Jesus Says ➨ YOU Can SKIP If You HATE ME

there’s a powerful message waiting for

you that can shatter the chains of

insecurity and fear don’t miss it in a

moment we’ll explore the truth that can

transform how you see yourself and your

place in the world my beloved child I

come to you with words that can liberate

you forget the limitations of feeling

like a random afterthought you are not a

product of chance each of you is chosen

sent on purpose by our heavenly father

imagine a time before creation before

the first light in that eternity God

knew you you existed as a cherished

individual loved and formed in his mind

stretch your mind Beyond human

limitations Before Time itself began the

father knew you you were as real to him

then as you are now while the universe

remained uncreated with formless deep

Waters you were already known loved and

planned for by God his thoughts of far

beyond ours in that pre-creation

Stillness the father knew you completely

every gift you possess every challenge

you face every Triumph and struggle all

were present in his mind Before Time

even existed you were known and loved by

God his ways are beyond our

understanding in the silence before

creation he envisioned you loved you and

cherished you type Amen in the comments

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people let this truth echo in your mind

you were chosen precious and Loved

Before the foundations of the world were

laid you were eternally selected from in

the Father’s Heart long before any human

Choice existed let these words wash over

you like a wave of

reassurance you were chosen before the

very first light an object of God’s

affection and desire in this the father

chose you this truth can be your anchor

you were chosen cherished and Loved

Before the foundations of any realm were

laid you were no accident you were an

existence dreamed of by the only true

reality existing from Everlasting to

Everlasting Embrace this truth it’s the

lifeblood of a child of the king you

were conceived in love before the

universe was spoken into existence you

were cherished from the moment before

moments began in a very real way each of

us predates reality itself let this

beginning shape your ending let this

truth impact your choices dear child if

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the description what worries can hold

you back when you’ve been chosen fears

doubts and lack of motivation shrink

when you realize you were specifically

created with a purpose beloved you were

baked in the ovens of divine love your

being is reinforced your identity

anchored and your significance cemented

by a reality more Primal than creation

itself known and chosen before anything

else existed your anxieties fade from

literal eternity you existed as a

thought in the Maker’s mind Embrace this

truth and shed the lies of

insignificance you were intentionally

conceived as a vessel for God’s dreams

these are not empty platitudes this is

the fundamental truth about your origin

purpose and place in the universe you

are intended by the intender of all

intentions desired by the reality that

creates all realities you were cradled

as a purpose within the Limitless

imagination that fuels creation your

deepest identity is rooted in this your

worth Is Anchored In what gives

everything meaning everything about you

gifts struggles questions and longings

were known and accounted for you have a

path to walk a role to play and a

purpose behind Every Breath You Take the

greatest dreamer dreamed you forth stake

Your Existence on the fact that you were

intended for greatness Arise My Sons and

Daughters shake off the limitations of

insignificance and doubt pause the video

and subscribe you were never meant to be

shrouded in such limiting mindsets your

identity stretches back into eternities

you were conceived as a thought in the

almighty’s mind before thought thoughts

themselves existed let this truth

inspire you you possess a sacred truth

that realigns all other truths under its

light you are forever a beloved child of

the maker you were birthed from the

Ethereal Mists before the dawn of all

Dawns we hope you found answers more

awaits in the next video May the peace

of God be with you amen my child click

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