heart are like Shields protecting you empowering

you as you awaken to a new day eagerly I

anticipate your first utterances of gratitude your heart felt thank you

thank you for life if time is pressing and you must hurry away Heed These words briefly but

if you have a moment to linger Embrace this message it’s filled with delight

and comfort I take great joy in you you’ve touched my Essence stirred my

spirit despite the hurdles on your path your faith in me remains unwavering

unyielding for this steadfastness I promise more blessings will flow not

just to you but to your kin as well do not falter and do not falter in

your steps continue to stride forward fearlessly reach out to the skies with

your hands even when fatigue clings to you take time to sit with me

Converse share your thoughts your aspiration your innermost feelings

remember one does not live by bread alone but by every word that flows from

my Throne at this moment I present to you A Feast a banquet designed for your

blessing it’s filled with sustenance breath Serenity and Assurance I leave

you with my peace I bestow upon you my peace accept it now deep within your

heart when the weight of the world feels too heavy to Bear remember the flame of

my love is a gentle reminder I am everpresent with you do not focus solely

on your hands they might falter let your spirit not rely solely

on the affection and approval of others while it’s true I I crafted you

for love to give and receive it’s also a profound truth the only Everlasting

unchanging love you will ever possess through all eternity is my tender

love it never fails you always close always

certain entrust not your heart to those who might desert you do not hand over your future to those who having taken

everything might cease to love you do not place in your Soul’s Forefront

people who might turn away harm your heart or disrupt your life you sought hope and behold it

arrives with reason here it is remind yourself that you are never

solitary you are not forsaken even if your parents family or children depart or abandon

you the most Exquisite and invaluable affection remains perpetually accessible

to you the love of your heavenly father who cherishes you I am keenly aware that you require

these words I am here to assist you in overcoming your challenges to conquer

discouragement and to persist in your journey without losing faith so you may

Thrive and prosper place your trust in me for I am your heavenly father feel

free to converse with me to unveil your needs as I wish for you to perceive and

experience me as a close friend I’m eager to extend my hand to you ensuring

my ear is always inclined towards you speaking to me is

to your benefit it soothes your soul instills your mind with peace in

articulating your feelings using your own words you ignite your faith and miracles start to

unfold today marks the occasion for you to convey all that you wish to express

but equally to heed my voice when I speak to you I am not here to judge

reprimand or remind you of past failures sense what my spirit tenderly

Whispers to your ear I am affirming my love for you and await your

acknowledgement every Dawn so that when you awaken and with your initial thoughts you acknowledge your need and

love for me these heartfelt utterances are your adoration your praise that ascends to my

throne with the morning’s first light my presence imbus your life your family and

your Abode with love and safeguarding my dear child I want you to

remember that when you face challenges I am here to help you you don’t have to worry I will give you the good things

you ask for if it’s something that will bless your life I’ll answer you quickly

with all my love remember neither people nor the world can offer you the love and

peace I provide I’ve given you Faith strength courage and

persistence these gifts from me will help you overcome any obstacle and win every

battle you believe in and serve a God who is real powerful and works beyond

what we see talk to me tell me you feel my presence and believe in me stand up

now Embrace Life with happiness use the words you hear and read from me

today share with me how much love you need my heart overflows with love for

you and today I’m ready to shower you with a love that’s kind sweet energizing

patient understanding and NeverEnding that issue that’s been on

your mind is safe in my hands trust me completely lay out your path before me

daily have faith and I will lead the way for you when you wake up you’ll feel

refreshed with a strong sense of Faith glowing inside you this feeling is a

gift from me uplifting your spirit and giving you a solid reason to get out of bed tackle the day with

Vigor approach your tasks energetically seek out new acquaintances and seize the

opportunities I lay before you I Delight in seeing the joy in your eyes when you

receive my gifts and the way you express your gratitude even through tears Embrace these tears and the Deep

