my beloved one come closer and lend me your ears what I’m about to tell you is no

mere message but a whisper of divine truth into your soul open the gates of your heart and do

not let this moment Fade Away unused for I am speaking directly into the depths

of your weary Spirit take these words as an act of eternal love not just fleeting

sounds do not trouble yourself with the storms that currently rage around you for they are but single threads in the

grand tapestry I am weaving according to my perfect plan watch as each element

falls into place crafted by my sovereign hand the vision I hold for you is one of

utmost magnificence like the prodigal son who though he strayed and was lost

was welcomed back into his father’s Embrace with joyful celebration and Selfless

Love in the same way I wrap you in my Everlasting Arms surrounding you with my

ceaseless love my ways may seem unclear or even invisible and you may feel as though you

walk blindly through the Valley’s Shadows unable to see my hand guiding your course yet trust that I am always

active composing the Symphony of your life aligning each note and rest to fit

my Divine Melody believe my promise to you and your heart will overflow with

joy as you understand each tear you cried was given purpose according to my

great design listen closely to my words for they will illuminate the path set before

you even now I grant you strength to withstand every trial you currently face

hold fast to my guidance take a deep breath and rise up when waves of Sorrow

threaten to overwhelm you push forward in the knowledge you are not alone my

Angelic Guardians encircle you sent to guide and protect do not fear the Shadows or those who

make Sinister plots against you for my secure Embrace Shields you and your

loved ones no weapon formed against you shall breach the sanctuary of your home

remember who walks beside you I am the king above all Kings the Lord above all

rulers your heavenly father keeping watch care from my Throne my presence

gives you power to advance Victorious and unafraid I am your Shepherd your guide your

strength the source of your success when adversity stands to block

your way do not yield to fear in your most darkened hour cling to my words

they will lead you through the valleys black as shadows and instill within you courage to

Prevail lay down your worries for this day brings the answers you have pleaded

for in prayer do you doubt that I hear your voice

I know the intimate depths of your thoughts hopes and heart’s deepest yearnings nothing is hidden from me for

your prayers to be accomplished action must follow prayer therefore I grant you

wisdom and equip you for the task proceed with care as you walk out my

plan avoid Reckless haste or Ambitions that exceed proper bounds be thoughtful

and judicious in executing my will diligence yields Prosperity while

imprudence plunges into hardship not all has been predestin for I give you power

to shift the tides in your favor you have tried to navigate without my guidance and experience itself testifies

to my wisdom yet there is still time to correct your course you have heard my

counsel and my timing is Flawless never early or late but exactly when needed

take heart for favorable time and momentous opportunities approach though challenges may come alongside blessings

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