Just Have Faith – God Message for You |


dear child I see your struggles and your

pain I understand how the weight of your

problems has become a heavy burden

casting a shadow over your days and

filling your heart with

uncertainty but know this You are not

alone I am here by your side holding you

with love and care I understand the

tears you shed in the Solitude of the

night a reflection of your anguish and

exhaustion but let me assure you my

beloved child these hardships will pass

the darkness that surrounds you will

dissipate with the arrival of a new

dawn my promise to Stand By Your Side

remains unwavering even when you walk

through the valley of Shadow and death I

will never leave you I will always be

with you guiding and protecting you with

my boundless and Unconditional Love

Therefore do not fear my child for in

every storm in every trial I am here

steadfast and unmovable amidst the

turbulence your trust in me will not be

in vain my commitment to you is real and

eternal I will never abandon you I Will

Stand By Your Side in every step you

take in every battle and test and in

every tear that falls from your face I

will always be there holding you with my

powerful hands so dear child do not let

anxiety consume you look forward with

hope for the strength you need to

overcome every obstacle and challenge

comes from

me I know the journey can be arduous and

exhausting and the paths you tread may

be difficult to

navigate but remember I am your lord and

savior the guardian of your soul your

father who always watches over your

safety and

well-being do not give up my child

persist in your efforts with courage and

determination immerse yourself in my

teachings and seek guidance from my

sacred word do not underestimate the

power of prayer for in your communion

with me you will find the strength to

overcome any attack the enemy May launch


you remember that within you lies

bravery and courage to face the dangers

and challenges of this

life that’s why I encourage you to keep

your head high and remain steadfast in


faith do not be

intimidated by the enemy’s snares trust

in me for I never disappoint those who

remain rooted in my love remember that

the faith you place in me has the power

to move mountains to make the impossible

possible through faith my child you will

reap the rewards of your

perseverance blessings and abundance

remember that within you lies bravery

and courage to face the dangers and

challenges of this

life that’s why I encourage you to keep

your head high and remain steadfast in


faith do not be intimidated by the


snares trust in me for I never

disappoint those who remain rooted in my

love remember that the faith you place

in me has the power to move mountains to

make the impossible possible

through faith my child you will reap the

rewards of your perseverance blessings


abundance so do not doubt my power my

beloved child trust in me and hold on to


promises just as the wind caresses the

fields I will come upon you as a gentle

breeze that soothes your spirit with

love and hope keep your eyes on me and

walk with

confidence for the dawn of a new day

always follows the darkest night keep

moving forward dear child do not give in

to your problems do not yield your will

to adversity remember that I am with you

and with each step you take you carry

the promise of my eternal

love cast aside those negative and

destructive thoughts that tell you that

you cannot or will not succeed your

story is not defined by the difficulties

you face but by how you over over come

them with my grace and power know that

if you trust in me your Victory is

assured for I am here to help you

flourish in all areas of your

life simply trust in me and you will

find the peace you seek the strength you

need and the light that will guide you

towards a future filled with hope and

prosperity my child engrave these words

in your heart let them be your guide in

this time of ch Challenge and

difficulty do not be discouraged if the

days seem endless and the nights long

for I want you to remember that all

these situations will pass the light of

dawn will rise on the horizon dispelling

the darkness that shrouds your thoughts


emotions trust my child trust that this

period of testing is just the Prelude to

a series of opportunities and blessings

that are yet to come

this season of Trials and challenges

will only make you grow stronger and


resilient I love you my child do not

doubt my love for you just put in a

little more effort and be brave do not

let the fear of crossing the river of

Trials paralyze you you have a destiny

of blessings and abundance prepared for

you remember you are stronger than you

think and my power is The Shield that

will protect you from from the enemy’s

arrows and the adversities you

face rise now my child and face the

obstacles with courage move forward with

determination and never forget that my

power and Grace will sustain you

even in the darkest moments keep your

faith burning in your heart and never

doubt that I keep my

promises for I am your fa the creator of

the universe who will lead you to a

destiny of abundance and happiness

beloved child beloved Son today I give

you the opportunity to start a new I

offer you a fresh life and from now on

Everything Will

Change do not hang your head or feel

diminished for I forgive all your flaws

and every sin you may have

committed fill your heart with

unwavering faith and you will see how

everything around you is

transformed I am with you giving you the

strength you need to overcome every

trial giving you a sensitive Spirit to

see the Beauty and the blessings I am

bestowing upon you draw near to me and

do not be distracted by what the world