Joy you feel I’m filling you with such happiness that it will overshadow any

past Sorrows your time of relief is near the answers to your prayers are on their way

and I will grant you the very best blessings that feed your soul and keep you in my presence ensuring nothing can

pull you away from my love stop struggling on your own it’s wearing

you out instead take a moment to close your eyes and hand over your worries to

me lay down your burdens at my feet you won’t be overcome or

humiliated I will assist you with your requests just protect your heart and

ignore those who wish to see you fail don’t let despair take root in your

heart keep your distance from people who prefer to see you you unhappy or claim you’re worthless because in my eyes you

are precious you’ve put your trust in me and you know how much I value and love

you I’m here to remind you about how vast my love is and all the wonderful

things I plan to do for you I know you’re feeling my presence strongly today and this feeling will only grow

day by day you’ll get through your troubles find Freedom and be blessed

I’ll heal your hurts ease the aches in your body and soothe the feelings that

cause you pain I’ll fill you with Divine joy and happiness wipe away your tears and bring

a bright smile back to your face you’ll use your voice to sing and tell of your love for

me those who didn’t wish you well will see that you are cherished and protected by me you’ll be sure of My

reality and even though some may doubt and deny my existence you’ll stand

strong in the place of blessing I’ve set for you your foundation will be solid nobody

will shake you from your place today I’m giving you Joy infusing you with strength and rekindling in you the zest

for life and the desire to Aid and serve others embrace the chance I’m giving you

for a fulfilling life take in my positive message and grow in wisdom and love each each day you don’t need to

suffer anymore or blame yourself for past errors open up to my forgiveness be

assured that my presence will accompany you night and day ready to assist and respond whenever you reach out to me in

prayer I don’t need you to speak to me in my words I recognize the language of

your heart when you say help me I will be there when you cry out I need you I

will extend in my hand when you cry and say I can’t take it anymore I will come

to you quickly I will take you in my arms and in the Stillness of your weary

soul I will whisper with my sweet voice telling you how much I love

you you have access to my Throne you can come with confidence and speak to me about your need I also rejoice in

hearing you I want to answer you for you to feel secure in the midst of any situation

do not give time to fear you are not fighting alone I’m available to help you in

everything and whatever happens I will always listen to

you fight for your own life for that purpose I placed in you dedicate time to

your family and focus on the people you love give them the attention they need

be faithful in your work do not engage in vain conflicts do not entertain

unhealthy thoughts walk with joy raise your arms

in praise to this blue sky and give thanks for your life I stand as the unique holy and

Supernatural cure for all your sorrows in my hands I hold your family

and your future bear this in mind do not give in I will never abandon you in

heaven blessings are plentiful each inscribed with your name I am fully aware of my plans for

you so trust in me with all your heart across the heavens and the Earth

elements are aligning numerous circumstances are turning in your favor with steadfast certainty I’ve

proclaimed that you shall receive abundant Supply Liberation from debts

Heavenly wisdom and blessings Taylor Made for you and your family

the Divine Legacy that is rightly yours you were not born by Mir chance I

cherish it you before you came into existence having arranged numerous wandre things for your path the

Paramount among these the foremost Grand blessing is my Everlasting

Love I loved you when you were AAR and my love persisted as you returned to My

Embrace understand this your sporadic missteps do not ignite my wroth or push

me away from you should you think otherwise you are mistaken your errors do not dismay me I

will not cast you aside because of your sins each time you return to me brimming

with regret and speaking truthfully I recognize your love for me and when you

falter I discern the sincerity of your heart and your motives I value your

cander no subterfuge can mask the truth from me whereas others D masks of

flawlessness and Holiness entering my presence to cast aspersions on those different from them or those who diverge

in belief you do not belong to those who judge all and deem themselves

virtuous your spirit is tranquil your demeanor gentle your thoughts pure even

in your Falls you shall rise with confidence and faith never allow more Les to point fingers at you no one in

this world has the right to do so maintain this attitude of Faith come

into my presence each day with humility of heart eager to listen to me and learn

and I shall respond to your efforts with blessings a plenty I know material possessions do

not interest you you seek only blessings and protection for your family which I

shall Grant and more I shall prepare you to be ready so that

when doors open fear not to enter even now as you

listen Miracles are happening in the Supernatural realm new people are coming

into your life opportunities like never before situations that may seem

problematic but with your faith and patience shall transform into blessings

bringing peace to your home provision the foremost and most beautiful things

are already yours you have my sincere love tell me

you believe in me have faith and rest in my arms for I am in control of your life

fear not for I am protecting you watching over you at all

times I am by your side every single day as you awaken I desire for you to sense my

presence every morning when your eyes flutter open let not other concerns distract you in

these initial moments come listen to my word hear what

my spirit imparts to you I am reassuring you that I have all under control and

it’s crucial that you trust in me do not fear adversities for with me by your

side there is no Force no entity that can inflict harm upon you

many of the issues that burden you now will find resolution swifter than you anticipate at the precise moment the

answers you seek will unfurl before you as you pray know that I am delineating

your journey authoring your narrative nothing alludes my wisdom and

intent those blessings for which you yearn I’m unlocking that portal through which you’ve poured out your earnest

supplications your faith is being fortified I am here to elevate you to

steer you towards a fresh Dawn a novel Inception where all will be

transformed dismiss concerns over others perceptions stand tall and navigate Your

Existence with faith and honor those poisoned by Envy will always spew their

bitterness yet only my perception of you truly counts in my eyes you are magnificent

harboring a heart of Purity and authenticity getch my words into your Consciousness

and when you face assault seek Solace In My Embrace I have stood by you amidst

every conflict encountered I am aware of each stumble each setback each Triumph

and all your struggles yet now is your time to rise to elevate your existence

to new heights forsake the bygone conflicts and step into a fresh phase of Victory and

Rejuvenation this is when I transmute your real ity where your new chapter

commences let me lead you down a path brimming with blessings and sagacity I

offer you my love and serenity to soothe your soul and mind are you willing to

receive it I shall open the Heavens to fill your hands with blessings I shall inscribe my

word in your heart so that your steps may be firm and you never stray from

this love that envelops you and forgives your mistakes you are human you may falter but I am a

god of Mercy I accept your repentance and even from the abyss I shall rescue

you my blessings are far greater than any material wealth the things I have

for you are more precious than all the treasures this world can offer if I am telling you that I shall

open the heavens for you receive my promise with faith and respond to me I

believe you take my word seriously for this is no game my love is not

hidden the affection I have for you is no mystery step out and gaze at the sky

feel the air you breathe the sunlight caressing you these are gifts I send you

and that’s my way of saying I love you and I am here I’ve cared for you

countless times rescued you from Pain even from Death when you walked in

darkness and in error it holds a imense significance and value to my and I’ve

entrusted you with a specific mission to accomplish my wish is to manifest my

love and might through you filling you daily with my Holy Spirit you are on the

brink of a profound shift in spiritual sensitivity soon you will see beyond

mere appearances Discerning the true intentions of others I will bestow upon you abundant

wisdom elevating your intellect beyond the natural you will have the capacity to

deeply impact many lives and offer Aid let your actions speak of my word let

others observe in your life the fruits of your faith and the transformative influence of knowing me trust in my

might extend your hands to receive the Bountiful blessings I offer be Earnest

embrace them with steadfast Faith at this very moment the heavens are arraying in your your favor yet I

implore you to never Drift from my side maintaining your heart in harmony with mine declare your love and trust in me

till the end casting aside all worries and yielding all to me I will ease your

fears and apprehensions surrounding you with my love and unveiling the Marvels

my power can achieve in your life this day is set to be extraordinary

you will witness a metamorphosis in your environment seeing multifaceted alterations in your life within your

family and in people’s demeanors you’ll notice how Smiles Bloom on faces when

they sense my potent presence within you they will

perceive me and you will see their astonishment as you approach them with camarad and joy today I endow you with

cop’s wisdom and deep-seated Readiness to realize your heart’s

desires I acknowled knowledge your deep Longing For Joy therefore I encourage

you to trust in my declaration I am attuned to your emotions and every event in your life

aiming to Shield you from adversity bolster your character preserve your

honor imbue you with Vigor and guard you against

disgrace adjust your perspective wear a smile proudly seek me each day shed

tears if necessary and believe that I am here to support you in every aspect rejoice in the love

I’m granting you as you praise and worship my presence surrounds you easing

your worries and imbuing you with my spirit be joyful even amidst

difficulties smile and sing out offer praise and prayers raise your hands in

omage when others inquire about your joy Proclaim

it’s because God stands with you while some may not comprehend let it not

disturb your peace my formidable forces will back you in The Fray as you lift

your hands in surrender Bowing in submission releasing all burdens and

relying on my grace you yearn for transformation and I

intend to provide you with a renewed heart soon you will observe how I unfold

you in my affection proceed with faith Harbor no doubts seek me at the

break of day and just like the raising Sun that bathes you in daylight my glory

will illuminate your path brightening Your Existence Darkness F away your

heart brims with my Verity your spirit bolstered with fortitude and your mind

liberated from grief I encourage you to rededicate yourself to prayer to pursue me to

eliminate distractions and to commit your thoughts and choices to my guidance

confronting serious challenges and complex circumstances moments filled with

uncertainty I therefore reaffirm assert direct and

beseech walk in faith for everything is attainable for those who believe in me

who recognize my presence and trust in me

completely in spite of the hurdles they face on their journey to those who know and feel my