may offer if everything around you

crumbles close your eyes and take a deep

breath fill yourself with my peace and

allow me to give rest to your weary

heart I understand everything you are

going through and believe me when I say

I am helping you through through these

difficult situations even the small

problems you

face nothing escapes my

hands just as I give you my love I want

you to have compassion for your brothers

and sisters around you extend a helping

hand to your neighbor I know it can be

challenging but it is not

impossible be patient with those who

seek to offend you forgive them I

understand the feeling of betrayal in

your heart but forgive will bring you

calm and

solace in these moments I am giving you

renewed strength to start a new the

wisdom to avoid the mistakes of

yesterday everything has been forgiven

you are free from sin live today with

joy and rejoice in your heart for

everything is in my hands I have cleared

your path of obstacles and I will make

everything better and simpler than you

imagine in your rest give thanks for

everything you have experienced being

grateful is the key to opening the doors

to the blessings I have for

you the attitude of a grateful heart is

powerful do not forget my

words beloved I am with you today

tomorrow and

always I understand the test you are

going through these are times of change

and things may not be as you expected

but do not be distressed your struggles

are different from those of your sibl

siblings when you feel weak hold on to

my hand do not let go when you are

consumed by worry reach out to the

heavens and speak to me pray and you

will feel my presence I have never left

your side my love for you and your loved

ones is

infinite with these encouraging words I

offer you believe and have

confidence go after those dreams you

have set aside for now I am giving you a

fresh start where the doors to abundance

and opportunities are revealed before


eyes what once blinded you has

disappeared and those obstacles you saw

are no longer there I have cleared your

path making everything better and

simpler than you can

imagine those people who despise and do

not understand you I will remove them

from your path do not seek them I am

here for you do not fear Cast Away your

doubts remember that I am here for you

whenever you seek me I will be waiting

for you my angels March before you

providing protection and Care keep

moving forward and do not look back with

love your

father following me has been the best

decision you’ve made and now you know me

my Holy Spirit rejoices in your prayers

your soul is strengthened and all

ailments are healed when you call upon

me my angels protect your home I guard

your comings and goings I bless the work

of your

hands today I want to hear from you in

your own words who I am to

you to the blind I am the light that

brightens their lives I am the one who

renews and guides each of their steps to

the Thirsty I am the spring of of living

water that flows from the heavens I am

the one who quenches their thirst and

gives water to their thirsty

Hearts to the hungry I am the Daily

Bread I’m the one who uplifts their

spirits to keep them from faltering to

the sick I am the Healer of their

ailments I am the strength that sustains

their Hope For Life to the imprisoned I

am freedom and the one who breaks their

chains I am the one who forgives their

sins and heals their

souls tell me dear one who am I to you

to the lonely I am the one who listens

attentively and patiently to their cries

I am the one who always has words of

comfort and Solace for their troubled

hearts to the weary I am the one who

lightens the burden on their

shoulders I am the one who gives them

the strength to persevere in their

Journey To The Sinner I am the Savior

and the one who forgives all their

wrongdoings I am the one who restores

their being and offers them a fresh

start who am I to you

Beloved the time you dedicate to me each

day is your

response do I hold the first place in

your life you are a good person and I

see how you treat your family and those

around you how you treat your neighbor

is how you treat me caring for them is

the greatest test of love you can give


express your love for me with your words

let them return to you as blessings and

healing you will soon emerge from this

situation I am strengthening your being

removing your anguish and fear healing

your emotions and filling you with calm

peace and Supernatural

strength there will be no more fear or

confusion in your life there is a truth

that transcends time a truth to which

you must hold fast I do not change

I do not lie I am the same yesterday

today and forever I have told you a

thousand times that my love for you is

eternal because it

is despite the trials you’re facing I

will never stop loving you some do not

understand that I love them they have

chosen to believe the enemy’s lies and

the world has drawn them away from me

many will stumble upon the obstacles

they encounter but you are different you


chosen I have given you gifts and

talents that you will use for the

benefit of your loved ones do not

abandon your faith do not stop believing

in my

promises if you want to see Miracles you

must keep moving forward if you want the

walls around you to crumble you must

continue keep praying remain steadfast

in your faith I am giving you

unbreakable strength even when you

falter I will be there to lift you up

my grace and mercy are Eternal towards

you do not limit my power my love or my

forgiveness I know you love me and

believe in me I know you will not

Retreat when you

stumble nothing will halt your journey



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