love who hold on to me even when they face challenges and hear Whispers that I’ve left them alone know this my love

for you is endless and steadfast I’ve always been there for you

always looking out for you have faith my dear child and I want to make your path

straight to to keep you safe but you need to really believe in me I am your

life your future your strength your protector step forward in faith trusting

that the Miracles you can’t yet see will come to pass even if your faith feels

small that’s enough for me it’s enough to keep the blessings

coming remember what I’ve promised you make time to hear my words every day

turn away from your past mistakes give your life over to me I

know you believe in me and that belief will keep you walking firmly in

faith and then when you least expect it Joy will Bubble Up in your heart and

your soul will be surprised by happiness the dreams you thought were gone will come back to life and the hopes you had

shelved in your moments of Despair will emerge again your life will be rejuvenated with

faith you thought about giving up believing you didn’t have the strength to go on your troubl seemed too big and

life felt too hard to Bear here I am with you today sharing my

love and offering you wonderful gifts happiness and lots of good things get ready in your mind and heart because I’m

telling you now people you thought were gone will come back into your life your

faith is has grown it’s time to help those who are hurting be ready for when

doors open and barriers break the obstacles stopping your blessings will

fall apart everything is possible for those who trust in my words and know

that I can do anything my dear child get ready it’s

because what’s coming is even bigger than your dreams you will see your family relationships heal where

forgiveness and healing are just waiting for you welcome them

warmly I can give you not just a better job but true success I’ll bring people

into your life who will see your worth and reward your hard work and

talents always be true don’t spread lies or talk badly about others avoid getting

involved in rumors or false stories watch out for those who might try to steal the good things meant for

you I’ve been guiding you for for quite some time now is the moment to ascend to

a higher plane to deepen your understanding of my teachings and place unwavering trust in me do not place your

faith solely in material wealth nor Harbor bitterness if you lose possessions or

employment I have Superior plans in store for you entrust me with your complete faith

and surrender your heart for the time has come to embark on a journey towards a supernatural phase of existence

express your love and belief in me and witness today how my love and power

touch your life and family I love you my child I yearn to

enter your dwelling to manifest a profound Miracle therein I stand at the threshold calling out to you will you

permit me entry allowing me to bring forth something new wonderful potent and

Supernatural into your life I have observed your plight and vow that scarcity shall not encroach upon

your household nor afflict your family I shall shower your Abode with a downpour

of blessings for many years you have remained faithful fervently praying

fasting shedding tears and placing me above all else in your thoughts and

actions thus the time approaches to reap the rewards of your unwavering loyalty I

shall fill your home with abundance Joy Vigor and Health rest assured in my

promises for I shall fulfill them all prepare yourself for a Monumental

change relinquishing the shackles of past anxieties and despondency alongside my blessings come

wisdom power and the ability to make sound decisions safeguarding the gifts

bestowed upon you and ensuring their multiplication for the betterment of

others others remain grateful and Trust in my transformative power I am preparing you

for soon Myriad opportunities shall present themselves your faith sown over

time shall yield a Bountiful Harvest despite enduring formidable

trials you never wavered in your belief in my omnipotence and thus emerged

Victorious your faith is precious your humble demeanor commendable they shall carry you far prepare yourself for I

shall open new doors ushering you to Uncharted territories and ushering abundance into your

home I love you rest assured For You Are Not

Alone yesterday you wept over sudden adversities and betrayals feeling

abandoned by those you held dear yet I assure you your tears have ascended to

the heavens reaching my holy throne here where your destiny is shaped where

ailments are healed and troubles are resolved I offer solace in your

distress you are not forsaken though those you trusted may have turned away I

remain steadfast by your side loving you more with each passing day trust that I

am here to listen and through the power of my grace you have direct access to my

divine presence here with me share your heart’s deepest

desires I am patient and loving like a true friend I don’t ask you to stop your

tears for releasing them on is necessary let go of the burdens on your

soul and allow me to fill you with peace remember after sorrow comes joy and your

joy will be immense now is the time for your blessings you are ready to embrace the

gifts I have for you the trials you’ve faced have prepared you for this season of abundance the heavens will open

showering you with immense blessings even in Quiet Moments Feel My

Embrace healing and reassuring you know that you are never

alone what your soul will overflow with joy in my presence making way for good

things to come I will open the doors to marvelous blessings but listen closely

to my words until the end keeping doubt at

Bay your perseverance shall soon reap its due reward I comprehend your journey

and discern your heart you seek not ostentation or fleeting wealth but

rather provision to uplift your family alleviate debt and support others I am

eager to bestow blessings upon you it is my will the windows of Heaven shall open wide

inundating you with true blessings until abundance overflows liberating you from

oppression and ushering in peace if you believe me I want you to take action rise with determination and

continue working rest when necessary but the next day Rise Again exert yourself

and be courageous with all the enthusiasm your soul can muster Advance without complaints

without sorrow with Vigor and joy even if things do not go as desired or if

there are individuals seeking to cause you trouble let’s steadfastly follow the

plan even through those trying times with Resolute Spirit you will stand tall

against adversaries offering them a smile extending patience providing water

if they thirst and lending a hand when they falter Act wisely using the

intelligence you’ve been granted avoid revealing your life’s details or vulnerabilities to them nor furnish them

with tools for betrayal and destruction show love yet also display your true

character and all the lessons you’ve learned about yourself steer clear the

malevolent hold back your strategies and refrain from participating in heating or spreading gossip about

anyone your foes will grow frantic realizing they cannot obstruct your

journey I will dispel them from your path our journey together is ongoing you

will move forward with faith energy and diligence until I signal otherwise in

time you will understand much you’ll find yourself before a grand doorway

behind which lie wondrous blessings tell me now that you

believe this pledge to enter my presence daily and to begin this plan is

commendable Brave child I salute your faith for you are destined to overcome

your tribulations what concerns you is been resolve by me it’s preferable that you

hand over all your worries anxieties and Sorrows to me my Holy Spirit envelops

you offering healing and Solace deep within you Sparks of desire

to live stand up fight and and wi will come alive I’m opening New Paths for you

yet it’s important that you see your own worth and give yourself another chance embrace my grace and accept my

forgiveness let go of any guilt for times when you stumbled knowing your

regret is real and heartfelt I don’t hold your past mistakes against you and won’t keep

bringing them up your old errors I’ve wiped them clean from your slate I’m

removing all unnecessary pain you’re free and healed with me you’ll get the

guidance you need and the strength to face any challenge or

Foe no issue or adversary can take away the joy I’ve set aside for you trust in

this even if it’s not visible or tangible yet when these blessings arrive

it will be a wonderful day you’ll experience a level of Joy you’ve never felt

before from now on I’ll bless you with holy oil and my divine power will grow

in you day by day your Vigor will increase your mind will be fresh you’ll

grasp my promises and your life’s Direction and aims will become clear you’ll know your path and your

actions to live out your purpose I confirm that you have already endured your most difficult years what

lies ahead is a season of harvest to gather many blessings and abundantly

fill your storehouses in the times that passed you

experience suffering and bid farewell with sorrow to many who departed there

were moments when you thought your days were over but today your Victory can be

proclaimed there is nothing in your future that can rob you of your blessings your convictions are now much stronger

you have learned from my word you know me well now you understand what is

prepared for you and your family everyone in your household is

significant they are also included in my plans I urge you to be courageous and

strong reminding everyone in your home that these blessings do not come by

chance they are the fruit of your faith Fidelity genuine repentance and firm

decision to turn away from Evil you will never return to your past

life some in your family may change they only need to seek me a little

more when they kneel before me I will grant them the sensitivity to truly know

me not just by hearsay but in a real and tangible way in spirit and

Truth there are others in your home who may need to make very important decisions acknowledge their faults and

distance themselves from Bad Company I will grant you much love and

patience to calmly convey to them what I have commanded you with sweetness and

tenderness do not become their judge I send you to rescue them not to punish

and reject them if you truly love and trust me you

must learn this truth all people can change I offer a new life to those who

genuinely repent open your heart and embrace the chance to care for your loved ones pray

for them and trust that I will be active in their lives when the time comes to

part ways show them kindness allow me to work in their hearts I promise I won’t

let you down I’ll share insights through dreams concerning your family along your

path you’ll reunite with people you haven’t seen for

ages when you meet them greet them with a smile reach out your hand and share my

message tell them I cherish them wish to renew their spirits and I’m aware of

their inner struggles and despondency assure them that now is the

time for Renewal not yesterday not tomorrow this moment calls for them to

open their hearts to me acknowledge their mistakes and pray wherever they

find themselves even if it’s just a quick prayer bless them with

happiness you’re sewing a faith seed in their hearts that will grow into a

robust tree follow my guidance trust in me and embrace a life of Faith your

concerns are already resolved approach life with peace

today extraordinary wonders will start unfolding you’ll lift your hands in joy

and exalt my sacred name


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